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  1. I have some questions... I understand that sometimes "things just happen", but can diligent packing and good body position when deploying prevent most hard openings? is the chance of having a hard opening on student canopies smaller than having one on smaller canopies? And if I exercise neck/spine muscles and make them strong, why don't you think they can't mitigate the effects of hard openings? one of the main goals in the next few years is to make my body strong just in case I need to deal with these kind of stuff in the future.
  2. wait... If there were tears inside the shoulder joint, only PT wouldn't fix them. Did they even try surgery or did they just quit the sport entirely after PT failed?
  3. I saw a photo of wing suit tandem on FB this morning and today a thread about wingsuit tandem came up on drop zone.com lol.
  4. Yeah, I posted this on drop zone.com to look for opinions and advice because I couldn't decide what I should do myself. Thank you guys so much for all the opinions and advice. Those really helped me make my decision to accept their deal, even though it was a really tough decision to make. So, my sincere thank you, really. A side thought - I'm sure that there are a lot of people who have had more severe injuries than me and still jump. Even paralyzed people can skydive. Dan BC was in a coma for months, and his doctors told him he could never skydive again, but he got back in the sky and won several skydiving championships. And I also know that there are a lot people who have had shoulder dislocations and still jump. I'm lucky that I'm still here, and also lucky that no doctors have told me I couldn't jump again and I still have the chance to get back to doing what I love. I refuse to let my injuries prevent me from doing things I love. Yeah maybe some people would just quit the sport if they went through what I did, but quitting is not how I deal with my accident. You fall of the horse, and you get back on and try again, right? Overcoming injuries, getting back up when life knocks me down and flying again. This is my way. I will use these 3 years off to make my body strong and healthy to prepare for my future skydiving career. I'm young so I heal faster than most people, and I'm grateful for that. Blue Skies.
  5. My grandfather was a mathematician. Both of my parents are not engineers. My mom chose the engineering major for me. I didn't choose it for myself because at that time I didn't know what I want to do in life. And right now I still don't. I'm glad I've found my passion - skydiving. I only need to figure out what to do as a career. But in general I'm a science guy.(good at math, science, etc but bad at history, geography, biology, etc. Hope you know what I mean.) I do not know if I will like engineering, we will have to see how my freshman year goes. Every engineering student at Purdue goes through a program which is called "First Year Engineering (FYE)". It's a tough program, and if I successfully go through the program and figure that I love engineering I would declare my major in my sophomore year (mechanical, chemical, civil or aerospace engineering, etc) If I don't then I would change my major... I'm a bit interested in aerospace engineering...I mean working at NASA or major aerospace companies would be pretty cool, right? lol. just a thought. We will have to see. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. Those help.
  6. Hey CoolBeans, how's jumping going? how is your shoulder holding up?
  7. will do, and thanks for the encouragement.
  8. will do, and thanks for the encouragement.
  9. What age range is middle age? 40-60? I’m 19 and will turn 20 this September. Lol. After 4 years of college i will be 24. I’m grateful that I’m young and my recovery has been amazing so far. One of the main goals in these years is to get more healthy and strong. I do believe that I will be in better physical condition to skydive if I wait a few years rather than getting back to jumping next year, right after finishing all the surgeries. I will try hard to be safe and avoid injuries when I get back in the sport.
  10. I will accept their offer.
  11. you're suggesting that I utilize the offer, get my degree and be financial independent ASAP so I can cut the "financial tie" with my parents ASAP and no one can stop me from jumping after that, right? and in the mean time I have a great degree and yes I would have little to no debt based on their offer.
  12. I agree with what you have said. I know that I will have an amazing future if I can get an engineering degree from Purdue. I'm okay with 3 years as long as my parents don't come up with something new after 3 years. I agree that 3 years are not too long. side note: I'm getting arthroscopic shoulder surgery in August and will need to do 5 months rehab. My body should be ready before I go to Indianapolis in spring 2022.
  13. I'm strongly addicted & obsessed with this sport. I love this sport SO MUCH. I can fly. "I can fly" is probably the strongest reason for a person to skydive. Many people have their own way to deal with their accidents. For me, overcoming injuries, getting back in the sky and achieving my dreams and goals is the way to do it. Get back up when life knocks me down. No quitting. It depends on whether I love engineering or not. If I love my major I will probably find ways to work it through. If I don't love it I will change major after my freshman year. Why am I the controlling one? I don't understand.