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  1. Carried my gun to a friend’s house to teach her how it works. was scared to get a police check. had I brought it to a shooting range to teach her, would have been fine.
  2. The Finns wonder why anyone would want to be within 6ft of anyone else. They have a regular 150 yards natural limit
  3. Sent you Justin Bieber. Which might be considered a direct attack.
  4. Are you aware of where this website originated from?
  5. Then try to PM Eric Fradet here on the forum, he might have an idea
  6. It would be funny to have a Cuban president
  7. This is what happens when president Shitforbrains starts brainstorming
  8. Would a violet wand do the trick? Asking for a friend
  9. Send me pictures of your wife in the tub, and I’ll tell you what I would do
  10. piisfish


    Baksteen, it would achieve a more precise cartography of the spread of the virus and allow for more selective confinement.
  11. piisfish


    Don’t overestimate other western countries either. I believe we are all very weak in this particular domain. Testing capacity should be increased massively worldwide. If I had my word to say, I would like to have everyone tested weekly for a month.