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  1. Yep. I have lived out of my car, at friends' couches, on a small boat, in a tent... Amazing what you can accomplish when you lose everything and have to start from scratch. You realise that at least you keep your skills, your friends (not all of them), your resilience... You try things you wouldn't normally try. And if/when the same thing happens again you fight HARDER to hang on so you DON'T lose everything all over again. You learn, you grow. Yeah, it gets old fast but if it's what you gotta do, it's what you gotta do.
  2. Mmmm... When anxiety kicks in, you either have to push through or else resign yourself to the fact it's probably wiser to leave well enough alone...
  3. I think many of us have put things on hold this past year... All I can say is that the sky isn't going anywhere and try to make sure you are good and ready to get back out there. xx N@
  4. I'm surprised I never gave it to you in all these years! Hahahahaha!! Actually, not that surprised... I have a love/hate relationship with phones / WhatsApp / Facebook / TV... I dip in and out... I can spend MONTHS disconnecting... Even my work colleagues and/or recruiters are baffled that this day and age I could live "totally without a phone in the midst of being near-bankruptcy"... But somehow, when it matters, people always manage to get in touch with me Proving that every kind of bullshit you hear is just that: bullshit! You only live once (as far as I know!)... You should (try to!) enjoy that journey & not cow-tow TOO MUCH to what society imposes on you.
  5. Hehehehe! Yeah, I got busy being "serious" for a couple of years...!! Hahaha!! (Not really!) Yeah, I've always thought that people who have hang ups about nudity are the ones that can't admit to themselves that they have problems - hehe! I can't count the number of times asswipes tried to "protect me" by giving me stupid advice on what I should and shouldn't be doing!! Bah... Idiots are everywhere... It is what it is!!
  6. I must be weird... I LOVE a good dick pic!! It's a vulnerable "look at my fertility" nod to a primitive attraction!!! I take it as a bold, hopeful step that men wish would lead to an exchange of naughty pictures from my end! It's possibly the highest compliment and/or show of trust (in my twisted mind)! We forget that we are all just animals trying to procreate!! I mean... SOMETIMES (actually, almost always! Haha!) it's just plain inappropriate... But that's precisely the point!!! It's naughty and sexy and can we PLEASE stop shaming men for doing it??! Now... That is NOT an open invitation to all send me your penises... I'm sure somewhere in my archives I still have your dick pic thread!! Just wanted to put it out there as a Friday food-for-thought. Some of us LOVE your dicks and treat them with care and respect and I know I speak only for myself but a pair of testicles never scared me either (because I have teeth - ah ha ha ha ha!!!) Take care and happy naughty Friday
  7. I don't post often anymore and I stopped jumping about a decade ago... But I'm still alive and kicking!!
  8. But then my current Triumph would get jealous of my new Triumph...
  9. So kind! I won't have a vehicle so am hoping to find something pretty local to reduce commuting complications...
  10. Hiya peeps! Well well well... I am so freaking excited / nervous / scared-shitless...! After 7 long months of feeling like a useless turd (!), finally something to be excited about See attached screenshot - after a rigorous, and incredibly tedious (and also really awesome) vetting / re-training / selection process, I have be hired! Oh, I haven't been spending my days sleeping / crying under the duvet (although some days it was tempting), but this past year has really tested my resilience, belief in myself, confidence in life, et cetera, et cetera. I've seen so many ugly sides of myself literally (I'm thinking of pj's I have had to throw away they were so embarrassing) and figuratively, as I begged, pleaded, even seriously considered "alternative" employment in the form of prostitution - just to make ends meet (and don't get me wrong, I am not actually anti-prostitution between consenting adults, but seriously, I am 40... I don't think my going rate would be worthwhile!!! Hahahahaha!!!). It really had me asking "who am I ???" I dug really, really, REALLY deep. I didn't like everything I saw, but hey ho, we are all flawed... Aaaaaaaaanyway, in December, I heard the UK was training people to become Vaccinators. I thought fuck it. Fuck everything. I want to step OUT of my ego and do something for OTHER PEOPLE. It's not well paid. It doesn't help me with my financial situation. It's not in sunny south of France... In so many ways it feels counter-intuitive to go straight into the eye of the storm, but these are once in a lifetime experiences (one hopes ) and I am available / free to do it. I am a firm believer that you should put your money where your mouth is (ie: don't just talk about it... Fucking DO IT.) I'm so fucking sick of "whoring" myself out on LinkedIn. Maybe this will be the stupidest thing in a long list of stupid things that I have done, but fuck it. Just FUCK IT. Ok... Now that I have vented... The main point was this: Does anyone know people in Southampton, UK?? Looking for accommodation starting from early April!!
  11. Oh man, that's so sad. And also sad to have lost touch so badly. Back in the days she used to send me fun stickers and confetti in the post. May she RIP
  12. Hahahaha!!! Wasn't a criticism - just found it genuinely interesting that 2 people felt they were connected!!! And actually I suppose you are both right... The same way that the glass can be half-full and also half-empty at the same time... And it would be just as accurate to describe the glass as two times too big for the amount of water
  13. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ok, now I see it. Good burn!