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  1. As hold luggage. This was the 7th leg, all with the same airline.
  2. The Cypres battery contains only 0,99 g lithium. The battery is entirely built into the Cypres device. edit : Added certification for Cypres and Vigil regarding lithium batteries
  3. I will ask for Airtec to clarify the situation. If what you are saying is true - it has severe implications for all of us.
  4. Hi The statement about the Lithium battery is not true. I have confirmation from IATA, issued two days ago :- "The explosive content is excepted from the regulations and the lithium metal battery is within the allowable limits for passenger checked or carry-on baggage" IATA also supplied the relevent certifiation. Furthermore, I am sure Airtec would be up in arms should your assertion be correct.
  5. Hi Looking for some advice and assistance please. We have all heard of nightmare airport security - but this has taken me aback! Coming through Melbourne and our Skydive Gear was confiscated by an airline manager based on them being "Dangerous Goods". We demonstrated they are exempt of all travel regulations with the Cypres card, and showed them the relevant section on air travel on Cypres website. Furthermore, we went through the DG list with the employee; they are absent from Qantas's own DG list. It states to speak to the CAA and IATA. On one leg of our trip - a check-in assistant even called DG and validated they were not Dangerous Goods. (We did 7 legs with the same airline). We had to catch our flight, and had no other option but to resolve this from the UK. At the time, we were told they could be freighted - not ideal - but manageable. An initial letter to customer complaints was futile, with them only repeating the ground manager's claim that Sports Parachutes are DG. I have spoken with IATA, CAA and FAA and all agree they are not dangerous goods. The Australian Parachute Federation is also in agreement. All evidence to the above has been supplied to Customer Care. Is it possible to file a formal complaint and get this investigated? If so what body? I have sent emails seeking assistance to the British Consulate in Melbourne, the BPA and Cypres. Is there any other avenue we can pursue? We have written a formal letter, citing the relevant evidence. As it stands they are still classified by the airline as DG and cannot be moved. We do not have a contact in Melbourne who can assist us in freighting them in any other manner. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Umm yeah .. er... no! Thanks for the help though :-)
  7. Hi I was wondering whether there was a kindly skydiver who is flying into London in about two weeks time - with some space in their luggage? Many thanks -e-
  8. I have both. The v2 gets baggy quickly in the tunnel - so I would not wish to wear it unless I had to. I am ordering a new one - having done ~ 8 hours in the tunnel in my v2. As said the tunnel suit is much more durable. The v2 is also a tighter fiting and higher performance suit compared to the tunnel suit. I have washed the tunnel suit a couple of times now - and the material is becoming softer - it was very stiff the first 6 hours.
  9. Will it open again or should I be looking for a Thai DZ? Got to book plane tickets soon! thanks
  10. Hi I have tried the email page and website linked to the dropzone database - but have had no luck getting in touch. Is the DZ still operating? Anyone been? We have been to Jamaica twice - but never for jumping. Many thanks