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  1. What about Kanye’s intervention on Alex Jones’ show ? Should the US be afraid of Putin invading to get rid of the Nazis ?
  2. May I apply for nationality? I feel so American. Brown cows yay
  3. Now that NASA has finished with it, maybe we should use it at a DZ. already approved for flying with the door open 35445E5B-FD54-4DD4-AB97-AB84F547CD3B.webp
  4. Negative. The exact wording is he has the right to bear arms. And PETA will fight against bear arm cutting.
  5. Are bananas mentioned in the constitution of your republic?
  6. Would anyone have manuals for a Martin Baker Mk 3H ejection seat (fitted in a Hawker Hunter) And has anyone around here some experience with ejection seat maintenance?
  7. Where is Banesura ?
  8. Wasn’t that what Mrs Jones had ? If I recall correctly, the movie was called Devil in Miss Jones. I hope she feels better now.
  9. Colin in Empuriabrava has built a couple for me (years ago)
  10. There is a solution. It is called Heartbeat Act. Just sue anyone implicated in making these post birth abortions.
  11. Go to the DZ, buy tickets, jump. Don’t rush. Learn. Approach your local riggers, learn from them. Approach your local BASE jumpers. Learn from them. Go hiking. Go climbing. Acquire lots of varied skills. Don’t die. Have fun.
  12. That was a Q drop referring to the President of the United States
  13. You’re free to go. I believe that inciting people to leave is bad form.
  14. That’s probably within the loading range of the canopies. So probably not a WL problem. how tight is the canopy in the Dbag ? If it is loose it could let the slider get off the slider stops. (Just throwing ideas)
  15. How much are you loading the canopies? I had one high performance canopy who would often slam me if I went light. And super soft with an additional 4kg weight belt. not saying it is what happens to you, but could be some food for thought.
  16. You can start the same thread with student debt. just saying…
  17. If seems that a smart former President of the USA said that they should paint a couple of F22’s with Chinese flags, drop a couple of bombs over Russia and watch these 2 countries fight against each other.
  18. It seems that Vladolf’s men have destroyed the An-225 Mryia
  19. Thanks for your insight. I wanted to type something else but would not want to go to dz.com prison.