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  1. Thank you for creating the app!! I have one suggestion: can the altitude offset be set higher and quicker, for example 1000m above ground - for basejumping exits for example. At the moment it would take very long because the numbers are cycling through pretty slowly
  2. I'm in the market for a new pilotchute, since my standard Mirage PC with longer bridle has well over 900 jumps on it and openings with larger wingsuits tend to be slower than I like. What size and type of PCs are you using for wingsuiting and "normal" jumps ? Squirrel's SkySnatch doesn't seem so bad but a bit pricey
  3. I am a wingsuit coach and did first flight courses for around 40 students until today. Some have exactly 201 and perform very well, while others with the same jump number struggle. Same goes for more experienced people, there is no guarantee that it will work out better just because somebody has more jumps. Being current plays more into account, having 30 jumps in the last 2 months is better than having 1000 jumps over 20 years and only 10 jumps in the last months. I would not worry too much about that, if you don't rock the first jump, just retry and do another one with your coach.
  4. For me, the "pushing the toes down" did not work as well. I initiate my flare from level flight by pushing the arms down a little, then add pressure gradually as the angle of attack is getting steeper. Toes pointed, as if I would stand up in my suit. Not too much movement with the head and tension in my core muscles to stay as flat through my body as possible
  5. Cool. Just don't ask them if you can do your very first wingsuit flight off a cliff instead off an airplane
  6. James Boole (basestore.it), Maurizio di Palma and Cris Bendini (brentobaseschool.com) are all awesome wingsuit pilots and great coaches for all levels. They are located at Lake Garda but are also available for skydive coaching at dropzones there. Just contact them!
  7. WinX will not hurt your back when you go for a jump without wingsuit. Pilot 7 can have a bad day and smack you a bit
  8. Like the others said already, improve your pulling technique and you most likely don't need the super rad wingsuit specific canopies you hear about in shiny marketing ads. You can't go wrong with a Sabre1, Pilot, Spectre, Storm, Pulse, and so on. My personal favorite of these is the Storm, it has a little more fun built in. I demoed the Horizon, found it boring in flight. Demoed the WinX as well, liked it a lot more and would go with that, if I really would need a WS specific canopy. It is full ZP and will last a lot longer than the other low porosity other ones.
  9. Sounds good! Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Sounds interesting! I expected higher forward speed than a Freak2 because of significantly longer tail. Is it tougher on the arms because of lower pressure? And are the grippers flat plates like on the Strix or round normal ones?
  11. You understand the concept of marketing, right? According to manufacturers, of course every new product they make is "new ground" and totally different from everything else on the market .
  12. "Two very different suits" ? I would agree if the question had been to compare a Phantom to an Aura or Hunter. But Freak2 and Rafale are both big (not huge) suits with Acro capabilities, similar shape, tailwing length and backfly inlets. The Rafale is a tiny bit bigger, but I would disagree calling them "very different".
  13. Thanks for the picture Jarno! Looks like the Rafale leg stance is a lot wider? And doesn’t the longer tail and steeper trim make it more difficult to fly with a canopy? And what sort of pull issues did you experience on the Freak2 with your huge amount of experience on all kinds of suits, including sketchy prototypes?