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  1. Snif Snif……. Smells like Teen Spirit
  2. Seems I am really old.... there was no Playboy for that month and would not be... for more than a year and a half when Marilyn Monroe was on the cover.
  3. Amazon


    That was my experience, as well. Horrible texture coupled with the fact that I grew up in So. Cal., where they are garden pests, make them very unattractive. I grew up with my very old school Florida pioneers family... Floridas version of Swamp People... I have ZERO food aversions. Addendum Someone mentioned calamari.... Jerry there is a little restaurant on 52nd and Sandy... Zien Hong... their pepper salted squid is to die for... and they have a VERY diverse menu Vietnamese seafood menu.... Never had anything there that was not just seriously great food....
  4. I think of it as a place for certain people to exercise their BDSM skills.
  5. Morning chuckle - thanks. It is good to know that at least something on this planet has their shit together
  6. My uncle used to have a house there... Used to... destroyed years ago.... I feel bad for all the folks in NC ( lots of relatives) who were in harms way and now dealing with the aftermath and flooding. My 89 year old Mom lives 100 yards from the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach and evacuated to my first cousins house NW of Charlotte in the mountains. When they took her home 2 days ago the normal 6 hour drive was 12 hours navigating all the road closures. Her house was built in 1955 as most of the one story beach bungalows in her neighborhood were built between late 1954 to 1959. Hurricane Hazel did a bit of urban renewal there in October 1954 with a 17' storm surge. I thought for sure this was the one that would do it again and luckily she just lost a tree in her yard ... no damage to the house except for a little water in the garage. A couple years ago we had to spend about $40 K to repair flood damage that caused the foundation to settle into the sand bar that is Myrtle Beach. Luckily for her the storm track turned and went north of Wilmington. For others in the family up there not so lucky and a few around the Cape Fear River region it will be months till they can return their lives to normal.
  7. Bill Daily, Major Healey in ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ Dies at 91
  8. You should.. I mean what's the worst that could happen.. you could kiss a rock doing 20 MPH or so... but usually the cold water keeps the bleeding down Scars are cool..... It improves some peoples looks
  9. Amazon

    Gas prices

    I have a VW TDI Bugly. I filled it up at Costco in Woodinville this week for $3.22 a gallon for the diesel. I usually get around 500 miles out of a tank with my usual commute although I have driven to Spokane and back on a single tank. I kept my lead foot out of the pedal and it gave me 62MPG on I-90 there and back. I am good with that little car.. Bugly has been a great money saver since I bought it used in 2007.