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  1. LuckyMcSwervy

    Looking for a ride from Central Jersey

    Are you on Facebook? If so, join these groups and float your ride dilemma there. I know there are CK jumpers living up your way. One more thought.... if you can make it over to the Trenton Train Station you may be able to catch the River Line south down to one of the towns where you could try to hook up with a ride to the DZ there. Good luck.
  2. LuckyMcSwervy

    Skydiving for MS

    Awesome! As someone who has MS, I really appreciate your effort! And CK is my home dropzone.
  3. LuckyMcSwervy

    Dubai contacts.

    I think they just started for the season again today. Give it a day or two and try again??
  4. LuckyMcSwervy

    Blue Skies Dan Kulpa

    One year ago today you left us... I miss your smiling face so much. Blue skies, my friend. Blue skies.
  5. LuckyMcSwervy

    Z-Hills Xmas Boogie

    I'll be in Sebastian for the week but driving over to Z-Hills for a day trip. See you there!!
  6. LuckyMcSwervy

    INVASION at Skydive Sebastian (Dec 26 - Jan 3)

    Let's start the list: I'll be there from 12/25 to 01/03 Lucky McSwervy
  7. LuckyMcSwervy

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Congratulations and welcome!! You're in PA? Where are you going through AFF?
  8. LuckyMcSwervy

    A service announcement to all skydivers...

    I have and he was HOT. Edited to add: Thank you.
  9. LuckyMcSwervy

    Horseshoe from Blown Toggle

    I'm just glad you're okay.
  10. LuckyMcSwervy

    Clogged sinus after jumping

    Yes. Go see your doctor and tell them exactly what you just wrote.
  11. LuckyMcSwervy

    Skydivers Annoy neighbors - Press clipping

    I wish whuffos could see/feel what we do when we jump. Maybe they would better understand. Good luck, STL.
  12. LuckyMcSwervy

    Finally Got My "A"

    Congratulations!!! It's a great feeling, isn't it??
  13. LuckyMcSwervy

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    Did you look into Cross Keys??
  14. LuckyMcSwervy

    Crosskeys Open?

    Hi Ted - CK is closed today, tomorrow and Wednesday. They're opening backup New Year's Day at 12 noon. If you join you can get the updates via text to your cell phone. It is extremely convenient. Karen