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    neos 109, batwing 116
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    pd 106 r
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    Cypres 2

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    Wing Suit Flying
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    Formation Skydiving

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    Senior Rigger
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  1. What a shock. Such a great loss for the community. A very happy and helpful comrade.
  2. offspring are doing great. Once we can afford it, wife will be ex.
  3. Hi there. I quit jumping but got a beautiful tandem 10 days ago
  4. How many replies did you expect in 6 hours? And during the weekend?
  5. waiting time hanging around is the best way to learn about the activity. Plus it's free. weather hold ? Practice packing! Learn about different disciplines ! Get to know your co-jumpers ! Do some ground training, practice exits etc etc... Or practice your golf cart stunts.
  6. At least they have ice cream
  7. I’ll let you think about it. Hint, it is TSO related.
  8. This should be posted to the boobies thread
  9. my small rig has a Neos 109 and a PD 106 R, for the sake of having a small rig. Got to use the reserve once, and it is very responsive on front risers. Afterthought, I was very happy that I landed at my well groomed DZ and not one of the typical out landing you often get when things turn sour. This is one of my top 2 worse gear choice decisions (not the PDR, it is a great canopy, just the size. And the colour. I got a nice light blue canopy. Afterwords I thought I should have gotten a bright pink) Edited to add : it is loaded around 1.9 lbs/sq ft. OK to land in good physical and mental conditions, on a rather good terrain. Absolutely ridiculous if one of these factors is deficient.
  10. anyone still has that picture somewhere ?