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    neos 109, batwing 116
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    pd 106 r
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    Cypres 2

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    Formation Skydiving

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  1. piisfish

    Boogies in Europe during summer 2019?

    The Facebook page says cancelled for 2019.
  2. piisfish

    Boogies in Europe during summer 2019?

    Is it coming back?
  3. piisfish

    Color the line attachment points on the canopy

    Get an Aerodyne canopy. They have the coloured attachments.
  4. piisfish

    DZs in Europe

    The size rules apply to jumpers with a French license. Unless you have a ridiculous wing loading respective to your jump number, you should be fine
  5. piisfish

    Is my D bag too large?

    The DBag is the correct size. The main is too small. Your whole gear needs to be coherent. It actually isn’t.
  6. piisfish

    Dropzone Reccomendations for Switzerland

    Depends where in Switzerland you are going. Visit also www.flying-devil.ch in Bex. Very scenic, plus the wind tunnel is pretty close
  7. . Damn if I lived that close I’d either have to either get my ratings. And on staff. Or get a second job. Or both. that’s after I moved. Used to be 5 minutes.
  8. piisfish

    Water Dropzone - Looks Safe

    Plus you get paid physical training and several days technical training before your first jump. Provided you make it through selection.
  9. piisfish

    Water Dropzone - Looks Safe

    Another perk is you get paid to jump. On taxpayer money. Great idea.
  10. piisfish

    Altimeter Inaccuracies?

    Can you tell us what kind of performance and results you expect ?
  11. piisfish

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    i did exactly that on my Sabre 150
  12. piisfish

    Dropzones in France

    It’s the downsizing you can get after canopy control courses
  13. piisfish

    I'm back...again

    Welcome back
  14. T’inquiète pas, ça tient 6x sur 10