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  1. Use an escrow.
  2. You forgot the wind component. Skydiving canopies can and will go backwards, sideways or straight down relative to the ground in different wind conditions. The FOE is also constantly changing due to different winds at different altitudes.
  3. BMFin

    Camera set up HELP!!!

    Im sorry but I dont understand the question. Are you asking advice for a helmet? What does the 2.5x or 3x mean?
  4. BMFin

    Sigma 8-16mm F4,5-5,6

    I have no experience on this lens, but it should be taken into account that ultrawide fisheye lenses have a high risk of getting fogged up.
  5. BMFin

    Great stunt

    Perhaps you ment to post this on the wingsuit forum?
  6. BMFin

    Tandem Video

    Upload the file to a server?
  7. BMFin

    Canon 7D

    When it came out, I considered it as the best choice for skydiving. Still is an excellent body. However, I would rather take something like 10-22 + 400D than 7D+15-85 for skydivng. The more you shoot, the more you realize how little importace the body has. EDIT to add: The weigth difference on the 7D is only ~200grams more than the lightest models. Makes no difference what so ever IMO. Actually I could easily mount two of them if needed.
  8. BMFin

    which digital alti is best

    I use Suunto Core. Works great.
  9. BMFin

    Camera deploys reserve on door jamb

    Or more importantly the dangers of a D-ring reserve handle..
  10. BMFin

    What external flash to use?

    In freefall there is not much use for automatic features such as ETTL etc. Option A. (cheap) If you only use your flash in low light conditions, or you want to underexpose the ambient, then pretty much any old (large) flash will do just fine. You will want to use it on manual and within the cameras sync speeds so there wont be any benefit on spending money on an expensive flashgun. Old Vivitars are very popular among strobists since they are cheap. Option B (Medium) However, if you want to use your flash also during the day time in sunlight as a fill flash I recommend you get a flashgun with High speed sync (HSS) (If you are using Nikon, they call it FP) Option C (more expensive) If you have more money and want to get serious get a flashgun that accepts an external battery pack. This will reduce the recycle times of the flashgun and you will be able to use it more during one jump. High speed sync for example will use a lot of power and it takes a lot of time to recycle the flash. Option A: Any larger used flash, even old ones. Look for them at Ebay for example. Option B: EX 420, EX 430 Option C EX 550, EX 580 plus the battery pack.
  11. BMFin

    DSLR, Canon vs Sony vs Nikon

    Basically all camera bodies are suitable, but remember that there might not be "ready made" mouth switches for the less popular brands/models. Also remember that Canon has the best range of lenses availeable. Personally I use Canon because of the lenses. Nikon has also nice lenses, but IMO sony is far far behind..
  12. This lens is manufactured by samyang. It is also marketed as bower and some other labels. They are all identical lenses. Only the name is different. I have made some hand held self portraits with it. I have also dropped my camerahelmet including this lens from about 1000 feet. Lens is still as good as new. Some of the first jumps i had problems with it fogging up. I still havent made enough jumps with it to really tell how often this happens. See some of my pics here Search this forum for samyang to find more info.
  13. Seems nice. How does the transmitter look like ? How long is the range ? What frequency does the system use ?
  14. BMFin

    High res pic of a Spock

    [url]Here[/url] you go! Sorry, couldnt resist..
  15. One of my class mates in junior high school had similar eyeglasses about 12 years ago. He was secretly filming school life for Norwegian documentary film producers and to maintain authenticity, the camera should remain hidden. Ofcourse at those times the recording medium had to be stored somewhere on his clothes.
  16. BMFin

    Skydive Simulator (mobile Vertical Wind Tunnel)

    You mean like [url] this[/url]
  17. Why not for skydiving ? I would love to have one. The only thing I dislike is the APS-H sensor size, which isnt all that good with wide angle photography. (very big minus considering skydive photography)
  18. BMFin

    when to use rears???

    Personally I think the key question is the recovery arc of the canopy you are flying. If the canopy has a long recovery arc you might need to use rears for a more effective recovery that transalates the vertical speed to horisontal in an effective way. But if the canopy has a rather short recovery (in other words no additional input for a smooth recovery is needed) then IMO there really isnt any real need for rears.. IMO a lot of people use rears even if they dont benefit them really / makes no difference for them.. I have found the XF2 109 recovery arc short and IMO there is no need for rears at all. (WL 1.8ish) This is the way I see it, but Im naturally receptive for discussion about this...
  19. BMFin

    Video on Night Jumps

    Why not just try it ? You might want to get your self an additional IR-light source for better light.. something like this :
  20. BMFin

    Canon Auto Focus

    Theres a few things I dont quite agree with.1st off using the so called "one shot plug" with one shot mode will actually focus 1st and then lock there and fire only after that. Not focus and fire at the same time. Second thing is that using the "one shot plug" with AI servo isnt the same as using one shot mode, since the camera does continue tracking the AF during the burst of shots in AI servo but not in one shot where it locks on the 1st focus point. Anyways, why make it so complicated ? IMO its pretty simple. 1.In general there are two type of switches. Mono and stereo. Mono swich will cause the camera to focus constantly when the camera is on. (works only in AI servo mode) This is very basic stuff. IE conceptus offers both mono and stereo plugs to suit everyones needs. See [url]here[/url] 2.Other thing is that the canon lineup has different AF modes. One shot focuses 1st, locks this focus point and after that fires the shutter. (keeping the same focus point) AI servo lets the focus keep tracking with the subject through out the series of shots. Simple.
  21. BMFin

    Olympus e420 questions

    The "pancake"lens is 25mm and on Olympus body it would equal 50mm on a Fullframe body. So it is FOV is quite narrow with that setup. Not exactly an allaround lens for freefall photography. If light weight is your priority, maby some kind of compact camera is what you are looking for ?
  22. BMFin

    Cool Iris

    I did use Piclens (its the former version of Cool Iris) It worked well with some websites like Flickr, but it can be slow sometimes and some pictures dont scale nicely with this program so it may affect the picture quality..
  23. BMFin

    Rebel Xt

    You just need to learn photography. No shortcuts here. There are no magical right settings in any kind of photograpy. And about the manual, Im sure youll be able to get an english version of the manual also. (google it)
  24. BMFin

    x-mas whishlist

    Well, depends what my budjet is, doesnt it ?