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  1. Well Donald is just Donald, and look what seat he got.
  2. I believe that Pete is a major asset.
  3. I would have asked many of the Democrat candidates to be somewhat on the team.
  4. Perris are looking for pilots for the jet. If you know any, have them get in touch with the DZ
  5. Trump was right. Too much work to go golfing.
  6. His hairscaper and face paint artist should be prosecuted too.
  7. Don’t you think that the future administration will try to spend the money differently? And is it fair for the current one to try and fuck up the country as much as possible to make it harder for the next one to put the pieces together again?
  8. Next 2 1/2 months will be a total shitshow. We haven’t seen anything yet. Mark my words.
  9. Whatever the result, looks like the country will react like a Coke & Mentos.
  10. some people here must be getting nervous. Rarely have I seen Speakers corner with a "last message" posted 2 hours ago the provisional results seem much tighter than I had anticipated.
  11. 1 year later, is the ban still in the works ? totally forgotten ?
  12. to paraphrase your own words in another thread, they must be pussy Trump supporters... cockroaches....
  13. Some people do wish the US of A actually turn into Gilead (if you have watched Handmaid’s Tale)
  14. My first jump was level 1 tandem of IAF at Skydive Miami. Didn’t regret it a bit. actually I signed up for a tandem, and when I landed I asked for another one. They asked me if I wanted to do the same or level 2, and congratulated me for my level 1. Did level 3 the same day.
  15. I believe they can now find a cool name and call sign for the helicopter. pretty sure this will be unforgettable for the pilot
  16. Definitely XRW Mr Bill, thanks for the clarification. she has no business in this kind of jump indeed (in my opinion), but some guys are trying to get into her panties. Anything you will say to prevent this will make you sound jealous, either of her, of them or both.