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  1. Hahahaha!!! Wasn't a criticism - just found it genuinely interesting that 2 people felt they were connected!!! And actually I suppose you are both right... The same way that the glass can be half-full and also half-empty at the same time... And it would be just as accurate to describe the glass as two times too big for the amount of water
  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ok, now I see it. Good burn!
  3. Awww fuck me... I actually googled "AC to get to 12.5" and still don't know what it means Please tell me so I know the appropriate emoji response!!
  4. Wow!!! I would like to thank all the white people who helped me achieve this great honour. And also my parents for being white PS: Can I put "winner of SC - 11 February 2021" on my CV??!!!
  5. I think it's fair to say the debate ended several pages ago. Now we are all just farting out of our mouths...
  6. Yep! ( <-- me, beaming with pride! )
  7. I'm going to go on a limb and guess that you are inferring that the link to the video is yet more evidence that a black person has succeeded ergo white privilege is a myth? I'm not sure that's what you meant... I am only inferring based on the fact you have pulled out this same bad argument many times already now... It's interesting that you attacked another poster on the basis that English is not his native language. English is not my native language but I think I am at least using good logic in my arguments. You, on the other hand, appear not to be fluent in logic, so let me educate you (guide you out of - but I can't force you to learn)... a - the video was a reference to the mental gymnastics it takes to make the kinds of arguments you are making in order to deny the existence of white privilege. It was a joke / attempt at humour. Apparently lost on you as well. Nevermind - I thought I was hilarious and as I am mostly trying to entertain myself on here, mission accomplished! ( <-- self-congratulation on making myself laugh) b - How are you making logical fallacies?? Let me count the ways... ( <-- nerdy reference to victorian poem) 1 - Ad Hominem / Tu Quoque (litterally - "against the man" / "you too"). These 2 logical fallacies are similar in that you attack the person as "proof" that the argument is bad. This is more than just becoming exasperated and calling someone names. This goes one step further and happens when someone makes the claim that "the other person is an idiot," therefore his/her argument must be stupid. This is an illogical leap. The "look who's talking" attack does not prove or disprove the person's statement. In assessing whether and argument follows good logic, it doesn't matter who is saying it only matters what is being said. Because even a moron can make a good point. An argument stands alone and it is either good or it is bad, period. In fairness to you, you are not the only person on here guilty of this crime against logic. 2 - Non Sequitor ("does not follow"). A, therefore B, therefore EARRING. No logical / correct link. Example of good logical sequence: All of Quebec is in Canada. All Canada is in North America. Therefore All of Quebec must also be in North America. Example of bad logical sequence: All of Quebec is in Canada. All Canada is in North America. Therefore Quebec must be full of cunts. The first two statements are not proof of or linked to the third, which may or may not be correct. Example of non sequitor statement: there are barriers to success, but it is still possible to succeed, therefore there is no white privilege. (there is no logical connexion between "possible" and "harder") 3 - Circulus in Probando (circular reasoning). The argument refers back to itself as evidence that the argument is correct = bad logic. Example: We know certain traits make you successful. How do we know? Successful people have these traits. Example: We know Muhammad wrote the Kuran. How do we know? It says so in the Kuran. (it doesn't really say that and was probably dictated by Muhammad & written by a scribe) Example (not made by you): America is the best place to live because it's better than any other country. (the argument loops back to itself as proof of itself - it's better because it's better) 4 - Red Herring Fallacy (throwing in irrelevant statements to distract - often to avoid uncomfortable truths). Example: Let's face it everyone struggles. (error in logic: this has nothing to do with how much different people struggle and whether patterns of struggle exist and whether there are mechanisms at play that favour one group versus another. Yes, everyone struggles. Irrelevant in the debate about white privilege.) Example: What about Asian privilege? (Again: irrelevant to the debate about white privilege. A distraction tactic - and a bad one at that.) I could go on... My point? Your arguments do not follow good logic.
