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  1. Lol I watched his video before and it was very funny he said he "almost died."
  2. Hey all... I finally get to know what's going on with my shoulder! I just received my MRI report yesterday. I have a posterior superior labral tear (I guess this is a SLAP) and small Hills Sachs deformity. I think there is a high chance that I will get the labral repair surgery, and I will talk to my sports ortho this Thursday. Does anyone have any experiences with it? What's your best advice for me? Thanks and Blue Skies!
  3. Great article! I remember my first jump...and those emotions & feelings after landing....happiest day of my life. Looking forward to my first comeback jump. "“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
  4. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely bring my parents to the DZ. Actually I'm planning to attend Celebration of Life with my parents... Idk...will that be a good way to introduce the sport to my parents??
  5. I recommend you utilizing Elsinore coaching program. Instead of doing those boring solos you can continue developing your skills for free. (curious - do you need to pay for your coach's slot?) Have fun and stay safe... :) man you will get your A in no time! (jealous) And come visit Perris some time.
  6. Bruh. What about innocent Asian Americans?
  7. Thank you for sharing your story and advice! I think discussing about risks with my parents won't really work because I've already got hurt once lol. My mom already thinks that it's a dangerous sport....and I know it's not a safe sport..lol. But my definition of "dangerous" may be different from her. I will be at college by then, and I'm planning to get back in the sky in college. I will pay *most* of my tuition. *most* but not *all*. My parents will help pay a small percentage of tuition. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. However things I can do for my parents (for me as well) are: heal completely before jumping again, being hyper aware of safety and staying safe in the sky.
  9. I can definitely understand her feelings, but HATE what she is doing! I will jump (target date: Summer 2022) whether she likes it or not.
  10. I was just talking to my mom about surgery and she said that I made a bad decision to cut away the main and I'm not qualified to skydive because of that. I was so pissed and I didn't know what to say. This is utterly ridiculous and unfair. Cutting away the main at that low might be a bad decision but landing a down plane would not be a great decision either. It was a complicated situation and I just made the decision that I felt right. I feel so tired just to talk to my mom about skydiving. You guy's stories are awesome!
  11. Ha! I was lucky to have a great instructor with me in AFF and I did all the jumps with her. I learned a ton and had a great time jumping. Kindness, patience, encouragement, safety awareness and constantly emphasizing safety, teacher-student engagement, and overall making all the jump experiences fun and memorable. To be honest I think I have failed to be a testament to their teaching because I was unsafe and got broken this early. But all the memories + passion of flying keep me in the sport.
  12. This is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!
  13. That was beautiful...your mom watched you jump. I don't think my mom would ever watch me jump.
  14. Funny story, this morning I was watching a video of "two men BASE jumping from a hotel roof" and in the video there was this girl screaming " oh my god oh my god" and my mom heard that and asked me what it was. I told her that it was BASE jumping and it was cool. My mom immediately replied that I would never allowed to do that. Lol. I think I scared her this morning. She also said if I ever BASE jump she would not regard me as her son anymore. Bruh. I think parents are more scared after I got injured. I can understand though. But I'm also glad that she never said "if I ever skydive she would not regard me as her son". I'm not sure about BASE jumping honestly. I will probably never get into it. But one thing for sure is as soon as I am ready, I will get back in the sky and get my A. Parents can't stop me. And I'm finally going to college this year...sooo... One thing I can do for my parents and also for myself is that I will make sure I heal completely before returning to the sport. It's for my own safety and also for a better and longer skydiving career. Just sharing...What are your experiences with scared parents?
  15. just got back from doctor's office. My x-ray is normal Strengths of my both shoulders are normal I'm getting an MRI to see if surgery is needed If I need surgery, I will be cleared to jump 5 months after surgery
  16. A question has come up - According to my coach, my body position was perfect even though I had a dislocated right shoulder. I have started to wonder if freefall really caused my shoulder to dislocate, or the reserve deployment did, or the impact to the ground did. but my shoulder hurt like hell under the reserve though. Sadly, there is no way to verify this now. I wonder if a jumper can still have a perfect body position with a dislocated shoulder?
  17. lol. I think if I only do rehab on my shoulder, the chance of dislocating again is quite high, especially for young people under age of 20. However, the point of seeing the sports ortho is to find ways to decrease the risk of dislocating again - reconstruction surgery. I believe I cannot completely eliminate the risk though. And this was my first time dislocation. Surgical intervention for first time dislocation has better results than traditional treatments... Yup that's what I learned. Two hand cutaway two hand reserve. But hey, last time I deployed my reserve using only left hand and it was fine! And I also kept the handle!! thumb went through the D ring so I didn't lose it I will for sure talk to my doctors, thanks for the advice! I will fly a big main and a big reserve for quite a while. Probably Sabre 2 230. I think the larger reserve the safer I am in case my shoulder ever dislocates again
  18. I think I'm going to regard left handed BOC route as my last resort. I'm seeing the doc this week to get my shoulder fixed and will still use a right handed rig. I will go in the tunnel to test my shoulder out before getting back in the sky!
  19. Reconstruction surgery can greatly reduce the risk of dislocating again and I will definitely do it if it's recommended. About one arm flare - that is a risk I need to take if I want to jump. And I accept the risk. This left handed thing is a bit confusing, but I have time to sort that out! I will make sure I fix my shoulder first!
  20. Hi CoolBeans, what is that red thing on the left side BOC? Do you mean reserve side instructor can deploy the main by pulling that? Interesting... I'm doing it! I'm seeing a sports ortho this week to see how much damage there is and see if surgery is needed. If a surgery is needed, I will do it. if I don't need surgery, I will do PT to strengthen my shoulder up. Or I can still use right handed rig...I will need to do practice pulls in the wind tunnel to test my right shoulder out! Is SOS system a better idea than left handed BOC? Thank you Wendy, and I saw your private message as well. I have tried to communicate with jumpers at Perris via Facebook but not much help...Seems like not showing up in person can cause difficulties.I can't be there every weekend because of school but I will try to be there these months.
  21. What is your solution? What kind of gear is that? I may change a DZ when I go to college this year tho, but right now I'm still at Perris.
  22. Thanks for the replies guys! Yes Perris has a loft and I can change the BOC right there...but I think I am in a unique situation. I don't have a rig, and I am in the phase between student and licensed skydiver, and I have an unreliable shoulder. So...hm... about getting gear, what is the best way? If a dz can provide left handed rigs for students then I don't need to buy gear right now, but I don't think most DZs can provide that. That's why I think I need to get a left handed rig for myself, but I don't have the ability to buy a full rig at once yet, so I buy every part of the rig, container, AAD, reserve and a main (I can rent a main from the dz I jump) So my first step is to get a used container and change it to left handed. Does all of that sound reasonable? What is your advice?
  23. I have been hunting for used left handed BOC containers/rigs for days and haven't found one yet. It seems like most of the left handed throw outs are experienced and messed up skydivers who can't reach the BOC on the right. But those containers are tiny and are not for beginners. Where can I find a left handed container that can fit big canopies? preferably 210-230 main. I figured that a safer and bigger canopy is to my advantage just in case my shoulder ever dislocates again. Thanks!
  24. Merry Christmas to you all and your family! Blue Skies!