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  1. Hello everyone, I had recently made my 200th skydive and I am now allowed to do a wingsuit first flight course by the USPA restrictions. Flying a wingsuit was the reason I started skydiving and I always said my 201th jump is going to be with things but... I recently started to talking with some instructors and wingsuit flyers at my DZ and some of them recommended that I would wait and make more jumps before the FFC. Some of them said that for most skydivers 200 jumps are not enough and you should get more experience. On the other hand I know some skydivers that had began wingsuiting right on the 201th jump and of course they are saying to just buy a suit and start learning. I want to hear some more opinions on this matter. If 200 is really not enough - what do you recommend? I know for most its not a number problem (there are plenty "old" skydivers with at least 1000 jumps who can still be dangerous to others). For me, I have descent skills with tracking and angle flight, I know how to keep on heading and to do a good break off track. I am also pretty descent under my canopy and can return from a longspot if neccessary. What do you think? Wingsuiting is my dream but I also understand (at least I think I am) the dangers of the dicsipline and the dangers of recklessness in this sport.
  2. Thank you all for your kind responses and for taking me seriously. I actually sent an email to Yves and got an answer few days ago (yes I maybe cried a bit from joy). He recommended for me to continue skydiving, wingsuiting and ideally to make a pilot licence as well. I decided that for now I will just continue to fly for fun and get as many experience as I can :)
  3. Hello to anyone who reads! Wanted to share my story and hear some opinions on a matter of high importance to me - achieving the dream of true human flight and become one of the Jetmen. So Im a relatively new skydiver with 160 jumps and a B licence. The dream of cruising the air was always strong with me. Almost become a military pilot and after that didnt work out, I waited to save enough for my AFF and did just that. But it all was just talk until the day I saw the first Yves Rossy Jetman video on youtube or facebook and my mind was blown. I remember showing the video to all my friends and family, telling how amazing it was to find out the humans can fly and how awesome it would be if I can fly like them too. I strongly doubt that anyone here doesnt know what Im talking about but if you dont check the videos of the amazing Yves Rossy and his crew. Long story short, not long ago I decided that I have to try and do anything I can to make my dream a reality and here is the problem: I dont really know how... All I know is that Yves's team composed of the legendary Soul Flyers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, and soon they will add another dude from the Emirates to their ranks. What do they have in common? Yes of course, they are professional and world renowned skydiving legends and that leads me to realise that right now, the only way to become a Jetman myself is to first become a skydiving legend myself. Sounds easy right? And here I am, a nobody in this sport with big dreams and little knowledge, humbly asking the advice of anyone that maybe has some idea what can I do? The only idea I have right now is to find a DZ somewhere that will accept me as a cameraman and gain as much experience as I can in the air and wind tunnel. Aside from this I have no idea what to do and maybe for a time there isnt much. I know it maybe sounds like something not practical and far fetched, because it is. But I dont know.. Dream big or dont dream at all, right? To conclude - any words of wisdom and advices will be welcome. Sorry for my broken (not native) English. Really want to hear opinions. Blue skies :)