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  1. David Wang

    Skydive Perris VS Skydive Elsinore

    dirt means there is dirt in the landing area & runway.
  2. Hi fellows, when I opened Google Map I accidentally found another DZ near Perris--Skydive Elsinore. It seems like AFF at Elsinore is cheapter than Perris...and someone says there is dirt at Elsinore, or different vibes..a lot of different comments and different perspectives. i don't know. Anyway, any suggestions?
  3. wait,,so skydiving can really differenciate ourselves??? especially when we apply for college?? wow i don't know that
  4. I always think the same! lol !
  5. I mean I do not have control of that card right now!! So I only have some savings right now lol
  6. I can pay now...I can even buy my own rig after AFF.... but the thing is that my mom won't agree with me. that is the problem.
  7. Thanks for your advice! I will think about that.
  8. not a credit card! a debit card, lol. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Thanks! yes maybe I will try fjc & level 1 first. Then I will purchase that AFF A licence package in college! I have some money in another card but right now it's not under my control but it will. In college If I do AFF I will go jump every weekend!!
  10. That is a good idea!! Thanks!!
  11. does the USPA website say if students do not maintain currency they need to jump once with direct supervision? but not drop down a level?
  12. Also I'm planning to do AFF level 1 & FJC...not AFF package, that's from level 2. I need to pass level 1 first i think...they are separated.
  13. Hi! Thanks for your reply. I don't think I need to jump every 30 days if I do AFF at Perris.. maybe I need to maintain currency at Elsinore I guess.... But you are right! Learning to skydive is a big commitment! So sad I'm still in school..money will be an issue if I jump without my family support.