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  1. My Brother from another Mother... Yardhippie will be missed by so many. I cant help but to think if there is an afterlife, There will be some shenanigans going on tonight.
  2. yep. Door was Off. No back seat. 2 Jumpers and PIC. One sat across the back and the other sat in a ball kinda beside and kinda behind the pilot. No Step either just the tire. First time I went up was actually the first time I had ever been in a plane too. But I did land in the plane that time because My father (Who was Doing his first jump too) went first but ended up landing on the runway under that Piglet 23. Busted 3 vertebra in his back. we had to circle for a while before we could land because they couldn't get him off the runway safely. Finally landed, got him loaded into the ambulance and then went back up and did my jump. After I landed (safely by some miracle) and then drove to hospital to see dad and show him my video (Shot from the ground of course) and tell him.. see, This is how you were supposed to do it!!. He never jumped again. I did a couple more there later on but then quit for about 10 years after that.
  3. Truman had a much nicer operation. Training pretty much consisted of a 6 foot ladder and old junk mattress and we practiced PLFs (Or Banana Rolls as he called them). The plane was a 152 that had a broken starter and lots of Duct tape. He had to hand spin the prop to start the plane. I remember thinking when he cut on Jump run and told me crawl out on the Strut... No problem, It has to be safer out there than in here!! It was literally Pilot assisted deployment. He would fly the plane with one hand and once you got out, You would hand him your Pilot Chute he would hold it in his other hand while you exited and then toss it out after the pin was pulled.
  4. Doing a little spring cleaning today and found a Flyer from the place I first started jumping in the early 90`s (attached). A few things I found amusing on the flyer: "The Main Parachute is a Piglet23, which is indisputably regarded as the safest, most reliable parachute in the world." "Your 6th and 7th jumps - On those jumps you go all the way up to 7000 feet and jump with the instructor and activate your own parachute." Yep, You had to earn that altitude too. Work your way up from 3000 ft where you started out. Also check out the prices.
  5. Who do I contact about an RV slot? Also since I will not be jumping (no surprise there) I will call you about actually helping out this year.
  6. My Favorite was always a "Two-Way Dirtball Rodeo Hop and Pop". (only called hop and pop because it was usually a
  7. I am still trying to figure out what convoluted logic you are using that makes you feel like they Owe you something? Why are you entitled to a discount?
  8. I am still trying to grasp how They OWE you anything? There was a Mistake on the website. You tried to buy it and they caught the mistake. No one lost anything. How does that translate into them owing you a discount or anything else? I dont get it.
  9. One of the most successful DZ`s around broke almost every rule you spelled out. They opened up in an already saturated Market. At the time they opened there were already 4 DZ`s servicing that Market. They opened up the 5th one. Marketing?? They used primarily word or mouth the fist couple years and the DZ across the street was the Home of the biggest marketing machine this sport has ever seen. Underselling?? The fist year they were in business they had $14 Jumps for men and $10 jumps for women. How did they do it? I think it really all came down to the atmosphere they created. A DZ that from day one was all about the Jumpers. they created a Place that people wanted to come to and stay at. Competitive prices and above all, A great Vibe where everyone was welcome. They went from Porter to a Caravan to a Grand Caravan to an Otter in just a few years and are usually the top rated DZ around. It is all about the Vibe and atmosphere the DZO and staff creates.
  10. So J.. If I put in a request for an RV Slot "WITH POWER", What are the chance I will get one?? I mean one that has power that actually works??
  11. Laymans opinion here: Skyride is basically stealing a portion of their business using deceptive and fraudulent websites and then selling that business back to them (Taking a cut in the process). An argument could possibly be made that skyride does not actually compete with the dropzones (Unless they have a physical DZ in the area) so DZO`s agreeing not to accept Gift certificates that they did not authorize in the first place for their own product (A Skydive) that was sold by a third party (Skyride) just seems like good business sense to me. The only reason this works at all is the threat that Skyride would just sell this Business to the DZ down the street if they dont accept it. Honestly I think if someone had a lot of Time and money... they could go after Skyride under RICO. Sounds a lot like fraud and extortion. Be hard as hell to prove but a good enough lawyer might be able to pull it off.
  12. Following the first man down and landing a down winder is a Hell of a lot better option than going against the established pattern and Potentially killing you and another jumper. What ever the established pattern is.. Follow it. Chasing the wind sock can get people killed. Canopy Collisions (Often caused by people not following the Pattern) have killed a lot of really good skydivers in the past few years. If first man down is the rule, FOLLOW IT!!
  13. The only place I have found 2oz portion cups around here is at Sams Club. Unfortunately they only sell them by the case (2000 for about $20 for the cups). Another $20 for 2000 Lids if you want them as well. Not sure if there is a Sams Club between the Atlanta Airport and Fitz.
  14. Tell her to get in touch with me. I will bring the Latex and Paint. Anyone else interested in getting Painted, Let me know so we can schedule time. It takes about 1 2/2 to 2 hours to do the painting but I can usually do a few at the same time (no more than 4).