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  1. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    yes this is exactly our experience
  2. birdynamnam

    Wings W13 and canopy options

    of those listed I would go for the Pilot7 167 ZP . Spectre will be slightly better than the SA2 but not much. Easy pick
  3. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    Having flown many non zp canopies, In my experience 1.3 it just too much. If the landingzone is busy you just cant do a 90 sometimes. So with non zp canopies I find it silly to not adhere to the manufactorers specs, just my 2 cents
  4. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    yeah f... it. Don't mind those silly limits, lol they obviously didnt think of mad skill swoopers. While you're at it also exceed the limits on your reserve as well. It all adds spice to the action about to take place. Envision the heartpumping day you have that mailfunction on your main, what can be more spicy than ending up in a tiny tiny reserve that has line twists generated in the tens as you spun away from your cutt from that mailfunction, and then... the ready to rock and roll loaded reserve starts spinning you on your back, but offcourse. Yeah there is a few higly action packed videos on excactly this, but really they can be improved, you can create your own video and It's about challenging yourself man... And that small rig on you back - is so cool and sexy on the ground :-D Seriously, a small reserve is just not very clever the day it goes haywire
  5. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    You should ask the Squirrel guys, but my hunch is it is a no go. They don't want you to break your ankles because you will eventially have to jump at a different DZ at elevation, then add zero wind and hot temparatures conditions; ouchh. You really need a larger container mate
  6. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs WinX pack volume?

    Oh I missed this post, didnt see it. My progression was from a SA2 to the Winx ZP same size. As I have jumped 7c canopies for many years I had no trouble getting to the same flare power as you flare differently than with a 9c, timing is differently, stroke is much longer. It is sort of the same. I did try the Pilot7 ZPX same size twice. And yes it snivels (which is not desired in wingsuit'ing really). Eventhough it snivels, it opens a bit harder in the end. The Winx has almost no snivel but yet it opens extremely soft. Using it in terminal jumps, it opens quick, for sure, but very soft. I actually think this is brilliantly done, as making a canopy snivel is one of many instruments in making a canopy open soft(er). Just make sure you are a bit head high when you deploy As for packvolume I only tried a Pilot7 ZPX and it packed smaller offcourse. The ZPX material is a great advantage to the Pilot7 users and I wish that material was avail with the Winx as it is so easy to pack ZPX also. For glide, I can definately say that the Winx has them all easely. It out glide a SA2 and Pilot9, and the Pilot7 is far from achieving the same glide. The Pilot7 flies a bit steeper than all the others, and so coming back from a bad spot against the wind the Pilot7 is very efficient and also better than the WInx. On the other hand the Winx glides extremely flat and it has the best glide of them all in all other scenarios. I routinely fly my Winx with all these canopies after deployments and people are just waiting for me to come along and bump their canopy. That makes me also realize the potential of the WInx, I can catch people really fast (there is no escape)
  7. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I have quite a few videos of people trying to kick twist out in their Storm's ending up in rapid spins on their back then cutt'ing. Too many to ignore this as a fact. Other canopy designs at same wl would have a tendency to hang just still above head and let people kick those twists out. We so have a few guys (2 I believe) left in their Storms flying them at a little lower wl and they are fine apparently. I did 300ish jumps on my Storm 150 at wl 1.6 and although I myself never had to cutt it, I can tell you I did some saves by acting quickly in a frenzy almost, if not it would had gone spinning, Flying competition suits made deployments too exciting. So in my case I switched to the Winx same size and I dont even look up and check the canopy anymore at deployment, I feel the snatch from the PC, the line stretch, the "unboxing" the inflation, in my shoulders and it is consistant every time. In 500 jumps I have had a few twists comming from bad deployments, bad toss of the PC or wrong speed - and the canopy just stays still on top of my head. I know of one guy here who had a few chops on his Winx, he was at a high wl, so he upsized to a one size larger Winx and went with hybrid material thus keeping packvol same size and he loves it (now). I will just reiterate that a wingsuit flight with friends chasing clouds in 3D or whatever is super fun and mindblowing and exhausting after many minuttes of actionpacked adventure. When it comes to the deployment I want to have a canopy I trust almost 100. Getting a canopy that has been evolved a little more towards wingsuiting, is a very good idea indeed and I highly recommend it to everyone. The Winx or the Pilot7 are the way to go in the skydiving environment IMO and I highly recommend people try demos. If you are on a low budget or want a cheapish 2nd canopy then the Sabre1's or better the Triathlon's are absolutely great.
  8. birdynamnam

    WinX feedback?

    A Stiletto is probably the worst choice ever for wingsuiting :-D That said as you are getting experienced and wise (another word for old) and flying an eliptical canopy you will probably want to continue to have great and easy landings. The Winx is a bit smaller than they actually say, e.g. the 150 is in fact 144 and for its size it packs smallish. So for that reason and considering packvol, you would want to go for a WInx 170 ZP which in fact is 163 sqft. I would estimate it packs samesize as a Stiletto 150. This small upsize will also help you get landings in the class you are used to and fit your annual lowish jumpnumbers perfect
  9. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    at the time PD was running a marketing campaign for using Storms with wingsuiting, they did NOT have that fine Horizon. So they created that marketing campaign recommending Storms for wingsuiting and sponsored wingsuit athletes where suddently flying the Storm and "praising it" haha I too was taken by that campaign and so I bought one. I came from a SA2 and eventhough I also got the Storm one size larger, it was a step back in terms of safety. Storm is a fine canopy, but it is not well suited for wingsuiting. Quite a few guys here bought it for this purpose as well and everybody sold it off - it kept reserve packers busy.
  10. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

  11. birdynamnam

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I have hundreds of jumps on Thriathlon's and owned two myself. Yes are a very good choice as a cheap 2nd canopy for wingsuiting if you need a 2nd canopy for just this. And yes easy to pack. Downside is that the flare is not so good as with some other 7-cell designs. And they are very rare here. When it comes to 7-cells in general being fantastic for wingsuiting, not all 7-cells are "great". Storms are not great for wingsuiting IMX :) :) and I would recommend 9c's like Sabre2s or Pilots over those
  12. birdynamnam

    Squirrel Güs, built for 178cm and 88kg

    Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    April 2018, only got 11 skydives, it has all options, it's very yellow (high visibility). Same performance as the Swift3 but way more agile. PM me for more pictures.


    - DK

  13. birdynamnam

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

  14. birdynamnam

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    You understand the concept of marketing, right? According to manufacturers, of course every new product they make is "new ground" and totally different from everything else on the market . Fine - then lets just classify all suits in the same class, as nothing manufactorers makes make any difference. No need to discuss further in this topic and its all just tracking guys
  15. birdynamnam

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Hi Juri. I cannot bend my legs, isnt that some syndrome of some sort