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    neos 109, batwing 116
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    pd 106 r
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  1. piisfish


    In April, it’ll disappear.
  2. piisfish


    He must have read a book on the subject
  3. A pack of flour or a load of toilet paper make some extra volume, and the people on the ground will wonder what happened with your opening.
  4. SR 111 crashed close to Halifax. Had a close friend of the family on board.
  5. I’m surprised by: That was fucking awesome! (Now let’s get out of here and not try to help/oh a cop let’s tell him) Whambulance guys still in the whambulance.
  6. Totally unfair. Pretty sure his golf trips were planned longer in advance. You tRump basher you.
  7. Folks on the left have basements and are better prepared for their pedosatanist hobbies whereas righties are just plain vanilla boring survivalists.
  8. In my country it is about 6$ / gallon. Hell, I even remember several years ago when we voted to increase the cost by 40 cts/gal in taxes in order to have a rather correct polluter/payer ratio and invest these taxes in transportation infrastructure.
  9. You should burn in hell for just mentioning the word
  10. Thanks for your service.
  11. I was only commenting about the basement. She might as well be a cannibal vampire pedophile murderer, but she does not stay in the basement. Maybe besides the pizza oven.
  12. The pizza place does NOT have a basement !