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  1. I think of it as a place for certain people to exercise their BDSM skills.
  2. I think so but definitely will not do a thing about practicing speed skydiving..
  3. I always went to a monster track and gradually spread arms away from my side and spread the legs out more and more.... But what would I know The two Pro-Tracks though in a full face was far more important so you actually knew which elevation you were passing thru... Missing the first alarm in an open face is not a good thing when the hard deck alarm goes off... Deployment can be a wee bit rough on equipment and body while the dytter is screaming at you.
  4. Safety Day....
  5. Get on a commercial flight to PHX SkyHarbor and head out to Skydive AZ at Eloy this time of year. I did that for years here fly down for a long weekend every month or two and get in 20 jumps. It also helps with the S A D to get some sun that is so rare here on the North Pacific Coast around 49 degrees north latitude. from SEPT to MAY
  6. Quade. Any chance of locking this thread. R It would be more helpful if people just let it die. It's essentially dead right now. Nothing to worry about. I don't think it hurts to have an occasional skydiver post about DBC, the subject is relevant to parachuting history, but the old forum just got crazy and poisonous near the end. I don't recall that jumpers (or knowledgeable aviators) caused much trouble however. There is a forum that started away from Dropzone and it is active. Its moderator has had to do what Quade did, expel and ban people. Sad how these online forums become nasty no matter who runs them. Would be an interesting behavioral science study. R.I.P. DB Cooper forum. 377 Careful lest it draw back the whack-a-doodle crowd that were expunged.
  7. It is not that far from Ogo-pogo country to Seattle iFly in Tukwilla
  8. I will pipe up here a bit concerning weather since I live in Americas version of crappy British Isles weather in the Pacific NorthWET. During winter months I would take a long weekend and I would hop a flight 2 hours from Seattle to Eloy AZ... and jump my tail off all weekend then fly back to do the work thing Take Friday off so on Thursday afternoon ... 1 hour drive to Airport... 1 hour to get thru security to the gate... 2 hours flight time Rent a car and drive 45 minutes to the DZ. Get up Friday morning for first load.... JUMP... Sat Jump and jump and jump Sat night have adult beverages Sun morning make almost sober load.... Sunday afternoon.. catch last flight home and rack up more airline miles
  9. I really should sell off a bunch of my old stuff... I doubt I will ever jump any of my rounds ever again.... 3 PC's... a Papillion... even some not so cheap cheepo stuff... and the rigs they all fit in... And then there are the Wonderhogs...and the squares...... Strato Star... various other old squares. Good for paying off some medical bills...
  10. I learned that having more the better.... I had the two on the container... but I also had two in my helmet programmed to go off at the bottom of the Measurement Zone.... when to come out of the track..... and Hard deck.... I learned also to use a full face to make sure I could hear the alarms going off... Open face helmets allow too much noise.. and you do NOT want to miss one of your pre set altitude alarms... that is how I blew up my canopy by dumping at too high a speed... because I was getting way too low.. still going WAY too fast.... highest speed on that practice dive.. 325 MPH.... I was happy with that.... I was not so happy about the opening.... or the cutaway... the DZO was sure I had broken my back from the BLAM they heard on the ground when the canopy opened explosively.
  11. It shows deployment at 200km/h, which is the typical belly speed. I open at anywhere between 180 and 210km/h[1]. Also consider that it's quite possibly showing SAS ("skydiver airspeed") if they're using ProTrack, which normalises barometric altitude and speeds to 3000ft MSL at standard conditions. Thus the indicated speeds might not correspond to physical speeds exactly. It is however indicative of the problems in speed skydiving that we're having this discussion here wondering just what the hell their measurement method is. If it were governed properly, it'd be blindingly obvious and nobody would have any doubts. [1] My Viso is set to SAS, so that's the speed it shows, though at the deployment altitude those two are very close anyway. Granted that is has been a few years since I competed but they used two special RED Protracks that have closer tolerances for competition. The Red Protracks are cycled among the competitors to remove having one person use one set thru the competition that might induce a perceived higher speed or lower speed for any given set if one set read a bit higher than another set of them. That would remove any chance of giving any one competitor an advantage or disadvantage. The Official Protracks are also affixed to the main lift web near the center of gravity of the diver. Mine I put into little pouches on the side of my container that allowed them to be as far outboard of my body in clean airstream and prevent burbles that might kick me out of bounds if one read too high compared to the other. The two Protracks had to both register the speed within 18KPH ( if I remember correctly) for it to be an IN BOUNDS jump. If they read more than that difference it was OUT OF BOUNDS jump and did not count. The speed you were awarded was an average speed over the measured Kilometer and the Protracks were averaged between the two devices.