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  1. Olympic base jumping? Low pull comp?
  2. I have no issue with the chop, seems like a good chop. I'm just not a fan of anyone that refers to themselves in the third person. Also I read last night he lost his youtube advertisements because he tasered a dead rat
  3. A simple google search would alleviate your "concerns" My girlfriend's grandmother raises dogs like this, it's expensive, time consuming and a hassle.
  4. Most of them are in different languages and don't translate well "Hurry up and take your time" "If my wallet was as thick as your head, I'd be rich"
  5. I'm just curious about the pricing. Ultimately it is not the most important thing. I figure between A license, second hand gear, canopy courses, and 300 jump tickets by the end of 2018 I'll be at least 15k in. I already have a small amount of tunnel time and plan on getting more, just to make sure I'm stable and can turn effectively before AFF
  6. I realize that most of the members here have completed their AFF long ago and prices obviously will vary. Currently my local DZ offers a AFF package for under $2k, this includes 2 tandems and levels 1-8 AFF, ground school and USPA Temp membership. Now this assuming I pass all levels the first time, additional attempts are extra, plus supervised jumps after the 8th level. I plan on buying an hour of tunnel time in hopes of breezing through my AFF, which is roughly another 1k. All said and done I'm guessing I'll be around the 4k mark with my previous tandems and an hour of tunnel time. What did your AFF cost you?
  7. I see you have Range from crosskeys, to my knowledge he currently has the 3rd most jumps in the world. Also Dave "Pancake" out of Crosskeys is near or over 20k jumps, the majority being tandems
  8. I saw this on instagram earlier today. I wish I could see more footage of him recovering from the miss, that looked scary AF. Props to both of those guys,I think it was an awesome way to honor Patrick
  9. I'm in NJ and in the same situation. I've completed 3 tandems, one of which I failed. For me I'm choosing to hold off because I have another 30lbs to drop before I'm comfortable jumping every week. To me you should not let the cold alone stop you, eventually most people jump in cold conditions
  10. i'm still waiting to drop 30lbs before I go crazy and jump twice a week, so take this with a grain of salt. I see this all time. In every sport or activity I've done, including work. Some people are just more social or "cool". In BJJ there was always one guy or two that was far more advanced than anyone else in class, in Muay Thai there is always one guy that kicks harder and faster. At work there is always one person that will sell way better and smoother than I could dream. But I don't crave to be that person or expect people to accommodate me just because I am there and participating Sometimes you have to get choked out, do some choking, throw some kicks take some kicks, display your ability to hang with the big boys. Or don't, not everything is a competition. Most things I do just for my self and no one else's validation As far as the packing, I would be pissed at that and bring it up immediately especially since I was paying for it. If you feel that you aren't receiving the services that you paid for, take your money else where Pro tip: The cool kids are usually cool at what they do because they only care about their progress and love what they do, most of the time
  11. That's pretty funny because I asked one of their reps a similar question, he looked at me like I had 10 heads. But on the same note it's also synonymous with pushing the boundaries and human flight.
  12. Due to the amount of great booby votes, I will have to search for this on my firestick
  13. What state are you in? As far as I know possession of an oil pen is not a felony in most states, however upon research it appears it is in 10 states. As far as the case itself your going to be in for some deep shit, depending on what state it is. Same way if they found drugs in your car that are not yours, it is in your vehicle or in this case "your room" Most likely after 10k of fines and lawyers fees you will be ordered to "rehab" and community service with a good lawyer, if you have a bad lawyer you could see 5 years I find it amazingly humorous that they can give you an IV drip of basically heroin, but if you bring your own drugs with less side affects it is the end of the world. Completely fucked imo Absolutely fucking ridiculous I Hope you recover fast sir