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  1. Hahaha! Yup! And I'm so freakin' happy :) :) :)
  2. Thanks so much but this is the same problem I am encountering... Poor resolution and also not the original logo (no curve to it).
  3. Hi guys, Wonder if there is a photoshop guru that could help me out? I am having my motorcycle repainted but I can't get the original logo in a decent resolution to have it in black and white only Any picture I find online is not high resolution and as soon as I remove the shadow and background and colour, etc, it becomes super pixelated and horrible. I have a funny feeling someone could do this with the right software, but oddly enough, "paint" just doesn't cut it!! Help? ETA - logo is for rear panel of 2010 Street Triple. See picture - best I could find template and my shitty attempt to try and grab the only stuff I want
  4. Accountants wearing glasses and doing paper-based tax returns... Sooooo deviant...
  5. It's a spam email... I expect spam on it
  6. The US has been particularly good at marketing itself and presenting a beautiful, idealised (and also fake) image of itself to the world... It has done so through things like film and celebrity culture, and by selling this notion of the American Dream... It has promised success and possibility to *anyone* who is creative and/or hard-working... But underneath this facade lies an underbelly of race, gender, social inequality/discrimination... The Trump regime has in many ways held a mirror to American society and served to show the world a more realistic picture of America, warts and all... But make no mistake... Just because people didn't "see" it, doesn't mean these problems are new. In fact, the problems have been festering and worstening for a very long time. I remember very well when people were talking about the fall of the American Empire during the Bush (Jr) administration (and probably before as well). There is talk of this again, but just as no one is immune to a fall from grace, so could the US pick themselves up and rise up from the rubble... It's anyone's guess. We are all watching in a mixture of awe and horror.
  7. I got the same thing. It was also my "real" password, but for me the dead giveaway was that it's the default password that I use on ALL dodgy or potentially untrustworthy sites... So I just responded by telling them to go ahead and share my porn video widely - people deserve to have their spirits lifted during this difficult confinement period :) Didn't get a reply to that, for some reason!!
  8. Wellllll... Insincere apologies/thank-yous also annoy me!!!! Guess I'm becoming old and grumpy.
  9. Leading with a cat-related video is usually appreciated - hahahaha!
  10. Maybe it's also to do with the volume of correspondence I'm dealing with... I'll hold my hand up - it started becoming annoying to me when I realised even I was using it ALL THE TIME. In the same way that it annoys me to see everyone's eyes glued to their phone ALL THE TIME and yet am guilty of the same crime - lol! Bah... It's a pet peeve of mine... And as with most pet peeves, it's not so very important - just annoying. In my opinion. Lol
  11. Wondered how everyone felt about this opener and whether others found it as obnoxious as I do?! I live in the real world and I'm aware one needs a modicum of diplomacy/politeness in a business context. But this line is sooooooo overused it has become meaningless. Worse: in an effort to inject some warmth into their emails, some people have taken the insincerity to a new level and decided to veer away from this generic phrase in favour of a personal message... "How was your weekend? Did Leo get stuck in the rain again?" YUK!!! Are you my friend??? Do you actually give a fuck about my cat/knitting/plants (I hope not!)??! You want something from me, otherwise you wouldn't be writing... So fucking ask! Please and thank you are sufficient - don't add a bunch of frills to it... Right?
  12. Hahaha - I had to look that up!! I should definitely get one! Hehe
  13. Well well... Here I go again for a new adventure!! This time I am off to Germany - the land of beer - woo hoo!!! Been a long time in the making but getting closer and closer to my long-term goals! Very excited about this move and for anyone who is interested I will keep you posted