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  1. Thank you. I should talk more to my instructors. Always ready for a PLF--I've really learned a lesson.
  2. Thank you..yes I need to be prepared for PLF on every jump but somehow I just didn't do it and slid on the dirt. I really shouldn't listen to that radio on final.
  3. Oh right! The plane just passes by... So you both say just practice more... what if I get hurt again on landing? I do PLF every time until I get the feel when to flare? Actually I was supposed to get hurt on my first jump that day but I landed on the grass far away from the dropzone... it was the same way when I landed as my second jump. I slid on the grass but I was fine..and I had a healthy exercise walking back to the dropzone with that huge canopy lol...
  4. Thanks! You are right - I am the pilot and I decide when to flare.
  5. A landing footage here. 044F0EB0-6273-472F-8CE4-75B0E794F3B4.MOV
  6. Hey guys! Perris student here :) I did two jumps yesterday (level 2 and level 3) and all passed! Good news here. But the bad news is, on my second jump my landing was terrible. I waited for the radio to tell me "flare flare flare" but ended up flaring too late. I slid on the dirt, and got minor foot injuries....Not a big deal tho and it will be healed within a few weeks, and I will be back in the sky as soon as I feel good about my feet. Right now I need to work on my landings... obviously. But I can't tell how high is 8-12 feet when in the air.. and it seems like I cannot trust the radio sometimes..I didn't listen to radio and I stood up on my level 1. Any tips and advice?? I greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance. Blue skies and safe landings!! David
  7. Thank you!! I will ask home dz instructors for professional advice for sure!! Blue skies buddy.
  8. Yeah I totally understand now! I need to learn to walk before running hahahaha. definitely enjoy it.
  9. so you guys are saying I need to look before making a turn. I think that makes sense to me. fearless thanks man
  10. Thanks buddy! ya many people were surprised but some of my DZ instructors were focusing on what I did not very good LMAO! such as I would turn different in the real air/not a standard arch, need to bent my legs a little more. haha I accept all of that! I keep going man this journey is beautiful.