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  1. Hello. Beginner (~300 ws jumps, 200 in a small suit, ~100 in intermediate) wingsuit pilot looking for advice here :) I am trying to learn how to gain as much altitude as possible in my WS, but I really struggle at the moment. I jump a lot of solo jumps where I just dive-level-flare the whole jump using Flysight, but most of the time is can see I waste all that energy I have at the beginning of the flare. I have of course watched and read all videos and articles on the topic. What causes the most confusion for me is the input needed to start transitioning into level flight. In Squirrel video they say "push your toes down". What the hell exactly does that mean? I'm assuming my toes should still remain pointed and stretching the suit. Where should this movement come from? Does it mean adding pressure to the legwing through bending in hips using your abs? I have noticed, my best flares so far (12 and 10 meters (39 and 33 feet)) came from jumps where I did not do a steep dive and was going full power at GR 1+ and then started the flare, which again indicates I waste all power transitioning from the steep dive. Could someone help me out with the advice on this? I fly AG Inspire 2 which is very similar to ATC2, here is an example of my better flares (https://skyderby.ru/tracks/51391, https://skyderby.ru/tracks/46946) and here is the example of "wasteful" (https://skyderby.ru/tracks/51356)
  2. So a little update here. I demoed the Winx this weekend and I super loved it. I had a full ZP version. It packs slightly smaller than Storm 150. Openings were super on heading all the time. I tried deployments at the apex of the flare, or after gaining some speed after the flare both were great, although the latter gave me snappier openings (as expected). I liked the slower deployments more, although it always took longer to start deploying because of the burble. The reason I tried faster openings is that's the only way I found to get more consistent openings from my Storm, as fast opening literally give it no time to act out and the swing gives me a great opportunity to grab my risers and pull them the fuck apart. Back to WinX, i had a line twist once, because it came out with one twist (I don't have a back facing camera, but I'm sure the bag spun once in the burble). No problems fixing at all. Flying is a little less fun than Storm, it flies less steep, but it doesn't take forever like for example Pulse I had before and flares much better. Flare was great and very very easy to land, but there was a consistent ~8m/s wind this weekend, so difficult to say. Strongly considering getting one. I might also get my hands on Pilot 7 147 next week so will compare too. Overall, it was great wingsuiting without a constant fear. Made me much more focused on the actual flying and enjoying my time in the suit flying with others as opposed as getting more and more anxiety with every altitude warning from my audible.
  3. I heard the term "pack to favor center cell inflation", but I was never able to find what that actually means for packing procedure. Any suggestions?
  4. Haha, that made my day. One thing I must say though, apart from openings I love my Storm. On slick jumps it is awesome (again, a bit weird on openings, but not that big of an issue on slick jumps) and fun to fly. I'm not into high performance stuff, so for me it is quite swoopy But alas, my preferred path is wingsuiting and I'm not rich enough to have 2 rigs, so will have to deal with it
  5. Thank you! I'm outside of US, so I'm not sure if it's very easy to get demo stuff from Squirrel.
  6. thank you for so much for the information and advice. I believe reason I took long for EPs was because I am pulling a little higher now (1200m, which is about 4000 feet) and I thought I had some time to try and fix it. I don't remember exactly now, but I was still above decision altitude (700m in Sweden, ~2250 feet) when chopped. But I agree in retrospect that was dumb.
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your comments and help. I had a little break from skydiving since the post, but I have started jumping again recently and hoping to improve my situation. Unfortunately I had another very similar cutaway again a week ago To be honest, this introduced a lot of anxiety about WS jumping, which is a shame. I think I have improved my body position and pull technique in my last jumps compared to previous, but still what I experience with the Storm that during openings it just loooves to randomly turn one way or another or sometimes makes a 180 after fully inflated. This happens even on slick jumps. I know people wingsuit on Storms successfully, so I was wondering if anyone maybe has any storm-specific packing advice to help avoiding that behavior? I also got a semi-stowless bag and a large skysnatch since the last cutaway. I think it helps, but still I can see sometimes it just wants to twist me. Here is the video of my latest jump where I believe I did alright, yet, the mofo still wanted to twist me and did a 360 after fully inflated: Also might get my hands on WinX 150 demo this month. Should be interesting. Heard only good things about it.
  8. Hello. I am new to this forum so I will start with a brief intro. I am Alexander. I have 498 skydives at the moment of writing this post out of which ~70 are wingsuit jumps. I jump at Skydive Stockholm in Sweden. The best way to illustrate my problem is this video. This happened to me this weekend. The problem is it's the second time it has happened to me in 2 months in just 70 WS jumps. 428 other jumps, of which ~200 are in a high performance one-piece tracksuit (Airglide Mono) and never was even close to cutting away or having line twists like that. Needless to say, it makes me very anxious about jumping wingsuit, which is a shame, since that's what I was aiming for with skydiving. I want to try ws base one day, but with problems like that I know I shouldn't even think about it now. Does anyone have any good suggestions, packing tips words of wisdom, how I should approach fixing this? Current canopy is PD Storm 150, with a wing load of about 1.3. Thank you.