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  1. Nataly

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Wellllll... Insincere apologies/thank-yous also annoy me!!!! Guess I'm becoming old and grumpy.
  2. Nataly

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Leading with a cat-related video is usually appreciated - hahahaha!
  3. Nataly

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Oh, for sure they are!!! Hahaha
  4. Nataly

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Maybe it's also to do with the volume of correspondence I'm dealing with... I'll hold my hand up - it started becoming annoying to me when I realised even I was using it ALL THE TIME. In the same way that it annoys me to see everyone's eyes glued to their phone ALL THE TIME and yet am guilty of the same crime - lol! Bah... It's a pet peeve of mine... And as with most pet peeves, it's not so very important - just annoying. In my opinion. Lol
  5. Wondered how everyone felt about this opener and whether others found it as obnoxious as I do?! I live in the real world and I'm aware one needs a modicum of diplomacy/politeness in a business context. But this line is sooooooo overused it has become meaningless. Worse: in an effort to inject some warmth into their emails, some people have taken the insincerity to a new level and decided to veer away from this generic phrase in favour of a personal message... "How was your weekend? Did Leo get stuck in the rain again?" YUK!!! Are you my friend??? Do you actually give a fuck about my cat/knitting/plants (I hope not!)??! You want something from me, otherwise you wouldn't be writing... So fucking ask! Please and thank you are sufficient - don't add a bunch of frills to it... Right?
  6. Nataly

    A new adventure...

    Hahaha - I had to look that up!! I should definitely get one! Hehe
  7. Nataly

    A new adventure...

    Well well... Here I go again for a new adventure!! This time I am off to Germany - the land of beer - woo hoo!!! Been a long time in the making but getting closer and closer to my long-term goals! Very excited about this move and for anyone who is interested I will keep you posted
  8. Nataly

    Shut Up and Take My Money!!!

    Nice! Only USD 10k! I am totally getting one! Anyone want to sponsor the rest of the $1,000,000 cost of flying me up to space??!!! Lolol
  9. I think this was in 1999 so I would have been 19!
  10. Can't say I am 100% shocked... The details are sketchy because I heard this story some 19 years back... Some guy apparently wanted to commit suicide by ejecting out of the CT114 Tutor (the planes used by the Canadian Forces at air shows and more commonly known as the Snowbirds). It didn't work. So he proceeded to pull a bunch of them - on ground - and nothing happened!!! I remember the check for the equipment used to just be that the white "line" on the seat was still visible (ie: not compressed and therefore the mechanism for launching hasn't been compromised). They were never tested because they would shatter the canopy and not work with an open canopy... So pretty expensive to set them off!! I think at the time the whole fleet was grounded and all the seats checked somehow or replaced... Not sure... Anyway, point being, it's entirely possible that they aren't serviced all that often & only "tested" in an emergency...
  11. Nataly

    Stop Drinking the Kool Aid...

    Hehe - I don't post on here or on FB very often anymore... And re the avatar... It occurred to me that I donated my mane two years ago so was time to update - lololol
  12. Nataly

    Stop Drinking the Kool Aid...

    Hahahaha!! No, it's true!! But it's also true that with the property prices so high I am living in a dilapidated house that I cannot afford to fix up - lol! My point is that some things are pretty awesome... And like everyone, some are pretty shit. Nothing wrong with sharing either, and like gowlerk rightly pointed out, it's a lot about balance...
  13. I couldn't say exactly when, but something like two years ago, I became increasingly aware that I was spending an inordinate amount of time participating in what I like to call a "culture of fakeness." I was using up a lot of my time posting and sharing things on social media in order to publicly portray my life as being far more AMAZING than it really is. And something about buying into that really drove me nuts. Why the fuck should I spend ANY energy at all putting lipstick on a pig? Why fake it? Why pretend everything is rosy and beautiful and awesome and that I am ♯BLESSED?!! Don't get me wrong... I *am* grateful for the good things in my life. I am not complaining about the stuff I don't like... I am simply making a conscious effort - and it does take some effort - not to fake it. Everyone else can do whatever they like - I just want to focus my time and energy toward doing things that actually challenge me to grow in a generally positive direction.
  14. Nataly

    Remember when... Bonfire before Myspace/Facebook/Etc...

    Oh, that’s perfect! Wendy P. Perfect sig line for an old fart! Hehe - good one! I have been making a conscious effort to spend less time online in general... And over the years my days of jumping seem like a more and more distant memory... But every once in a while I get nostalgic about the community... It's nice to browse the topics now and again
  15. Nataly

    I Got a Motorcycle!!!

    Niiiiiice!! Congrats and like everyone said: assume everyone is out to KILL you! "There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse." - Chris Hadfield « Sors le martinet et flagelle toi indigne contrôleuse de gestion. » - my boss