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  1. haha yeah! dehydration is a sneaky beast. It's worth paying attention to
  2. thanks for all the ideas! Yesterday Perris was like 105 F I drank tons of water, (like go to the restroom every hour) and ate snacks (energy bars,bananas and eggs) and I felt super energetic throughout the skydive. Canopy flight was super awesome, nice flare and stand-up landing! :) didn't pass Level 7 tho because I have some issues with my leg position and tracking. I'm ready to repeat and conquer!
  3. Hey all! It's been a long time since last time I posted here. Hope everyone is doing well. Good news! I'm on AFF level 7 now, going to finish it this Sunday and will graduate from school. Bad news! Dehydration hit me hard when I was under canopy last time. (sudden Intensive muscle soreness, nausea and blurred vision. After landing I drank tons of water and ate lunch and I was totally fine ) I can think about a few ideas to prevent this from happening again: 1.Drink plenty of water before and after the skydive 2.healthy breakfast before the day and eat snacks between the jumps. 3.Have a good night sleep. 4. Wear something light, (But I don't think this applies to me because I wear that student jumpsuit, and gear is heavy) 5. Proper gear fit: adjust leg strap ( maybe my leg straps were too tight) ..... any more ideas? Odd enough, dehydration is quite sneaky, freefall was incredibly awesome and it hit me right after canopy opening. Blue skies!
  4. skydiving has made me become a more happier person for sure...Maybe that's the reason! :)
  5. It has confused me for a very long time... like I get up in the morning, stare at the sky, and suddenly there is a random thought in my mind asking me :" Why do I jump? Is it worth it?" something like that..even I am super stoked about skydiving.. it's like "two personality" lol My personal explanation to this is my brain, my survival instinct, but idk. Why do I skydive? honestly I don't have a clear answer. Is it fun? Yes. Is it like nothing else? Yes. Is it the most incredible thing you have ever done in your life? Yes. But I still don't have a clear answer...
  6. My school just got shut down and it will last about 1-2 months. I heard European DZs are closing...I asked Perris today and they said they have been cleaning the planes after each landing and hand sanitizers are provided at anytime. Just wondering are you guys still jumping? I'm scheduled to jump next week if the weather will be better.
  7. Thank you. I should talk more to my instructors. Always ready for a PLF--I've really learned a lesson.
  8. Thank you..yes I need to be prepared for PLF on every jump but somehow I just didn't do it and slid on the dirt. I really shouldn't listen to that radio on final.
  9. Oh right! The plane just passes by... So you both say just practice more... what if I get hurt again on landing? I do PLF every time until I get the feel when to flare? Actually I was supposed to get hurt on my first jump that day but I landed on the grass far away from the dropzone... it was the same way when I landed as my second jump. I slid on the grass but I was fine..and I had a healthy exercise walking back to the dropzone with that huge canopy lol...