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  1. Perhaps my greatest contribution to the Skydiving world was this thread. So many years later and it is still somewhat/almost alive. Since I been summoned from the depths of basking in my glorious retirement, I will offer to step and once again moderate this game in hopes if getting it back on track. Here is the way it works: Ladies, PM me a picture (Cropped however you feel fit), I post and everyone tries to Name that Rack. Simple, Fun and entertaining. Since this is a reboot, Everyone can play (Even those that participated before) Let the games begin..
  2. I hung up my rig a while back and took a leave of this place as I wasn't active in the sport anymore. Got pulled back in to host a few more rounds of name that rack and just noticed.. That it was exactly 12 years ago today I first stumbled onto this site. In that time I made some of the best friends I have known (Many without ever meeting face to face), Others I traveled across the country just to hangout with and vise versa. My closest friends that I first met on this site are no longer with us (GFD, Skinnyshrek, YardHippy, Beazy and too many others) but at the end of the day, It is absolutely amazing what an impact this little community made in my life for so long. I miss all you fuckers (well except for the stupid fuckers.. I don't miss them)
  3. Tap, Tap, Tap.. Hello.. Tap, Tap.. Is this thing on.. Oh yea.. there it is.. Wow.. People are still here. OK.. I have been brought out of semi retirement for one more round of Name that Rack.. And.. Contestant number 1.. Is.... GO!!!!
  4. So sorry to hear this. RevJim was one of the good ones. So many memories hanging out with him at Rantoul. He will be missed.
  5. My Brother from another Mother... Yardhippie will be missed by so many. I cant help but to think if there is an afterlife, There will be some shenanigans going on tonight.
  6. Forget Comic-con. Industry Junket. The best party and costumes by far for any sci-fi convention is Dragon-Con. About 60,000 freaks and geeks for 4 days of non-stop drinking and amusement. Yes, there are a hell of a lot of ugly people in costumes they should not be in but there is enough eye candy to compensate. The biggest difference between Comic-con and Dragon Con is that all the women at dragon con are fans, Not hired help like at comic-con. I would rather be surrounded by 8`s with a personality and brains rather than 10`s who are just there to get paid any day. Come visit Atlanta over Labor day weekend sometime. We have a fairly big group of Skydivers and former Skydivers that get several rooms and throw a few of our own parties during the Con.
  7. All of my Favorites from this website are no longer with us for one reason or another. All Time best personality - GFD Funniest - Skinnyshrek Most amusing - Freeflyer29 Best at stirring the pot - Funks
  8. It all depends on her attitude about it. If she appears to be concerned about it and realizes that it was a mistake, A mild reprimand may be sufficient. If the attitude is that it is no big deal and you are over reacting, Then that attitude may need to be adjusted. Curfew is curfew. However if she is going to be late, a call will greatly reduce any repercussions. Dont want her Rushing (Read Speeding home) to avoid being a couple minutes late. Call saying I am running a little late should always be preferred over driving like a maniac to get home on time.
  9. yep. Door was Off. No back seat. 2 Jumpers and PIC. One sat across the back and the other sat in a ball kinda beside and kinda behind the pilot. No Step either just the tire. First time I went up was actually the first time I had ever been in a plane too. But I did land in the plane that time because My father (Who was Doing his first jump too) went first but ended up landing on the runway under that Piglet 23. Busted 3 vertebra in his back. we had to circle for a while before we could land because they couldn't get him off the runway safely. Finally landed, got him loaded into the ambulance and then went back up and did my jump. After I landed (safely by some miracle) and then drove to hospital to see dad and show him my video (Shot from the ground of course) and tell him.. see, This is how you were supposed to do it!!. He never jumped again. I did a couple more there later on but then quit for about 10 years after that.
  10. Truman had a much nicer operation. Training pretty much consisted of a 6 foot ladder and old junk mattress and we practiced PLFs (Or Banana Rolls as he called them). The plane was a 152 that had a broken starter and lots of Duct tape. He had to hand spin the prop to start the plane. I remember thinking when he cut on Jump run and told me crawl out on the Strut... No problem, It has to be safer out there than in here!! It was literally Pilot assisted deployment. He would fly the plane with one hand and once you got out, You would hand him your Pilot Chute he would hold it in his other hand while you exited and then toss it out after the pin was pulled.
  11. Doing a little spring cleaning today and found a Flyer from the place I first started jumping in the early 90`s (attached). A few things I found amusing on the flyer: "The Main Parachute is a Piglet23, which is indisputably regarded as the safest, most reliable parachute in the world." "Your 6th and 7th jumps - On those jumps you go all the way up to 7000 feet and jump with the instructor and activate your own parachute." Yep, You had to earn that altitude too. Work your way up from 3000 ft where you started out. Also check out the prices.
  12. According this report Bully suspended for 21 days, Larger kid suspended for 4 days since he was also violent. All in all it sounds pretty fair and rational. Also says the Bully was not seriously hurt. Granted, I cant say that this is most reliable news source. ;p
  13. I respect the sentiment however.. How many times should one turn the other cheek? If you watch the video.. The first punch landed fairly. The Fat kid did not retailiate (Turned the other Cheek more less). The Bully Hit him again. The fat kid did not retaliate. The bully stepped back danced around and tried to hit him two more time. While the punches may not have caused much damage, It was clear that the punches were meant to hit and torment the fat kid. Should he wait until one of them actually seriously injure him before he strikes back?? The Bully had already made 4 attempts to do so. How much "petty harassment" should one take and where is the line?? Someone Punching you and then attempting to punch you several more times seems to be more than just "harassment". In fact in legal terms we call that "Assault". The fact that it was not very effective assault is not relevant, let it continue and sooner or later it will get more effective. This was a Schoolyard bully getting what he deserved. Nothing more or less. I am somewhat glad that there was no serious injury to the bully and hopefully he learned from this, Hopefully both kids will become a little better in the long run after this.