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  1. Direct link to the document:
  2. Well technically they still have a prison room in Big Ben so they could always lock him up for a bit.
  3. And the verdict is in, in a most unimaginably vivid way. Boris Johnson acted unlawfully - parliament has not been closed. He surely has to resign now, though I fear he will not.
  4. Hyperbole? They're the government's official assessments of what is likely to happen in the event of a hard Brexit. We have Operation Yellowhammer, which the government said was old, outdated, superseded and in any event the worst case scenario. But it turns out they were lying and it's dated August and it's not the worst case scenario, it's their assessment of what the most likely outcome is. They released a copy to the public headed 'worst case' and the Scottish government (pro remain) promptly said "funny, the copy you sent us says 'base case', here public, see our copy". They can't even lie competently. Never mind the doctoring of documents! Apparently you can even track the changes in the meta data on the files they released, though I'm not tech savvy enough to confirm. This isn't the British government, this is specifically the Johnson administration. The civil service union wrote to him yesterday warning him not to make their members break the law. Unprecedented. Then we have operation Black Swan, which really is their worst case scenario assessment and includes imposition of fucking martial law. That's the government's own assessment, not hyperbole. Yes it's their worst case scenario but who in their right mind goes on to walk down that path having assessed that as a risk?
  5. Martial law? I mean, what fucking government knowing takes a path towards the need to impose martial law?
  6. It gets better. Apparently the real worst case scenario in the governments assessment apparently includes rationing of food, energy and fuel and the imposition of martial law.
  7. Prime Minister found by a court to have lied to the Queen Parliament's been shut down against its will PM vowing to break the law Only been in office a couple of weeks and lost all 6 votes in Parliament Documents leaked proving the government's lied to the public numerous times Ministers refusing to uphold the rule of law and saying judges are biased Documents published by the government saying worst case scenario is there's going to be food shortages, water outages, power shortages, medicine shortages etc etc etc Leaked copy of same document isn't titled worst case but "base case" Redacted paragraph from document on leaked document says there's also going to be fuel shortages Government refusing to release documents that parliament passed a law requiring their release Supreme court case coming up next week to determine if PM has acted in violation of the constitution May we all live in interesting times
  8. I've joked for a long time that we should crowd source funding within the skydiving community for an AFF course for someone like Dyson so that they can come up with a packing machine. Sad fact is that they are rich enough to just pay packers.
  9. What a thundercunt. Imagine that baby in 20 years time looking back at a photo of themselves just days after they were orphaned...
  10. Mine does apparently. To the tune of about £3,500. Sad face - what do they say, "Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious?" An electric vehicle though probably wouldn't start pissing coolant everywhere...
  11. The 2nd is blatantly in direct response to a concern that George/the other George/the other-other George or Edward/the other Edward or William or Vic or Liz, or whoever they're called in the future (because it's not likely Charlie-boy will adopt Charles on accession given we made the last one about a foot shorter during his reign) will come over and want their colonies back... which, let's face it, just isn't going to happen! It's got zero to do with domestic governance and everything to do with a contemporary concern about outside aggression, which in today's world is just stupid.
  12. If this is put together as an impromptu thing then rule out AAD's unless you have a reason to contrive the parachute gear having been put on the plane in the expectation that it would be used. Or want to go through extra steps to contrive a way to jerry rig it. You set an AAD on the ground - the problem is it works on pressure - the point it's turned on it calibrates itself to thinking it's on the ground. If you do it at 12,000ft and then exit, it's going to think it's underground and not work. I suppose you could descend to 1000ft, turn on the AAD, then climb and then exit and accept that instead of firing at circa 750ft it'll fire at more like 1750ft - might work if you're writing a techno thriller. Adds more steps and further peril I suppose. Note AAD's will activate the reserve, not the main and will only be in military or sport gear - a bailout rig will not have one and will have only a single parachute.
  13. Don't forget that he wasn't chosen by the UK but by just 92,153 paid up party members, who are mostly pensioners. He's also going to have to work very hard indeed to remain in office for more than just a few weeks. Both wings of his own party are already threatening to bring him down and the official opposition party has said they are also going be trying to oust him (and on this side of the pond they genuinely have the mechanisms to do so given the current Parliamentary arithmetic).