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  1. Hey Guys, Trying to get a hold of USAPR with a question. I used there direct contact link but it doesn't work. SO does anyone have an email I could use? Thanks Cosmic
  2. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows or remembers a couple of DZOs from Rome, GA during the '90s. Kathy and Zorin owned that place when I worked there at the airport. I'm not sure where they came from original, Zorin was from one of the old block countries but not sure which one. Was curious where they may be and if I could get in touch with them. Thanks cosmic
  3. As to magazines I take mine to the local high school. The librarian seems excited whenever I show up with them.These of course are the newer editions because I don't have a lot of room and am hoping they can be put to some use. Hopefully get a local kid interested in skydiving or parachutes. Heck maybe both or anything in aviation. Cosmic
  4. Thanks Jerry, That was my next step, was just curious.
  5. Recently I saw a thread about someone having an old Javelin with the soft cutaway housing. I think they were looking to replace them and I have the same type. Was wondering about changing to the hard housing also. Questioning being what that would entail? Any help would be appreciated. Cosmic
  6. At first I thought to say, except for the guy on my back.
  7. Update. 4th weekend I made a tandem. It was everything I remembered. Also both my sons came with me. I think they got the bug too. I'll be going back soon. Cosmic
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking tech manual for a military seat rig. It's manufactured by M. Steinthal & CO. Inc out of New York. 28 ft rip stop seat. Contract number N38376049-A.Any advice on where I may find it would be appreciated Cosmic.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a rigger who is seat rated around Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama who would be willing to help me get my seat rating. Any help would be appreciated. Would like to start making arrangements now but will be ready around October time frame. Thanks Cosmic My contact info: [email protected] (228) 243-9020
  10. Hey Rob, It's been almost 40yrs. Never got a license. My thoughts on this were to go through a first jump course, seeing as things have changed. Also, it just made sense to me. Seems that I was seeing more of the AFF than the Tandem to AFF and now it's the other way around.
  11. I've been researching my options for getting back into skydiving. I really like the idea of doing AFF but the most popular option, close to home, I'm seeing is, x number of tandem jumps before moving on to AFF. My question is. Why this method? I know I can go to other drop zones but that involves cost that I'm not interested in. So, if some of you could enlighten me about the two options please do. Thanks John
  12. Hey Jerry, Yeah that's what I was talking about but was thinking more about ones that didn't have velcro. That thought just didn't leave my brain and make it to the post. ;-) Some with tuck tabs or magnets.
  13. Does anyone know if there has ever been a semi stowless free bag?