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  1. Does anyone know of a bank or other lending institute that is dropzone business friendly? I'm looking for a loan to buy a dropzone. Thanks for any help. John
  2. Just a general question. How common is it for drop zones to not have insurance? I would think more so for smaller operations. Reason for the question, I'm looking at buying a place and looking for info before or if I do this. Thanks in advance guys. John
  3. Thanks for your response, it has given me things to think over. John
  4. Looking to see if anyone has experience with any of Sailrite's sewing machines. Good, bad or other. Thanks John
  5. Yep, right where I found it just a minute ago. Thanks
  6. Looking for a manual for the Dolphin container, hopefully a PDF. Thanks in advance. John
  7. While it may be an arbitrary number I think that it at least gives you an idea about the force applied. This you could then apply to your own situation and proceed from there. Another words a "ballpark" figure to work with. Also I agree if there is no requirement through TSO then nobody really knows for sure. By the way. How do you know that the number used is Jump Shack/Racer? I'd like to know. Thanks
  8. Funny this came up when it did, I was just reading along these lines in the riggers handbook. Anyway, you can get a pdf copy online for free. Read through Ch4. Deployment and inflation characteristics, page 4-9 there is a section on the main pilot chute. A few folks mentioned replacing your pc with a new one. That is part of what this section covers, as well as F-111 and ZP types, so all around good info. As mentioned in other post there is no firm guidance in terms of force required for the main bag pull out. However on page 4-14 there is the topic of reserve bag extraction force, which incidentally is 18lbs. So I would say that you would want your main to be close to that but you are only 7lbs from that number. Besides like also has been said wait a couple more seconds and your main will probably come right out.
  9. You can download a copy of the FAA rigger manual, it's free. I've seen a couple of downloadable copies of the riggers study guide. Also like others have mentioned here The Parachute Manual vols 1 &2. I believe the Chutingstar has both, I got vol 1 from them.
  10. You could look into model rocket locators possibly. There are some you can build yourself, they are audible and small. The question then is where could they be attached and how to activate them.
  11. I'd be interested in getting a copy if the offer is still good.