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  1. Wondering how I can look up member profiles. I know I've done it before but can't remember how. Thanks Cosmic
  2. Thanks for the response Lee, even if you thought it ran a little long. All of it is very helpful and greatly appreciated.
  3. What ever happened to the "Bat suit", I think that was it. Anyway, they offered a standardized fall rate jumpsuit. I owned one. This is probable off subject but the topic reminded me.
  4. So Lee, after reading and digesting a bit on this. Would it be safe to say that a canopy like something for accuracy or CRW would be trimmed more nose down? On the other side of that would something more for swooping be trimmed more nose up? Or do I have this backwards? Cosmic
  5. Hey, Thanks guys. This has definitely enlighten me and exactly the type info I was looking for. Cosmic
  6. Back when I was a wuffo there was a book circulating my home DZ. "United we fall", I always wanted to get a copy but never did but now have it. Wish I would have purchased it back then, like most of the jumpers I knew was on a tight budget. Anyway, I'm wondering if this is still recommended reading? I find this thing to be full of great tips and advise and would be ideal for beginner RWs. That's my two cents. Oh, and it's great history for the younguns out there. Cosmic
  7. Hey guys I'm looking for some insight. What effects toggle pressure? Is it the trim, the load, maneuver? If you know of some good articles or books I'd appreciate that info too. Thanks Cosmic
  8. Hey Jerry, Thanks for the advice, makes the most sense to me. Cosmic
  9. I was wondering what can be done if the data panel on old military type gear is damaged? If say a 28' pilot emergency chute has damage to the data panel and needs to be replaced. How can that be done? Would I have to make that repair in a way that the panel would not be removed? Thanks Cosmic
  10. Hey Guys, Trying to get a hold of USAPR with a question. I used there direct contact link but it doesn't work. SO does anyone have an email I could use? Thanks Cosmic
  11. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows or remembers a couple of DZOs from Rome, GA during the '90s. Kathy and Zorin owned that place when I worked there at the airport. I'm not sure where they came from original, Zorin was from one of the old block countries but not sure which one. Was curious where they may be and if I could get in touch with them. Thanks cosmic
  12. As to magazines I take mine to the local high school. The librarian seems excited whenever I show up with them.These of course are the newer editions because I don't have a lot of room and am hoping they can be put to some use. Hopefully get a local kid interested in skydiving or parachutes. Heck maybe both or anything in aviation. Cosmic