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  1. Cool story. Hope you and the owner will manage to get in touch
  2. How well are they paid in Canada? Here in Switzerland I believe not enough for the work provided. Yet many health care workers here are foreigners. Lots of French transborder workers, and a big proportion of Canadian nurses. my thought is that every country should take better care for their workers in the medical sector (and the actual pandemic would have been much better taken care of).
  3. Definitely looks like one. Also dated around 2005-2010 given the camera box
  4. I also kind of like the word play. And despite not wishing any harm to President Biden, I would literally per myself laughing if Kamala inherited the Oval Office. A woman at the presidency, of Jamaican and Indian descent, and Californian.... And I love the way she grills people
  5. Unless as mentioned above, if you drive the car out of the plane
  6. How much are you willing to bet ? To my knowledge only one does. Hint: you stated the manufacturer 3 times in the above quoted paragraph.
  7. Having an AAD firing if I go below landing altitude is a NO-GO for me. And the explanations the manufacturer gives when analysing 3 devices who went under the same circumstances and had different reactions (2 fired, 1 did not) are also important and a case of trust loss in the device and in the manufacturer. i am not naming them, but in that case, 3 rigs were placed inside a minivan and the AAD’s were still ON. That was a user mistake as the manual stated that they should have been switched OFF. Said minivan drove approximately 300ft up a hill, and down approximately 1000 lower than the departure point. During the descent, 2 units fired and 1 did not. explanation from the manufacturer was that the 2 units had met the firing parameters by descending too fast at activation altitude. As you claim to be an engineer, I will let you do the maths to calculate the steepness of the hill, knowing that the driving speed of the minivan did not exceed 120 km/h (around 80 MPH). They were never able to explain why the 3rd unit had not fired. Also, they weren’t able to justify why an AAD should stay in “airborne “ mode for an undefined period of time. I had a customer wondering why his AAD was still ON at home, 2 weeks after his last jump. He lives 2000ft above the DZ. Yes it was user error (should have turned it OFF). But which aircraft stays aloft for 2 weeks ? (I know there are a couple, but hardly ever used for skydiving). Have another couple of grudges against them which makes me not want to use them.
  8. As previously mentioned, I know nothing about the MaRS. I am not the happiest with the fire/no fire decisions of the Vigil. But to each his own.
  9. for me the deciding factors would be fire/no fire parameters , after that practicality. provided I am happy with all parameters above, I would probably go for the cheaper one. But as the cheapest is not commonly available where I am, I keep it out of the equation. That leaves me with 2 options. I will go with the brand I prefer, despite the fact that it is more expensive and has a shorter life (which is still longer than many jumper's skydiving careers) edit to add : but this is my personal choice, which I try to explain as neutrally as possible. Your preferences may vary.
  10. Small detail, but a cypress is a tree. A CYPRES (Cybernetic Parachute Release System) is the Godfather of modern AAD's. Also CYPRES warranty is "lifetime" provided you send your unit in for 5/10 year revision (during which the battery is changed). If I had a new CYPRES, I would send it in for the recommended revisions. I might be slightly biased because I had my life saved by a CYPRES (check my profile picture), but : Things I prefer with the Cypres : fire/non fire parameters, cutter blade, customer service, changeable filter, loops and discs and temp pins and related rigger goodies Things I dislike with the Cypres : the purple stickers fade away quickly Things I prefer with the Vigil : the thickness of the cutter cable, the colours (blue and orange is awesome), the aluminium case in which the device comes, the orange pull up cord Things I dislike with both : too many possibilities to get stuff wrong with the offset /mode/alt changes etc.... I preferred the simplicity of an original Cypres. Change the offset, if offset is too important switch off, if not comfy with an AAD OFF, don't jump. Simple as that. And even that, some people managed to screw up. I have 0 experience with the MaRS so I can't judge. Cost should not be a decisive factor when purchasing an AAD. Edited to add : Also for the video of the cutter going through wire, it is pretty easy (in my opinion ) to cut "hard/tense" material. So I asked them to show the same with a Cypres loop without tension, as soft stuff is sometimes harder to cut, and it worked like a charm. Eventhough you can clearly see the difference between a loop cut with or without tension