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  1. i live in denver. what will you be doing for the dz while you work there?
  2. I know that I will never forget him. He was a great guy with a heart of gold. Here are a few pics I dug up from when he showed me and a friend of mine a good time while visiting London in 2004!
  3. I will miss him fly free with the angels lee. you'll never be forgotten.
  4. just wanted to share some pics of the good times with beezy my sheezy.
  5. my goodness. this is so sad. he was an awesome guy. i met him in eloy in 2004 and he was so sweet. taya, i love you sister... my thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie. tonto, fly free with the angels... see you when i get there man. *edited to add a pic i took of tonto and taya in eloy 04
  6. no beezy was awesome! i can't believe he's gone. i'm sure he's in a better place now though. fly free with the angels babe. i'll see you when i get there.
  7. holy shit, was that 21 points? NICE work guys!
  8. Ted, my brother from the sky. You are most dearly missed by everyone. I hope you are well in the eternal big blue sky. I think about you often and wish I could have one last hug. I am so thankful to have know you the time I did. I couldn't ask for a more genuine friend than you. I'm sure you don't miss me waking you up on the weekend mornings by calling your cell phone, whining that you weren't at the DZ to jump with me yet. In your honor, my friend, Lori and I came together to make a memorial sticker for your friends to remember you by. The stickers are rad and you would even rock one on your helmet if you were still around! If anyone is interested in a sticker or 5 in our friends' memory, please email me and I will put you in touch to see that you get some. I am not sure how much they cost, but I think Lori may be donating the profits to Life Connection of Ohio a local chapter of Donate Life, a non-profit organization for organ donation. i miss you ted
  9. i plan to be out to cheer you on!
  10. lori, this is a GREAT boogie idea! I wish I was there to help more with it! I'm glad I have been able to help a little bit from out here :) Let me know if you need anything else! Wish I could be there
  11. man, i miss him A LOT too :( he had so much going for him... i wish for one more jump with you mark. hey tecumseh peeps, did that mark tree ever go up in his memory? i remember throwing some $$ down for that but never heard if it was done or not. eternal blue ones healy.
  12. Is there a place where we can all upload our photos of deuce to remember him? I'm sure his family would appreciate it. jp was my like my 2nd dad, but skydiving/boogie style dad. he always looked out for me and was awesome to hang out with and jump with. he will be forever remembered and missed. fly free with all our angels who left before us babe.
  13. can't you get the butchers to write some kind of proposal up? or brian smith... he did it at osu and offered to help paige and i at ou. you might even want to contact pagie, she had to go through all that same BS at ou to get ours started up. you shoulda just stayed there and continued the ou tradition, no one will after justi leaves in may!