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  1. Bealio

    Articulated vs not

    I've been told that articulated harnesses will conform to your body better during different body positions, like freeflying which wasn't as popular 25 years ago.
  2. Bealio

    Sitfly is a big headache!!!

    Go skydiving
  3. Bealio

    Vaping/e-cigarette fluid spilled on rig

    If my rig was ever exposed to "vaping fluid", I would burn it out of fear of becoming a homosexual.
  4. Bealio


    I was brought up to use the term "Nylon-American". The word "r*gger" is offensive to some.
  5. Bealio

    words on cheep reserves?

    Get one of those Tempo reserves. They are cheap and probably work fine.
  6. Bealio

    California Dropzone advise

    Lodi is fucking awesome. Skydive California is closer to you. Byron is fucking awesome too and closer. Do you not know how to use this website?
  7. Bealio

    Hatch vs Swift

    I think a swift would sell easier. It's easy to fly. The new phantom is coming out soon as well, so that's something to consider.
  8. Bealio

    Lodi, jumps per week/month?

    I'm guessing you could do 5 a day. 35 a week. 140 a month. 280 in 2 months. $15 per jump. $4,200
  9. Usually the skygods introduce themselves at least a couple times. You'll fit right in.
  10. Bealio

    Kazakhstan jumping

    I like sex. It's nice!
  11. Bealio

    Geodome and canopy

    I use WebFLIS when searching for information with a National Stock Number or Part Number. I had no luck with your information.
  12. Bealio

    Innie-Outie system demo?

    Send an e-mail to squirrel. You'll probably get an answer faster from them anyways.
  13. Bealio

    Head down + Sitflying

    Jump with fat Americans
  14. Will you have demo suits with you to try out?