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  1. and also it will modify your center of gravity, and limit your ability to arch. Pretty serious arch man, congratulations. As mentioned above, I am also jealous of that one. I still feel pretty young, and am rather thin, but flexible like an ironing board. keep on like that, have fun, you are just at the beginning of an adventure.
  2. Can you hear farts with your earplugs?
  3. Can a moderator please move it to Bonfire?
  4. Yves Rossy, the original Jetman , is now HVTOL (Human vertical takeoff and landing) Next huge step will be transition to horizontal (easier) and back to horizontal for landing which might get trickier and ballsier enjoy the short video
  5. Anyone has an idea for the DZ who does most tandems per day ? Per year average? Heard a number which sounded vastly exaggerated for Skydive Mexico with a regular 500 daily.
  6. As you might know, the month of November is a month dedicated to men’s health, visually represented by growing a moustache. Several topics are approached regarding men’s health, specifically the most important taboos for men : Their reproductive system. none of us is immune to the risks of testicular and prostatic cancer, reason why I decided to join the Movember movement. Let’s talk about it, raise awareness, try and limit the risks. All it takes is a finger in the butt. Which by the way can be fun. You can donate on my Mo’space https://ch.movember.com/en/mospace/14205041?utm_medium=app&utm_source=ios&utm_campaign=share-mospace and also if other DZ. commers already have a Mo space, we can join forces on a DZ. com Mo’Team help à bro, grow à Mo.
  7. My wild guess for PISA is Parachute Industry of South Africa
  8. Happened to me on a Vampire 2, was current jumping, current on the suit. after a group flight where I used all my physical capability, grabbed the fabric over my PC. Couldn’t pull. Tried again, same mistake, same result. decided to go to my reserve. As it happened rather high, nobody at the DZ realised that there was a freebag getting lost. this was one of my most expensive jumps.
  9. I might have people interested to buy it. PM me your contacts and date of manufacturing
  10. Is it the techno 115 your rigger doesn’t want to pack ?
  11. The Atom problem was not due to heat. Just shitty material. They tried to cover themselves with the heat and humidity excuses but it is simply not true