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    Looking for some ideas

    If this is put together as an impromptu thing then rule out AAD's unless you have a reason to contrive the parachute gear having been put on the plane in the expectation that it would be used. Or want to go through extra steps to contrive a way to jerry rig it. You set an AAD on the ground - the problem is it works on pressure - the point it's turned on it calibrates itself to thinking it's on the ground. If you do it at 12,000ft and then exit, it's going to think it's underground and not work. I suppose you could descend to 1000ft, turn on the AAD, then climb and then exit and accept that instead of firing at circa 750ft it'll fire at more like 1750ft - might work if you're writing a techno thriller. Adds more steps and further peril I suppose. Note AAD's will activate the reserve, not the main and will only be in military or sport gear - a bailout rig will not have one and will have only a single parachute.
  2. mr2mk1g

    LET 410

    Where in the world?
  3. mr2mk1g

    4-way exit FAIL - skydiver loses shoe

    You need to recalibrate your safety feels. Objectively, that was a significantly more dangerous jump than it should have been.
  4. mr2mk1g

    4-way exit FAIL - skydiver loses shoe

    killa closing speeds
  5. Exactly what I do - one on the left mud flap and one on the right leg strap cover. That way I have one high-left and one low-right. If you need a hook knife you're entangled with something - good to have options in the event your mobility is restricted.
  6. I remember reading some stuff by Richard Hammond on his recovery following his big crash a few years ago. One thing that really struck me was how he said at certain points along his recovery he thought he was doing quite well but then a few months later he would look back on how he was then and think that he really wasn't still right and had failed to appreciate at the time just how far he still had to go. Don't be in any hurry and be humble in your self-assessments. They sky will still be there when you are ready.
  7. mr2mk1g

    Email from an attorney .

    Defence attorneys use experts too. Early input from an expert, even for the Claimant, might kill a case dead before letters are even sent if there's no negligence involved.
  8. mr2mk1g

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    The police declared they had but in reality all they did was pull their thumb out of their arse and announce that the answer was 5. It became apparent at the inquest that they had thoroughly misunderstood their own forensic science service report and it was nowhere near as conclusive as they had lead the press to believe when they announced it was case closed. The whole Hilder case remains unanswered, with an open verdict given by the coroner.
  9. mr2mk1g

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    I'm not sure a random CSI who does kit and docs checks in 10 years time is going to necessarily be in a position to remember him. By then he'll likely be yesterday's news, at least in many circles. Hence my suggestion to just have the CCI exercise his powers to perma-ground him and advise the BPA as much. That way, should the BPA ever receive a membership request from him, their records say 'no bueno' (assuming there is even a mechanism, in practice, to put into place the theory set out by what the ops manual says - I suspect there quite possibly isn't, for which I don't blame the BPA, it's not as if this is a regularly used provision). He'd then have the power of appeal and the onus would be on him to get the ban lifted, rather than the onus being on some random 25 year old CSI who was 15 when he was convicted and has likely never heard his name before and is simply responding to a tannoy to come do kit and docs on a busy Saturday morning. Prevents him from quietly just slipping through under the radar in 10 years time.
  10. mr2mk1g

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    Would have thought it would fall under Section 10 of the ops manual. Simplest way would be for Mark Bayada as CCI to simply inform the BPA that he's been permanently grounded under paragraph 7.2 so as to prevent the issue of a new card. Paragraph 7.1 says the grounding has to be for a breach of the ops manual but I'm sure we can shoe-horn attempting to murder someone into an ops manual breach somewhere - removal of reserve slinks ought to count as rigging without the appropriate packing certificate for example. Mark's supposed to endorse the old card in red ink but as you say, he's probably not a current member so that step's rather redundant. There are other provisions in paragraph 7 allowing STC to suspend people from parachuting for any safety reason. Take your point re serving his time but he tried to murder one of our own using our very sport to do so. And his sentence is life - he's never actually rehabilitated, he's only released on licence once he's served the minimum term. A life sentence does actually mean life, even if they let you out of jail after a few years. Plus if suspended he'd have a right of appeal and if STC felt he'd served his time then they could lift the suspension. If not suspended then all he has to do on release is send in his membership form and dues and hey presto he's able to turn up to a DZ and jump, assuming whoever does kit and docs in 10 years time doesn't recognise the name.
  11. mr2mk1g

