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  1. pterodactyl1986

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    I have no issue with the chop, seems like a good chop. I'm just not a fan of anyone that refers to themselves in the third person. Also I read last night he lost his youtube advertisements because he tasered a dead rat
  2. pterodactyl1986

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    "LP Lives on" what a douche nozzle
  3. pterodactyl1986

    Total Cost of your A License (Edited)

    I realize that most of the members here have completed their AFF long ago and prices obviously will vary. Currently my local DZ offers a AFF package for under $2k, this includes 2 tandems and levels 1-8 AFF, ground school and USPA Temp membership. Now this assuming I pass all levels the first time, additional attempts are extra, plus supervised jumps after the 8th level. I plan on buying an hour of tunnel time in hopes of breezing through my AFF, which is roughly another 1k. All said and done I'm guessing I'll be around the 4k mark with my previous tandems and an hour of tunnel time. What did your AFF cost you?
  4. pterodactyl1986

    iFLY King of Prussia

  5. pterodactyl1986

    I came across this today

    So while researching macros and calorie impact on the human diet. I became curious and typed in wingsuit, to see if anyone had any studies. Not new information, but interesting to see it in a Scientific database Non wingsuit related study Another study from Norway BASE related And one more
  6. She has a husband?? Well he clearly isn't keeping her occupied
  7. And hopefully she writes the fucking check for the damages. I would slap a lien on her house and everything she owns. Perhaps she can start a beer fund for reparations
  8. pterodactyl1986

    Health insurance

    Old thread but while it's active.... I have decent health care through work (not the best, but its not bad) If I were to get injured while landing, will they cover me? How do I go about finding out if there is an extreme sports clause?