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  1. regulator

    Disco Ball night jump

    Allright Ill be the first to admit I don't know shit...but could you attach a drogue to said disco ball to get close to matching fallrate between jumpers surrounding said disco ball? Just a thought.
  2. regulator

    Music during freefall.

    A few very experienced jumpers at my dz wear them from time to time, but I have no intentions of doing anything that would distract me from my goal...landing my canopy uneventfully.
  3. regulator

  4. Get your local rigger to assist you.
  5. regulator

    Staying Current At Spaceland

  6. regulator

    View of my canopy in flight

  7. regulator

    July 16th 2010

  8. regulator

    First jump - felt sick

    Try this... I had a buddy of mine that had such a weak stomach that every morning when he would take a shit, he'd smell it and barf all over himself. Hopefully your stomach isn't that weak.
  9. regulator

    Change batteries on a Viso?

    I don't have a Viso, but I do have an Optima. I had to change the batteries in it this past weekend and the device was on...I just slipped the battery slot out and replaced the batteries...they were in backwards and nothing on the device lit up, so I just flipped the the opposite way and it started up by itself and showed full battery strength. Hope this helps
  10. regulator

    Anyone know if this can be used as reserve

    I have no idea regarding pilot rigs...but 75 dollars? That sounds a bit too good (or old) to be true.
  11. regulator

    RIG for the upcoming supersonic skydive

    In the 2nd video in which Kelly talks, it showed a guy in a pressure chamber and there was a bottle of water in the chamber with looked like the water was that accurate?
  12. regulator

    First jump after 9 months

    I had line twists on my first ever jump. It was an AFF jump (Ive never done any tandem jumps). I just remembered what my instructors taught me and I bicycle kicked out of mine as well and did my first ever jump and landed on my ass. Good times.
  13. regulator

    TOP *freefly* suit designs!

    What about this one?
  14. regulator

    Any students at Texas A&M jump?

    Nah they're all at UT!! Hook Em Horns!
  15. I recently received my new Infinity container I bought new. I wanted to make sure everything was right, and I sent Tony a few messages while it was being built and he never seemed like it was a burden to answer all my questions in a timely fashion. VSE rocks!