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  1. I loved the old Havok, so if price is right...
  2. Listen carefully when briefed as the Heli is a bit fragile here and there, door etc. We are sitting a bit cramped in there, so make sure all your handles are securely in place both when boarding the Heli and climbing out at exit. Briefing is thorough, and coach will plan exit point according to your skills. Enjoy the views and focus on that instead of doing multipoint flocks, you are there for the views.
  3. We have some Hog's at our dz, general consensus is that it is easier to use for back/acro flying than the Freak's even though it is has more surface area. When it comes to performance, its sort of in the same area with Freak2's, Rafale's but the Freak3 is more powerful. I have flown all. Hog is a good flawless suit and you would not be let down if buying it. Btw I demoed the Hog's little brother the Pelican and flocked with the Hog's and Freak's. Everyone was impressed with its performance and it was top dog in the flock. I just got one myself - it is a formidable weapon. So never mind whats described on the website, how it is classified, the Pelican has them all easily
  4. Once a year me and some buddies travel to Swiss for the "Eiger Scenic Tours", so yeah Heli to the top of Eiger mountain. Northside of Eiger is pretty vertical, and so you get out, and have like a normal skydive, right next to the wall of that Eiger and you end up deploying like in a normal skydive (so no BASE gear required). Check this out: Jumps are ~140 EUR each For more info go here (Patrick Reuter is the organizer):
  5. you should probably upsize your canopies especially the reserve, to become safer anyway - unless you are just 50kgs I will never forget that video of this very competent wingsuit pilot at training in Dubai Desert, having linetwists on his op126 spining wildly, and almost going in. The fact is that size does matter and small canopies are not what wingsuiters should use
  6. There was no Barracuda available back then :-) So yeah, back then, I did take all of the available suits in that class. Today yes you have that Barracuda and I guess the russian one also. Would I have bought 5 suits? No I would not! I am not suggesting this approach, I just mentioned it because it was interesting to actually test the competitors up against each other and it also turned out to be okay cost effective maybe that part was pure luck however ;-)
  7. its difficult to demo.... so some years ago I actually said F it and actually bought 3 wingsuits of same class with the intent of keeping the one I liked the most and sell off the other two. I purchased the Carve, the Hawk and the Funk. Offcourse its only something you can do if you are willing to accept some loss, but then again, my body size is sort of "standard" and the suits are in that class that normally would sell easely... In the end, I got the suit I wanted and it served me well for years. If I had not done this, I would have chosen a suit based on biased opinions which are very often not useable, which I probably would have sold of sooner.... I am not sure I would do this again, but looking back, I do not think it actually cost me that much when I consider I got a suit that was as perfect for me as could be. If I had not done it I would have probably switched suit much sooner. One comment on grippers and the Tony models, lately the R3 suit as an example has gotten the PIGS system, so grippers are "inside". Could that be used for Acro comp's? I flew the R3 model with grippers and I did not need to hold the small grippers if I did not want to. so I think that their dedicated acro models would behave like this. Grippers are there if you want to grab them, otherwise just forget about them and they are not in the way you wont notice them. I am not into acro so much, but if I where I would probably consider one of the Tony models, they do look acro crisp in the different vid's out there and I know they have some pretty good acro testpilots in their team.
  8. this is an old horse you are beating. Sabre1's are fine. Triathlons are fine. And they are! If you like your Tri, then go on. The latest canopies that are truely developed for wingsuiting, is, a step forward, even if you dont like it. THey are better than you tri in many areas. I know, I have 500+ jumps in a tri. You are correct in one area, that PD made commercials suddenly that the Storm was awesome for wingsuiting and they had some pro's push it to people; it turned out it was certainly not one of the better choices So here we are again; the Tri is good for wingsuiting as a low cost choice. The Sabre1 also. Most knows this to be very true. Then the latest designs made directly for wingsuiting purposes; some people (mostly those who fly Tri's and Sabre1's hahaha :-) ) has the opinion for some reason, that those new canopies are just marketing and wasted developments. Most people who knows both sides knows that is not true.
  9. I would ask Phoenix-Fly first before mod'ing anything
  10. just use the normal Expert Cypres. Adjust the activation heigth up a bit. That's all.
  11. I am a wingsuit'er - but more than that I am a canopy guy. Not affiliated with anyone of the makers. I want the best, so I tried all the canopies and learn not from forums but from actual flying them. IMO the Winx is the best. The P7 or P9 would be my second choice. Not into F-111 anymore and yes they ones you mention is flying pretty much as you say. Have not tried the Kraken, it looks very interesting indeed having several novel features and having owned and loved Icarus canopies previously I will sooner or later try it out. PS the Kraken is looking rectangular:
  12. would love to try out the Kraken, having owned their canopies previously. They are experts on soft ultra soft openings so interesting to see if they got this one right for wingsuiting. I found the Pilot7 really boring compared to the Winx. Big difference in flying experience. We have'nt seen any chops of P7's here at all. It's primarely Storms that gets chopped I think we have ~ 60% Winx's, 20% P7's and the rest is Pilot9s Spectres Storms and Sabres and then a single Epicene user