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  1. MrBrant

    PD Katana 750


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    PD Katana 150 DOM: 09/2008 I've had it for ~250 jumps, but total number of jumps is unknown to me. (Though almost certainly north of 1000) Vectran lines are in decent shape - darker in color but not too fuzzy - however I've priced the canopy assuming it should get a reline relatively soon. Lower brake lines were replaced last year. No rips, tears, or patches. The usual tiny pinholes in the tail (nothing larger than 1-2 ripstop squares - Attached picture to try and show it) Topskin center cell is faded - likely from packing sweat (canopy was in Florida before I purchased it). Flies great, amazing landings, packs super easy, opens... well, it opens like a Katana. :) $750 USD


    , Manitoba

  2. Ah, perfect! I didn't recall that part of the conversation. I must be the deaf one after all! Thanks Ken! See you Saturday.
  3. Does anybody have the specs or a drawing for a hybrid Triathlon retractable bridle? I'd like to make one for a 175. I contacted Aerodyne - they do not publish the drawings, they only sell the completed bridles. (At least they're reasonably priced, at $30, but I'll need something to do if it rains at the DZ all weekend!)
  4. hehe, 2 seconds? You just wasted a good 9 seconds of freefall! Hop & pop are fun - enjoy!
  5. Check out here:
  6. um, i think a rapide link would be 500x faster than a slink. (as long as you have your crescent-wrench handy! )
  7. man, that really made me want to eat fruit salad. Haven't made one since the summer oh, and also made me want to get laid too
  8. Is that a group rate on the court fees?
  9. Did you walk away from that? Nope, unfortunatly my dumb ass did not. The real sad part is my ambulance showed me up! They made even bigger divots. Thank god for tow-trucks! (otherwise I was waiting another 45 minutes for the next closest ambulance..) I'm now investing in a "No Ambulances in the Bowl" sign for next year....
  10. noted - no more opening "naughty" attachments by Cyndi!
  11. lol - but I thought it was going to be the GOOD kind of naughty By the way - how ya been?? I havn't seen you since we did that 2-way at the farm, and the uppers were 90kts, with the caravan flying backwards on jumprun!