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  1. I wonder why they missile down those things. They should cannon/gun them down, would make for a slower fall and ease the research of the bits and pieces.
  2. I believe that this implies living on a globe, whereas flat earthers would use the term Discohomos, as living on a disc.
  3. Not 2nd amendment as it was in Brasil, and turned out to be a rather surprising Darwin Award… a Brazilian lawyer, advocating for gun carrying, went to assist his mother for an MRI. After receiving instructions to remove all metal objects, he failed to remove his gun. When the MRI machine was turned on, the magnetic field somewhat actioned the gun and shot him. Despite being quickly treated, he died a couple of days later. https://healthimaging.com/topics/medical-imaging/magnetic-resonance-imaging-mri/lawyer-who-was-shot-his-own-gun-mri-suite
  4. What pandemic? I thought it was a scam.
  5. I enjoyed the images, but the story was soooo boring and predictable. Just like Maverick.
  6. Either he was part of a well regulated militia, or his parents deserve jail time
  7. Sad to read that Our Jarno has apparently had a fatal accident. I do not have the details yet, but the whole video/wingsuit/BASE/skydiving community has lost one of the good ones.
  8. In some cases, it should be done fast and cheap. Before the condemned criminal cost millions to the taxpayers, and earn these millions to the prison system.
  9. Why does it need to be medical ? Anyone should be able to decide about how their life should end. Should be motivated in written or in video or any other way. and it is cleaner for the people who have to deal with the immediate consequences of body removal/disposal. Have several people in my close surroundings who have chosen to end their lives before illness would kill them in terrible circumstances
  10. What about Kanye’s intervention on Alex Jones’ show ? Should the US be afraid of Putin invading to get rid of the Nazis ?
  11. May I apply for nationality? I feel so American. Brown cows yay