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  1. Oh hey girl!! How are you!?
  2. Of course! How are ya?!
  3. It’s been a while... a really really long while! Who’s still here?
  4. these are great suggestions everyone, thanks for the help so far... keep the ideas coming, i am giving all the information to his family :)
  5. Hi long lost friends! So, I have a friend who fell 100 ft rock climbing a couple months ago, he has a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma in the ICU, then was transferred to the spinal and brain injury hospital here in Denver. His family needs to fly him back to San Fran sometime in December to start his therapy there, where they live. The problem is that the doctors say he cannot handle the airport security and all that goes along with it due to the extent of his brain injury, obviously the 21 hour drive is out of the question as well, and his insurance wont cover the medical flight... so his family has reached out to friends and family asking for help, if anyone knows anyone who has a private plane that might be able to help out. I have tried the 3 people I know whose family's have private jets and they won't help. Then, I decided to reach out to the skydiving community for help because there are a lot of pilots and plane owners around here. Anyhow, let me know if you guys might be able to help out in any way or have any ideas to help his family get him home safely! If you can forward this on to anyone that might be willing to help, that would be great! Thanks so much :) My email address is in my profile.
  6. thanks! were you able to vote without an account?
  7. tryin to win a photo contest... for an REI gift card
  8. that was a fun read... so i still think it was unlawfully towed. any ideas of where to turn now?
  9. just looking to talk with someone who might know what my rights are and what is legal/illegal as far as towing practices go. i want my $175 back!
  10. aw, thanks turtle... i know there are a few people that might be able to point me in the right direction! hopefully!
  11. anyone know anyone that might be able to help me with my rights?
  12. GUESS WHO HAS NUMBERS AGAIN? 0:3:0 one recurrency jump after 2.5 years off! and two 2-way FF's with a new friend! lots of new friends met at mile-hi! thanks everyone! can't wait for more!
  13. i just saw this! i have class on tuesday nights, so i'm celebrating this weekend! have fun while you're here :)
  14. HSBC high yield savings account
  15. saw it last night. LOVED IT!