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  1. So did he or did he not have a rig? I was thinking perhaps the practice pull was to signal the other jumpers that Luke is going for it. The other option might have been to abort land together with one of the assistants if he didn't do this signal. Would be weird if he did it just from muscle memory.
  2. The loose cable will beat you in the face (or so I heard.) For a mister bill: How about if Mr. Bill turns 180 degrees haf a twist on risers. This way the sluggo will be travelling face forward and may toss the PC. In case Mr. Bill has a slow canopy, just add some rotation and things should take off from there
  3. Good porn goes straight to the action. Poor erotic movies have poor acting, poor plot and poor action. As said earlier, you can find great wingsuit flying on youtube without the other crap.
  4. BMFin


    A year ago we did some skydive clashing
  5. Use an escrow.
  6. As far as I remember, there have always been those people who say look up or look down. They couldnt be more wrong. The truth is that you should always try to keep your spine straight and look to the horizon. Anything else will cause you injuries. It's actually quite easy if you think about it. Try to put your chin to your chest and push your head down with your hand. You will quickly notice you cannot really put much pressure on your head before it starts hurting. Now put your spine straight and look to the horizon. You can actually load a lot of weight on top of your head as long as you keep your spine straight. 20 kilos is nothing really. In many cultures, people carry heavy loads on top of their head when doing manual labor. They most definetly keep their spine straight. The same goes with just about everything else also: deadlift, squat etc. You name it. Your spine cannot take much punishment when it is in bent orientation. I have seen some old school guys build handles on the sides of their helmet. Their strategy was to hold those handles while they took the opening shock. This in addition to keeping the neck straight is one option if jumping heavy equipment. However, these guys were jumping more than 10kg on their head. 2 videos 2 SLR´s plus flashes and battery packs. I always felt canopy choice is very important when jumping an SLR. Actually Im convinced I would have no problem jumping 2x SLR´s with flashes as long as Im jumping something like the Crossfire2.
  7. You forgot the wind component. Skydiving canopies can and will go backwards, sideways or straight down relative to the ground in different wind conditions. The FOE is also constantly changing due to different winds at different altitudes.
  8. Nice passanger hand cam videos here
  9. This was discussed 3 years ago. It seemed that those who had experience on putting go pros to students were totally ok with it. Those who did not have experience over this, opposed the idea strongly. Common sense would suggest it is safer to have the student wear the camera than the TI. This way TI can focus better on doing their job. Most likely the quality of the footage is worse, but I would guess in some ways it makes the video even more personal to the tandem pax, since they get to film the jump by themselves.
  10. Your right. We should ban all chest mounted altimeters. Dead bodies just keep piling up.
  11. The main issue in this case was the unwritten hierarchy in skydiving – not the chest strap. Someone wanted to state his superior position and the other one didn't want to concur. The chest strap was irrelevant.
  12. I wouldn't have liked your attitude either. It's good to make sure the person is aware he has an open chest strap, but another to command one to fasten it. In fact I think you were positioning yourself on a high horse as you started to dictate how others should use their gear. Personally I always thread my chest strap before boarding, but other adults are free to choose themselves imo.
  13. Interesting. What kind of liabilities did the insurance cover in those cases you have heard about?
  14. in Empuriabrava they sell it to you for 85€ I Wouldnt be suprised if the DZ is skimming at least half of this.