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  1. You can't have been lurking for that long - this is a recurring theme on!!! Do a bit of a search, especially in the women's forum. For some reason these oft end up there... If nothing else you will see you are not alone...
  2. Closest place is Le Luc (head toward Marseille on the A8 - just over an hour from Nice). Alternatively, from Roquebrune Cap Martin (5 minutes from Monaco) you can do tandem paragliding.
  3. Nataly

    20 Seconds of Joy Documentary

    Where to even begin... I think I disagree with just about everything you wrote... Did you actually watch the whole thing??? Or are you just stirring up shit??? Hmmmm...
  4. Nataly

    Working overseas questions????

    If you want to work legitimately, each country has its own rules. Actually, that's also true if you want to work "under the table"!! There is no European visa or common agreement with regards to expats. Perhaps best to check directly at a few dropzones you were thinking of working at. They will know more about how it works and whether your qualifications/licences will be recognised.
  5. Nataly


  6. Nataly

    PC105 vs. PC109

    I bought the PC109--it's my first camcorder. You can get the super-thin wide-angle lens now, though at the time I got it nothing would fit the 25mm lens without a step-up.. The super nightvision plus is pretty incredible.. Note that there is super nightvision *and* super nightvision plus. You'll need a tripod if using the *plus* because the shutter speed is stupidely slow--but you *see* everything *in colour* when it's pitch-black outside. Great for BASE videos in dodgy areas ... Get a wide-angle lens. An absolute MUST. I can't get over how little you get in the frame, compared to all my friends' camcorders... It *is* a very small, very light camcorder--mainly because many of the plug-ins are not on the camcorder, but on the docking station. All in all, I've been very happy with mine--and other jumpers consistently mistake it for a cheap-o brand camcorder because of it's tiny size.. Hope this helps.
  7. Nataly

    Best way to download music?

    Hi there. Just got hired working as a video editor and have actually very little experience .. We use Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Studio 9. My boss uses Napster to get all his music, but for some reason it's all in .wav instead of .mp3--which both programs would accept. Any tips? "There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse." - Chris Hadfield « Sors le martinet et flagelle toi indigne contrôleuse de gestion. » - my boss
  8. Nataly