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  1. That makes sense when you realize that no one in West Virginia knows how to read or write. This says you're wrong.
  2. Trust me if you go outside down here on a regular basis and have a fair amount of melanin in your skin you can look hispanic quite easily.
  3. "We" would be the USA. Mass shootings are not limited to just one city or state. Local laws are so easily circumvented as to be just theater. because chicago is doing such a sterling job. Chicago is doing a whole lot better than many large cities in the south, such as Baton Rouge, Memphis, Atlanta, Little Rock, Birmingham... Or are you defining them as "the south side"? Look at this picture I attached. I'm sure the only explanation you can come up with is that cold weather causes murder. Splain that lucy.
  4. There are about 9 million African-Americans in the US who, thanks largely to the way the Confederate flag has been co-opted by certain white racists as a symbol of their racism, feel viscerally about the Confederate flag just as, say, Jews feel about the Swastika, a 1,000 year-old symbol that was co-opted by the Nazis. So while it might be rational for you to wish, for ethically sound reasons, for people to get over it, that's simply not going to happen, at least probably not in your or my lifetime. How the fuck do you know what's going to happen in his lifetime? Do you plan on killing him because he opposes your whiney politically correct bullshit? Get over it.
  5. clearly you support rapists. or perhaps you blindly support him just because he's black and all white people are racist...which makes you a racist.
  6. Personally I think the cosby show should be removed from TV. If the higher ups are going to remove the dukes of hazzard because of a fucking flag on a CAR, then clearly leaving the cosby show on TV says its totally A OK to drug and rape women. Here is some of the severe 'intolerance' you'll see on the dukes of hazzard.
  7. Not too expensive? you must be rich. And I have a Springfield XDM 9mm pistol that is 19+1. I like the pistol but I dislike the extraordinarily long trigger pull. If you get one get a trigger job.
  8. "We" would be the USA. Mass shootings are not limited to just one city or state. Local laws are so easily circumvented as to be just theater. because chicago is doing such a sterling job.
  9. Get rid of NRA. First and most important step. Not gonna happen. The nra consists of millions of law abiding citizens. Including me. Just worry about your own country.
  10. This should be an indicator of what actually happens in a firearms registration scheme.
  11. So you aren't the chubby guy from cheers?
  12. From a group worried that white people are disappearing from the planet????? Its all the fault of the liberals... and just for further insight..... just read the other articles.... Perhaps this is different spinoff of the onion. Just last week I read an article about Tony romo having ovarian cancer.
  13. Nevermind you're including suicide and firearm accidents to get your number. Studies place the instances of guns used in personal defense as low as 65,000 times per year, and as high as 2.5 million times per year. Under President Clinton, the Department of Justice conducted a survey in 1994 that placed the usage rate of guns used in personal defense at 1.5 million times per year, but noted this was likely to be an overestimate
  14. Show your source on this supposed magical 30,000 people killed fallacy.
  15. Oh for fucks sake. Not another 'for the children' argument.