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  1. glad to hear lead times are a bit better now.
  2. Hi all So with the baby about to be born, I thought i'd be a little bit sensible for once in my life and get insurance.. it turns out nobody here in AUS wants to insure me for skydiving in my wingsuit - not teaching, not base, not swooping , just plain old fun jumps in the wingsuit.. does anyone have any idea where I can get life insurance and permanent disablement insurance for wingsuit skydiving ?? thanks
  3. EXACTLY This is why , when I couldn't handle the situation any longer with my PF order, it was the EXCEPTIONAL service I got last time with Squirrel that made it an easy decision for me and my mate to go with Colugo 2's instead. As Tozer points out - It is the SERVICE that makes the customer return ... not just how awesome the products are. I would agree I've never had such good service as with the guys at Squirrel.....
  4. I just sent this email to EDO at PF It is with regret that I am posting this, but people have a right to know the ACTUAL lead times for V-Race suits incase they are planning an early trip to the mountains in march -april 2015..... this is my story : Thanks for the reply Edo, I appreciate your honesty Unfortunately, a reply to our questions earlier would have avoided this...... Its a real shame, as I love PF suits , I was ( until all our tickets were suddenly cancelled for no apparent reason ) a PF instructor who trained many jumpers since getting the ticket in 2005. I am actually PF instructor number 006 ( I qualified with James Boole back in early 2005 . It was so much fun jumping and teaching in both Europe and the USA . Then , out of the blue, came the news that all instructor ratings had been cancelled. This was after I had emigrated to Australia so not only was I shocked but also it was almost impossible to re qualify for the rating. To be honest I had always taken my responsibility as instructor very seriously and used a tracking - PF tracking suit - prodigy - phantom transition over several jumps with all my students , rather than the " here's the suit go fly bro " attitude I saw everywhere. I still coached and took first flight courses down here in AUS as nobody really cares about what PF did by cancelling all the ratings. I had taught many students and the Chief instructor at my DZ just laughed and said " carry on " when I told him.... anyway , in 2009 I ordered a V3. It was supposed to be 10-12 weeks lead time. NEARLY a year later, I had to BEG to get my v3 finished. this was shocking service as tonysuits are able to make suits in 4 weeks. Still, due to intense loyalty to Robi I ignored the terrible service I got over my V3 lead time and carried on as normal. Now it came to order a v-Race. I was assured in Elsinore by Jarno " in person " that the lead times were always 10 -12 weeks as that a "new " vampire only factory was going to be made to make lead times very short. This seemed like the same speech people have been getting for YEARS about vampire lead times.... I was suspicious to say the least, but decided again ( through loyalty to Robi ) to accept this story even though in the back of my mind I remembered the terrible V3 experience. that was in MARCH. I was told my order would be put in the Que in MARCH by Jarno Now we needed to know SIMPLE stuff like cost of artwork ( I'm sure you guys do artwork lots and it should have been SUPER easy to send a quote ) We sent emails and got ignored. It would have been early October before our suits were ready and this is ASSUMING they would have been made by 21st Sept if we had kept quiet and not cancelled our orders. I suspect they would NOT That would have been 6 - 7 MONTHS , not 10-12 weeks I love PF suits and Robi is my hero, BUT why on earth can you guys not make suits ????? your 2 main competitors can make them in 4 weeks.... I ordered a Squirrel Aura and it was DELIVERED to me within 25 days !!! Not only that, but any questions I sent via email were ALWAYS answered perfectly within 24 hours. If you cannot make suits and will not reply to simple questions from customers who like me have spent nearly 7 K USD over the last 10 years with PF then what on earth is going on ??????? As much as I love PF and would love to stay loyal to Robi, customer service is important, and HONESTY with lead times is needed. you guys should either 1. Own up on the website and admit people will have to wait 6 months - 12 months for a Vampire OR 2. MAKE a new factory and MAKE suits faster ! But don't continue like you have for the last 5 years at least .... telling everyone that the suits are 10-12 weeks away and not replying to emails..... That is a really fast way to alienate your most precious resource - your customers. I'm not going to reconsider. We have decided to go with Colugo 2's.... I'll be posting this to DZ .com as well, so that people can know whats actually going on with lead times and make INFORMED decisions about orders
  5. did they ever get to the bottom of the cause? was it a CRAO ( central retinal artery occlusion ?)
  6. its arguments like this thread that caused almost all serious WS pilots to ditch posting and even reading this forum anymore. It used to be fun and informative, now its just comedy and ego. The few gems in the community that still post are deluged with crap from silly people who cant even exit a plane. ill be back in another month to read the next few ego threads and laugh a little more
  7. Apparently i'm the culprit of the penisfly site. Although I did chuckle when I saw it, I can attest as an experienced high performance RC wing pilot ( We fly Ritewing Zephyr 2's down here in sunny Aus ) that larger wings we have experimented with have become much more stable in turns and track far better with small vertical stabilizers such as PF has introduced. I think its a good idea and will aid flight performance. ( maybe a little scary for inexperienced jumpers chopping slices out of each other but hey appendages sticking out of skydivers such as gopros and carbon chest mounted altimeter mounts are just as bad ) IT WAS NOT ME I do like the childish brandwars though. They are pretty much the only thing dicussed on this forum anymore, sad really as it used to be far more active . I suspect many new WS jumpers get scared off by silly brand war BS. most of us just jump and love it. I suggest you all do the same. darren
  8. I was stupid enough to book my vacation for the week before the carving camp. I left the day it started... seeing all the jumpers enjoying the warm up jumps and the atmosphere building , I can be certain I will attend the camp next year ! Thanks DSE and the coaches at Elsinore for teaching my little bro to fly. He is still going on about how much fun he had. see you all next yr
  9. only ever had one bad one : was told to " be conservative " and use BOC as it was what I was used to..... bad move.. after my near death experience I switched to LEG pouch on the mountain and have only ever had easy deployments since, BUT I see this as a further development along the path , once refined it could be the best thing .
  10. once you have had a fumbled pull on a WS base jump , you will appreciate this modification. I really think its a step forwards, and will save lives.
  11. Hi guys. i have a nex5n modded, but my buddy wants a new mirrorless for stills only. does the nx1000 have an input for a bite switch ?? If not , can anyone mention any current market mirrorless that does ?? Or are we all still having to mod them ?? thanks
  12. I highly recommend you to do that, you have lots to learn, wingsuits are not longer just falling, a wingsuit nowadays is actually a low performance fast glider, learning about, air, wind, thermals, cloud formation, ridge soaring can help you to stay in the air much longer on a wingsuit than just a normal "jumper" Visit, ask, read, learn etc... generally glider, hangglider and paraglider pilots are very good pilots, they generally know more about air dynamics and meteorology than those who fly motor airplanes as we depend absolutely on it to be able to stay up flying as we do not have turbines or propellers. I highly recommend you to visit any glider forum and learn a world that you don't know about that has direct use for flying your wingsuit. As I fixed wing pilot who thought he knew about meteorology when he met some hangglider pilots I would have to agree here totally. These guys know their stuff. We could learn alot from them
  13. my trainging regime is strict. Solo's and 2 ways with me using stuff like this. I have a 2 way UHF VOXX setup as well, so this should compliment the whole thing. like jeb said, learn in 10 what would have taken 100.... a great idea and about bloody time !
  14. monovision : " wear a low plus contact lens in the eye infront of the HUD " it will be a bit freaky at distance, but you should cope ok. see an optometrist to get the right script.
  15. ordered. they look awesome. ill be using them for newb's wishing to increase performance.