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  1. Thank you!! Yes! we are so very very lucky.
  2. I’m a month late but I thought I would let everyone that creeps through here know. He’s arrived!!!! Dec. 3rd Benjamin 9lbs 2oz Yes, I think he’s perfect! And yes this is the craziest time of my life. I’m back teaching and he’s back with me,bundled right on me and listens/sleeps while I teach. I’m lucky enough to be able to have a mini nursery set up in my classroom.
  3. Hey there, Hopefully, he’ll stay put until the beginning of Dec., BUT he is soooo active already I don’t know if he will. Benjamin Alan Joseph after some amazing people. I should get tandem certified for this!!
  4. Just for the record, this was BEFORE the Covid lockdown.
  5. Nope, not preggers. Hopefully soon!
  6. I'm becoming a slacker,I'm down to 2 jobs Medic/Rescue and Teaching in the fall. So, I finally made it official and put in my notice with the Department that I'm officially done. I know the timing looks pretty bad to outsiders with all the fires going on in our state,but I have been on/off training for the last few months and nothings more dangerous then not being current. I've really been focusing my attention on EMS,and haven't felt that strong pull to be out with the Fire Dept. so I knew it was time. Hubby finishing his Fire science degree and accepting a job at another department also made it easier.
  7. This is Keller and she’s absolutely adorable! We got her at Christmas and I can’t believe how much I’m in love with a Lab!!! She’s a very smart little girl!! Though she listens to me better then she does Mathew. As she’s NOT suppose to be on the furniture.
  8. Inside Alaskan joke you have no idea how many people ask about penguins
  9. Ryoder, don’t make me hurt you! wheres the eye squinting emoji???
  10. blame the earthquake,my living in an igloo, my dog sled had a flat,I was low on penguin power wrj,you dont know what my toes look like.
  11. Not complaining but maybe a shrug emoji? Facepalm? Eyesquint ? Frying pan being tossed ?
  12. How did I miss the eyeroll?????? oooooooohhhhhh let the eye rolling begin!!!! Now to figure out the gifs thing WAIT!!!!! Did I lose my tag line????? crap crap crap!!!!! I want my tag line back. dang it!!!!! I worked very hard on earning that!! ORANGES!!
  13. ICK!! Did I miss my personal memo on the change?hhhhhhmmm same emojis. New website and we couldn’t upgrade the emojis?
  14. I’m so sorry! It’s been such a busy time!! I guess everyone from outside Alaska saw it a little bigger then we did. Lol We’re still getting aftershocks or new earthquakes depending how you look at it but you kinda get use to it. I was at school with some students when it hit and just turned it into a fun learning time. But we did have to close school for a few days. We’ve had a few really good ones since then but nothing as far as damage really. Sorry it took so late no for me to jump on here I’ve just been swamped between teaching, EMS and Fire. Plus being married to the most amazing guy in the world!!!! No matter how slowly you say oranges it never sounds like gullible. Believe me I tried.
  15. Thank you everyone for the congrats and for the warnings. I’ll take the warnings to heart and really only plan on put- putting around town on her. Back and forth from the station and the school. I’ll be a “boring” happy rider.