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  1. Fall0ut

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    You understand the concept of marketing, right? According to manufacturers, of course every new product they make is "new ground" and totally different from everything else on the market .
  2. Fall0ut

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    "Two very different suits" ? I would agree if the question had been to compare a Phantom to an Aura or Hunter. But Freak2 and Rafale are both big (not huge) suits with Acro capabilities, similar shape, tailwing length and backfly inlets. The Rafale is a tiny bit bigger, but I would disagree calling them "very different".
  3. Fall0ut

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Thanks for the picture Jarno! Looks like the Rafale leg stance is a lot wider? And doesn’t the longer tail and steeper trim make it more difficult to fly with a canopy? And what sort of pull issues did you experience on the Freak2 with your huge amount of experience on all kinds of suits, including sketchy prototypes?
  4. Fall0ut

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Yes, let me know plz :)
  5. Fall0ut

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Has anybody already had the chance of comparing flight characteristics of the new Phoenix-Fly Rafale vs. the Freak2 ? Speed, glide, agiliy, fit?
  6. Fall0ut

    Pilot7 canopy

    I never jumped a Pilot7 myself but heard some people say that it will often open pretty hard on you when you are doing a regular freefall jump without wingsuit. This did not seem very appealing to me. Any experiences on the Pilot7 without wingsuit?
  7. Fall0ut

    Semi-Stowless Bags? Mirage?

    I put more than 400 jumps on my Mirage semi-stowless bag so far. No problems whatsoever and always good openings. I do recommend it.
  8. Fall0ut

    Aura 3

    The Aura Series is getting more and more focused on BASE jumping only.. I know very few people who enjoy skydiving it. The Freak and C-Race/CR+ are the Squirrel designs for big suit skydiving. There's a thread where your question can probably be answered: http://www.basejumper.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2993182;page=unread#unread
  9. Fall0ut

    Thanks to DSE

    What book?
  10. Fall0ut

    Gear Shops in Deutschland

    http://www.westerwings.de/ http://wingsuit.de/
  11. Kolomna is the biggest: www.aerograd.ru Puschino is a little bit closer and is said to be very busy as well. Some Russian wingsuiters told me that there are more WS flying than over Kolomna https://www.facebook.com/dzskycenter Haven't been there myself yet (planning a tunnel trip to Freezone in 2014), so this is 2nd hand information
  12. Fall0ut

    Next generation wingsuit

    survey done
  13. Fall0ut

    Skydiving in the Czech Republic

    Klatovy, 130km from Prague. Pink Skyvan operating there http://www.pinkskyvan.com/
  14. Fall0ut

    Full time dropzones in Germany

    There are some full time DZs, however they are often closed on Mondays or Tuesdays, so you should better check with them in advance. Fehrbellin, close to Berlin: www.funjump.de , Grand Caravan Gojump, close to Berlin: www.gojump.de , PAC Leutkirch, 90km Southwest of Munich: www.skydive-nuggets.de , currently Porter, soon Supervan900 Close to Bremen: http://www.yoursky.de/ Cessna182 Kassel: http://www.skydive.de/ Caravan and sometimes TwinOtter I think I missed out a few, but these are the biggest DZs here. You can also check www.sprungplatzkarte.de for a map of all German DZs (available in German only)