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  1. birdynamnam

    Perris jet

    We had WIngsuit boogies a few years back in Germany with a Moldavian AN72 cargo jet. Though flying fast horizontally the air was super clean during exit due to top mounted engines. It climbed to 15k feet in 5 mins with 80 people, sort of okay'ish
  2. birdynamnam

    Javelin Aurora

    PM me for a link to the video. It was packed by a super experienced rigger in the US
  3. birdynamnam

    Best wingsuiting audible?

  4. birdynamnam

    Javelin Aurora

    that's one solution. I pack it "around the corner" against my back. The pouch goes all the way back there, It sits well and highly protected offcourse and it is still easy reachable be it with small or large wingsuits
  5. birdynamnam

    Javelin Aurora

    point being?
  6. birdynamnam

    Javelin Aurora

    I used to have a plain vanilla Javelin rig and that's what it did also as they all use the same reserve PC. When I got the Aurora I was hopeing they had put some more muscle into the spring, but they haven't
  7. birdynamnam

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    I have been vigilantly advising/monitoring effects of mods to standard skydiving gear over the years for people here. I will rank it based on this yearlong experience what works efficient; 1) Longer bridle 8-9" optimally also for studentsuits usage 2) A fresh pilotchute I advice Zpo material for consistancy and yes the Skysnatch indeed makes deployments more consistent as it doesnt woble in and out of burble area, so 1 and 2 can be done in one go by getting a skysnatch 3) Open corners in Rig main tray 4) Semistowless bag. A normal bag works just fine, if one leave some line slack in main tray and have fresh elastics all over and change them often. Finally all pieces must fit together. If you have a small Rig and pack a too large main in there, then at deploymenttime the PC can sometimes yank it out with a small twisting motion creating linetwists. The reserve, get it as big as can be fit, go for lightweight material so you get more sqft. Be safe.
  8. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    its what we have. Everything else is just different opinions
  9. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    oh I just thought you would provide that service to folks since you linked to that rental website
  10. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    can you demo for free?
  11. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    The statistics are based on all PPC competitions to date and so it is probably as good as it gets
  12. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    A recent posting on statistics on performance comp results shows that ATC's scores marginally higher than Freak1-2's. Its not the suit, its the pilot, I know, still less experienced flyers would tend to be flying the ATC rather than the Freak1-2's, so I do find it interesting. In a PPC comp, the glide is more important than speed as time/distance scores require lift and glide. For XRW the ATC's clearly demonstrate as much lift capacity in the slow speed area as the Freak's. Been flying with a Freak3 pilot lately. I clearly see it has become alot faster than previous versions, so it is a moving target
  13. birdynamnam

    Javelin Aurora

    (its long) I had to spend some time to adjust to it, but I think its "accepted by my muscle memory" now. The rig is very long, so PC handle is at full arm stretch in my case. (its comfortable) I came from a rather new Icon Next rig and the first thing I noticed is it is a lot more comfortable on you. (it is comfortable) Packing the main is different from other rigs, Once you learn the packing method, take just a few jumps, packing is super easy. (its aerodynamic) Flying steep I notice the effect of the Neoprene flap that keeps air from going btw rig and my back, feels good. In normal flight there is no difference. (it has a weak Reserve PC spring) I am not and was never a fan of the Javenlin reserve container system and especially that weak reserve PC spring. I have a video of my rigger poping the reserve. It jumps 3 feet away only. I can at least imagine situation where a wingsuit flyer would want that reserve PC to "get the hell out there". The reserve PC spring is incredible weak and is from a time where everybody was hurtling their body towards the ground at terminal speed in freefall. I think they need to rethink this system..Meanwhile I can canonball myself out of any reserve PC in-tow situations and I never go low anyway. I am hoping they will update that reserve PC. To sum up: I think the latest Icon long rig is also optimal for wingsuiting really and so the main advantage with the Aurora is that main containe and the easy packing and the different (and perfect) orientation of the bag that in theory should be more optimal for wingsuit deployments. And it is more comfortable.for sure. So: Comfortable.
  14. 1) We need competition btw different manufactorers. It's vital for innovation. Innovative features a manufactorer develops, that are that good, will be copied/absorbed by the others - happens all the time. And so innovation is ongoing in order for the manufactorers to stay in the game. Also competition keeps prices in check I am assuming. As for innovation, especially Tonysuits seems to be flying at the moment. None of this will make suits do GR 7:1. We are at 3.5 :1 guys and we will probably stay there? But it will make suits easier to fly, easier to progress in, easier to deploy in, easier to perform in, easier to do acro in, etc etc. 2) The different vendors are differing quite a lot in customer service as said in this topic. Squirrel is outstanding and from experience I know they are in a class of their own. 3) Quality and durability is important for all the manufactorers and they are all good 4) Finally a given suit, flies as its testpilots prefer themselves to fly - and you feel that. So two suits from two manufactorers might look similar but in the air feels different; e.g. The Squirrel suits is all about efficiency in all aspects, PF tends to prioritize easy progression more and more forgiving flyingstyle. Especially the race suits shows this difference in how testpilots wants a suit to fly. A Squirrel CR+ is a crazy race machine, its built for the job and win's all the time, however it is probably not a suit I would take to the dropzone and use for fun bigsuit flocking. Other manufactorers have race suits that are more docile and friendly and thus might also be used on a daily basis. And so on. 5) A pilot invests in a new suit. He likes it no actually loves it. This suit is now "he best suit in the world" and nothing can be said to change that view - for some time. Demoing all suits in that class is very often not possible and so the pilot will vent his opinion and influence others about to purchase. Another pilot is somehow affiliated with a specific manufactorer and all his views is biased from a to z. In time, this pilot will become more open to other flavours and become more balanced, unless $$$ is involved ofcourse. Nof said.
  15. birdynamnam

    Squirrel swift 3 versus funk 1

    Gus, Swift2/3, yes stall speed is high and you have to fly fast in these suits. They do not like to fly slow like not at all. Once that has been established as a fact, we just tell our students to get going flying fast (no head high). So thats our world now and well, it works fine.