  8. PS: it's so devastating that you've managed to cram so much nonsense into fewer than 60 words. I am in awe.
  9. I did not say that because "common sense" is an oxymoron.
  10. It's ok, I don't expect everyone to recognise good logic.
  11. Here is a different analogy to beat the dead horse further... Consider dog breeding. A narrow set of criteria define the "desirable" traits in a purebred dog. These will include things like level of aggression (more or less desirable if a "work" dog vs. a "lap" dog), size (bigger or smaller will be desirable according to the breed - some breeds becoming so small as to have major health issues, because they are just so darned "cute" when they are teeny tiny), colour (in some breeds, blue eyes are unacceptable, in others considered the best colour), et cetera, et cetera, depending on the breed. Over many many years of selection, a purebred dog's DNA has less and less variation and this results in "beautiful" dogs with "desirable" traits. I think everyone already sees where I am going with this, but I will take the argument to its end and beat that horse just a little more dead... ---- break for unnecessary emoji: ---- Now, the breeders think they are producing the "best dogs". But are they the best dogs?? Only according to their breeders...! Comparing them to the dog population at large, purebreds are inbred, weak dogs that wouldn't even survive if they weren't given lots of extra help. They have health issues that include difficulty breathing (flat face), brittle bones, early dementia, stupidity, and a whole host of other health / psychological problems that are passed down from generation to generation. There is no diversity in their genes... But gosh they are pretty! Nevermind their life expectancy is about 1/3 that of a mutt... If the only criteria for a dog is that it should be beautiful... I suppose to some people, that means a purebred is the best dog. If what you really want is to find the best companion, I think you need to consider more things than just "is it beautiful"... And you also need to look other places to find the right one (ie: not limit yourself to breeders, but also going to the SPCA, shelters, pet stores, the internet, et cetera). Searching wider will take more effort but you are more likely to end up with the right companion for you (and that might still be a purebred but at least you really considered all the options). DISCLAIMER - NO FICTITIOUS DOGS OR HORSES WERE HARMED IN THIS ANALOGY
  12. I only spent 7 years in the Canadian military but I saw White Privilege at play there as well... More diversity for the NCO's but almost 100% white male for Officers... I saw change and improvements in my time there and since, but it took active efforts to recruit differently and there was a huge backlash and criticism when they did so... I can see why it would be seen as positive discrimination to try and correct an imbalance, but there is no perfect solution to any problem...
  13. FFS. That's not even a logical argument / conclusion. White Privilege is the acknowledgement that there are many mechanisms at play that favour one group over another. You can keep denying that this is happening, and/or that the favoured group is white, but in order to do that you have to make mental gymnastics to ignore the facts. PS: I took "mental gymnastics" from the podcast link yesterday. I had just called it "disingenuous" but I also like the mental imagery of doing cartwheels and backflips
  14. What??? A 4 minute video did not cover everything there is to understand about white privilege??? Inconceivable!
  15. Hi everyone! I've been reaching out to my obvious networks, but it occurred to me that skydivers are one of the most diverse group of people I know!! I you are Captain of a 80m+ vessel, if you know a Captain of a large vessel, if you are in a company that manages yachts, or that manufactures parts, or gives supplies, or affiliated with port / state / class authorities, or is in any way in the maritime industry... Do you need: - A Purser - Temporary relief from an admin surcharge - A Project Coordinator (ie: at a shipyard, on a built / refit) If so, please PM me so I can send my CV, or connect to me via LinkedIn: I know we are not supposed to advertise or market anything on here but I hope some lenience will apply when it comes to finding some work again... I am entering my 6th month without employment and despite the market being extremely challenging at the moment I have put that time to good use, gaining more skills with regards to legislature, new Brexit rules for seafarers, I finished a specialist course, and I am regularly attending webinars with industry specialists / unions. I bring a lot to the table and I want to work!!! Thanks in advance for any help. Funny memes will also be appreciated for moral support!!