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  1. My lower back hurts now lol!! thanks for your encouragement. I will keep jumping for sure!
  2. Hope you guys can see the video. I uploaded in non-WiFi environment.... that video shows I turned “like an airplane” lol. Dig one arm and let the air do the rest of the work. I won’t overthink and will just do what my instructor teaches me in the air. Some of my instructors say the tunnel and the air are the same but some of then are not. Some of them teach me to turn like an airplane but some of them are not hahaha. Yes, the tunnel speed was slower than actual freefall speed I guess. Not sure tho.
  3. hey guys, I just finished 10min tunnel session at iFLY Oceanside and learned how to turn. Basically I just turned like an airplane in the tunnel. I showed my videos to my Perris instructors and then they said it's a bit different in the real air and I don't turn like that. So how to turn? I'm confused. When I asked them why they said it's hard to explain.
  4. thank you I've had an answer for myself now... exactly what you have said to me!! just enjoy the present and not worry about the future. I will jump again soon! focus on AFF and getting my license in next a few months.
  5. Skydiving came into my life when I officially turned 18 last year. I have a long way to go!
  6. Sorry I just saw this what you said was pretty interesting!
  7. come to skydive Perris. One of the best dzs in the world! There is a bombshelter and bunkhouse! $15 per night per person it's pretty cheap.
  8. Thanks man for all the advice!! Yes I can't be too tired being in the tunnel! 15mins are great!!
  9. oh really? I have just watched too many videos that's why I wonder if I will spin when my instructors release. Arch and symmetry! I will get in the tunnel real soon. Thanks guys. Yessir!!
  10. Thank you for advie and suggestions!!! I very appreciate it!!
  11. Hey guys, I've watched a lot of youtube videos and have heard from a lot of people about spinning or losing control of their bodies in AFF level 3 or above. From level 3 both instructors will release. So I'm wondering...how to control my body well? Tunnel definitely helps so I will go... are there any other ways? ARCH is always the key right? How to practice ARCH when i'm not in the tunnel? Lay on the floor?
  12. I am an immigrant. I repeat 10th grade when I got into US high School. That's why I am a bit older... I turned 18 this september. Most of my friends are 17 or 16, and they think i'm crazy.