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    Craig, is there any movement in STC to refer Cilliers to a disciplinary tribunal and strip him of his licence? Seems a fairly open and shut case for using their powers here: It would be nice to know he's not going to rock up at a DZ when he gets out on parole.
  12. I hate the follow the first man down rule. You have to take your head off its swivel and watch the first guy land instead of keeping an eye out for all the other canopies. Great idea. There you are, ready to fly a nice, predictable, left hand pattern onto final and the first guy down lands in the opposite direction to what everyone had been doing all day so far. Great. Now I'm hundreds of yards from where I need to be. So is everyone else in the stack behind me. Now we all need to fly over to the other side of the landing area. And now everyone has to switch from a left hand circuit to a right hand circuit so they don't overfly the runway below 1,000ft. I prefer the follow the tetrahedron/arrow rule. Best one I've ever seen was at Kalomna in Russia. Great big orange inflatable arrow, like a bouncy castle, about 15ft long. You could see it from jump run. Tethered at the front so high winds moved it automatically but heavy enough that light and variable winds didn't. Everyone knows from before they even get out of the plane what the landing direction is going to be simply by checking the spot before climbing out. Everyone knows what their pattern is going to be. Everyone knows what everyone else's pattern is going to be. Everyone knows where they need to be in the sky to start their pattern. Everyone knows where everyone else will be trying to go in the sky to enter their patterns. No one needs to stop looking out for traffic and focus for a moment on what the guy 2,000ft below them is about to do.
  13. mr2mk1g

    ignore button

    On another forum I use there is an ignore button. If there is a poster who continually makes junk, inflammatory or just plane trolling posts you can click into their profile and click an "ignore user" button and you no longer see any of their posts. If enough people hit ignore on them they basically disappear from the forums and sooner or later they get that no one is seeing or responding to their posts at all. At that point they tend to simply drift away. It's a kind of community moderation and works really well. could really do with an ignore user button for some of the more persistent trolls, especially if it could be made sub-forum specific.
  14. mr2mk1g

    Best skydiving education

    Where in Spain? For a start, there's Skydive Spain at Seville or Skydive Empuriabrava at... well Empuriabrava. And either will be able to cater for you in English if you don't speak Spanish.
  15. So... are they going to have an annual Kim Gibbs memorial boogie from now on? You know, bring in a couple of nice quiet skyvans or something and attract 100's of jumpers from around the country to spend all weekend jumping.
  16. mr2mk1g

    Importance of container fit

    Fit what - you or the canopies? For canopies, it tends to be one size up or down from the canopy size the container was designed for. Push it beyond that it you impact on safety. Or do you mean harness size? That rather depends on where and how it doesn't fit you but you'll probably find there's more leeway, albeit generally at the expense of comfort. Again though, push it too far and you can create very real safety issues. Try asking other jumpers if you can try on their rigs on a bad weather day and figure out what sizes fit and what don't, ideally with the assistance a rigger or instructor.
  17. Oddly enough, a recent trend has emerged in getting things like this (not dangerous goods / skydiving / airlines specifically) resolved is to kick off on their facebook page / twitter feed. Nothing like a bit of instant bad publicity to start the wheels moving. Don't swear and make sure you come off as the good, hard done to guy.
  18. mr2mk1g

    No required maintenance for CYPRES !

    The pdf is silent on battery change. Anyone know what will happen - will it self test like a vigil and, if so, will the battery be field replacable like a cypres 1 or will that dictate return to cypres for a service/battery change? Or do they anticipate batteries lasting 12.5 years?
  19. See that rope lying on the ground? That was the beer line. He crossed it.
  20. mr2mk1g

    What rating for flying jump planes
  21. mr2mk1g

    Poles for Wind signs

    Aren't they just sections of fishing pole? Get down to your local tackle shop.
  22. mr2mk1g


    Do you mean RSL's? You seem to be talking about RSL's...
  23. mr2mk1g

    Skydiving eyewear - sunglasses or goggles?

    Clear goggles - your instructors and coaches need to be able to see your eyes - lots of non-verbal feedback.
  24. mr2mk1g

    Wings W14 with PDR 176

    I've a W13 that I had a 176 in. It was very tight and I switched it out once I'd found a 160. It did fit though. I think the W13 is essentially the same size reserve pack tray as the W14.
  25. mr2mk1g

    Third Party Insurance

    If you are a BPA member you have it already. Covers you for up to £5 million at BPA centres and £100,000 at overseas non-BPA dropzones. Your proof would be your BPA card and maybe get them to look at the BPA website which confirms the insurance details - in fact I think there's the insurance schedule on there in PDF format somewhere. If you're not a current BPA member... I dunno I'm afraid, I've never had to look into that.