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  1. Funny how someone else's mess can make your own life seem pretty good... So nice that you cared and listened to him. Maybe a bit of kindness was all he needed at that moment.
  2. Just watched this - really awesome performances. I was at the edge of my seat, rooting for all the characters... They weren't particularly likable but they were layered and very relatable. So heartbreaking at times. Loved it. ETA - This post reminded me that I wanted to watch "The Wife" with Glen Close. Oh my gosh... I just finished it and it is AMAZING.
  3. Oh my gosh!!! When did I write that???!!!!! Well, thank you for remembering!!! We are confined again over here, so like many other people this year, it wasn't possible to have much of a celebration... But messages and phone calls poured in all day, and that was very nice EDIT: hahahaha - found the topic from way back in 2015 I had forgotten all about that thread/experience as well... Funny trip down memory lane!!!
  4. Hahahahaha!! Been aaaages since I heard that!! My title was kind of inspired by the below meme... I don't know if Betty White actually said that, but it sounds like her and she is just such a national treasure... LOVE that gal!!
  5. Hehehehe!!! Thanks, buddy! This is exactly what I needed today :)
  6. Yes for sure... Also... Funnily enough, when you are a teenager and you "sign your life away" the farthest thing from your mind is that your future family will find things challenging... Yes, it's good they are slooooowly realising family and personal life are important. It makes soldiers more human and empathetic, and the world needs more empathy.
  7. I have seen the trailer... So much drama - eeeek! Yes, my job was at the shipyard, managing the finances for a yacht under construction. Not many of those positions going around. Was a really fantastic learning experience. Just today I was contacted about an interesting position... Even if it doesn't materialise, it's encouraging :) I've been very boring for many years now so have managed to set some money aside for a rainy day... I'm also a Chartered Accountant and being numerate means makes me highly employable. Now... Highly employable doesn't mean I will find a job I like, or even that it will pay well... But the fact that I should be able to get a job is already something. I can get through this.
  8. Well, the first line certainly had me laughing out loud!! Great segue!! Wow... Not a great time for a mini stroke - sorry to hear that. Obviously, health problems are never "convenient" but you know what I mean... I spent 7 years in the military... Back then, they were getting better at recognising the importance of family, but there was still "old school" people at the top who had a complete disregard for things like "the birth of your child" and allowed service members to be posted in different units to their spouses; go on non-essential courses when a family member was ill/dying, when it wouldn't have been THAT hard to re-shuffle things to accommodate the human factor... Lots of divorces & dysfunctional children... They are getting better at it all the time, but being or living with someone in the military is a hard life. Can be great and rewarding as well, but not easy. 11 months without seeing his child?? Dude, that's rough. On everyone. Kudos to him, you, and your (now-adult) kid for your sacrifices.
  9. How do *you* react? Bonus points it it's funny :) Like many other people right now, I have lost my job. I knew very well that in our industry (yachting), none of us were immune to it - but it still came as a shock. I had a pretty great job... Realistically, I will probably have to do something shitty until a good one comes along again. Even if not appealing, at least I have *some* options. I wish I had a funny side to it - maybe the humour will hit me later!!! I'm doing everything I can to make the most of a bad situation. It's not "fun" but I'm certainly not alone, and for sure things could be way, way, way worse. Ahhhh, 2020... You are like a bad breakup... Can you finish already so I can go back to quietly knitting cute sweaters for my cat??!
  10. Dude, that's awful. Tag this in your memory files and refer back to it the next time he wants to take something from you that you don't want to give. And, crucially, DON'T GIVE IT. I know that some people believe that you should look after family no matter what. I could not disagree more. Some behaviours are unacceptable. It's up to you to decide where you draw the line.
  11. And yet his supporters will continue to sing his praises...
  12. This may seem off topic but bear with me a little... In 2015, I met and fell in love with a Narcissist. Not in the "popular" sense of the term - he had the full on clinical definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I didn't know this about him in the beginning and I was lucky enough to have a bit of age and experience behind me, so it didn't take me very long to understand that something was very, very off about him. I broke things off and began to educate myself about WTF I had been dealing with. I read every book I could get my hands on. Watched tons of videos. Read articles, forums, victim testimonies, et cetera, et cetera. It's a minefield - LOADS of people pretending to be "experts" but not fully grasping what they are talking about. But I wanted to understand, so I waded through tons and tons and tons of info / theories... There were many take aways for me. Overall, the consensus was pretty much that Narcissists (and I think it's obvious that Trump is one) only ever worsen over time. They get increasingly powerful, "creative" and brazen about finding ways to threaten/bully/manipulate/cheat/lie/hurt their victims), and sadly they don't stop until they are dead. That is a very grim thought... Another interesting lesson for me was the relationship/dynamic between the Narcissist and his/her victim(s). A LOT of people (and even so-called experts) have plenty to say about victims, but when you begin to curate the information, you find that again, many people really don't "get it." The key thing about Narcissists is that they lack empathy. The key common denominator of victims is not that they lack intelligence, but in fact that they have higher than average empathy. And unfortunately these personality traits tend to gravitate toward each other. A manipulative person (Narcissist) who plays the victim card will find a listening ear in the victim, who laps up the bullshit without examining the BEHAVIOUR. Then there are also people who know the Narcissist is lying, but they go along because it suits their agenda (the basket of deplorables). We unfortunately have a strong tendency as humans to listen to what people say and pay less attention to what people do. Narcissists know this and exploit it with lies that are obviously lies but they understand that repeated often enough they start to sound true. Their number 1 currency is the ability to get what they want by tailoring their bullshit according to whatever they think people want to hear. It's why Trump has no qualms about saying the EXACT opposite of something else he has already said... His narrative will always be adjusted to fit/get what he wants at that very moment. Period. For me this is what makes him so dangerous... To understand Narcissism, is to know that Trump's agenda is petty, self-serving, and subject to change at any given moment. To have a 5-year-old moron at the head of the world's most powerful nation is frightening & I don't even think we have begun to see just how bad things can get. It would take much to long to go into all the detail, but in short, it is my opinion that the people who believe Trump are not paying attention to his behaviour. They are latching on to something he said or some bit of "theatre performance" he made, which fits their own belief system. So yeah. Until he dies, IMO, not only will he not stop, but he will also continue to have supporters/enablers, and things can only get worse... On a more positive note, after several days of stormy weather, it's nice-ish outside, it's the weekend, and I am going to take my motorcycle out for a spin :)
  13. 1. I reckon neither he nor his supporters think he made an ass of himself during the first debate. They probably think he crushed it & will continue to crush it in future debates... 2. This I could believe.
  14. Considering Trump's exposure to so many people, it's not entirely surprising... Nor would it be surprising if Biden caught it. We saw a radical shift in attitude when Boris Johnson caught it and suddenly he started taking the situation FAR more seriously. It's hard to quantify, but this likely convinced the public as well that the whole thing wasn't an enormous joke/hoax. That would be the best outcome here as well, although I doubt very much this will happen with Trump and the anti-mask covidiots.
  15. Hahaha!! So simple - thanks, buddy!