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    neos 109, batwing 116
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    pd 106 r
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  1. my small rig has a Neos 109 and a PD 106 R, for the sake of having a small rig. Got to use the reserve once, and it is very responsive on front risers. Afterthought, I was very happy that I landed at my well groomed DZ and not one of the typical out landing you often get when things turn sour. This is one of my top 2 worse gear choice decisions (not the PDR, it is a great canopy, just the size. And the colour. I got a nice light blue canopy. Afterwords I thought I should have gotten a bright pink) Edited to add : it is loaded around 1.9 lbs/sq ft. OK to land in good physical and mental conditions, on a rather good terrain. Absolutely ridiculous if one of these factors is deficient.
  2. anyone still has that picture somewhere ?
  3. do you still have that picture around ?
  4. piisfish


    Shouldn’t we stay away from animals in a zoo anyways ? Seems a bit overkill to me.
  5. Just read the news that a young lady who was mowing the grass at Parachutisme Montreal was fatally struck by the wing of a landing plane, apparently one of the dz’s pilots flying his private plane on a day off while there was no jumping activity. Not a skydiving accident, but very closely related. some lessons to be learned apparently: communication, observation and visibility might have played a role https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2021/07/05/happee-par-un-avion-en-tondant-la-pelouse-dans-lanaudiere-1
  6. piisfish


    Fried chicken.
  7. Would you compare a Concrete Rebound Hammer to an AR15 ?
  8. They have an expanding GDP thanks to all the MAGA shit they are manufacturing for the US
  9. Wings owner here. If I had the choice, I'd personally get a Curv. I am also my own rigger. I prefer repacking Curv's. Other Wings than mine, I send to a friend rigger of mine who loves doing them.
  10. What Tampa Pete said. It's a journey. Take your time. Give yourself opportunities before being to absorbed, and take the time to be perfectly fit again. The skydiving will only be better.
  11. from profile 3 years, 600 jumps and a JFX 96. At least the Reserve is 140ish.
  12. They come by plane and finish the trip in their vehicle…. Parmelin is the actual Swiss President…
  13. No, due to human factor. Plus it would be 95% useless. A distraction with almost nothing to add value to the jump.