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  1. I think so but definitely will not do a thing about practicing speed skydiving..
  2. I always went to a monster track and gradually spread arms away from my side and spread the legs out more and more.... But what would I know The two Pro-Tracks though in a full face was far more important so you actually knew which elevation you were passing thru... Missing the first alarm in an open face is not a good thing when the hard deck alarm goes off... Deployment can be a wee bit rough on equipment and body while the dytter is screaming at you.
  3. Amazon

    Hello from Washington State Safety Day....
  4. Amazon


    Get on a commercial flight to PHX SkyHarbor and head out to Skydive AZ at Eloy this time of year. I did that for years here fly down for a long weekend every month or two and get in 20 jumps. It also helps with the S A D to get some sun that is so rare here on the North Pacific Coast around 49 degrees north latitude. from SEPT to MAY
  5. Amazon

    Best drop zones in south western USA

    Just go to Eloy AZ just south of Phoenix AZ off Interstate 10 headed south towards Tucson... they also have a rockin tunnel there too. Or their own website
  6. I just want to know what kydive Ameria is used for
  7. When do the trees turn up in the Smokies on down to the mountains in GA??? Thinking about a trip east about that time.. have to burn some vacation days.
  8. Why wait till Sept??? Age is relative.... keep the canopy big and docile. Sept in AZ.. still HOT.... Sept in FL is hurricane season I have lived in FL as has my family since the mid 1800's.... and HOT and humid... Go north and git er done... Midwest.. not so great weather this year so far ..... the Northwest right now the weather is great .....Warm and sunny.... longer days right now... sunset is after 9PM in Seattle and sun up before 5AM...
  9. Amazon

    New guy in the Panhandle of Florida Good people.... Twin Otter
  10. I wish to thank them for wearing Go Pro's... to document that level of Darwin Award attempt.
  11. You might want to ping riggerrob with a PM..; He would be the most knowledgeable of the current dz's. He is out of Pitt Meadows.. a ferry ride and a shortish drive to the east of the Tsawwassen, BC ferry terminal Sept is usually not to0 bad since they have pretty much the same weather we have down here south of the border. Be sure to check out the Seattle Area DZ's too.. Ferry to Port Angeles then south on US 101 to Shelton... Kapowsin Airsports. It really is a mild Marine climate.. jumping all winter not so much during the week all depends on the weather a the clouds.
  12. Amazon

    Birthday jump ideas?

    Birthday suit???
  13. Amazon

    Calling any Speed Skydivers

    Take a peek around on And may the G force be with you!!