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  1. Twist my arm, I'll happily move to London... As an update for other US skydivers making this trip in the future: I emailed the DZ directly as well and they responded with loads of helpful info. Third party liability insurance is available for relatively cheap (~65 euro) and can be arranged in an hour or so while at the DZ. It lasts a month, so for anyone in the future this may be a great option if you're bouncing around a bit. Cheers! -alex
  2. Hey all, As luck would have it, work is taking me to southern Spain in a few weeks and I'll be finding myself a few miles away from Skydive Spain. I'm thinking about staying through the weekend and jumping, but was curious if anyone had any advice on their insurance policy and how US skydivers have navigated it in the past. Reading on the website, they require "proof of third party liability insurance for skydiving." I've never heard of such a thing. If there's another thread that covers this, apologies -- couldn't find anything searching through the forums. Also, any suggestions and/or advice regarding the DZ would be awesome! Thanks for your help! -Alex