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  1. Yep. At least they get convicted although I bet the time behind iron bars for these people is quite different from what the average Joe blow must face
  2. So let's see if it was really worth all the hassle and if it will be the bomb that many have waited for and that will make the bubble finally burst
  3. I think this thread should be merged with the banana Republic thread for matters of redundancy
  4. Yep. And that about holds true to more than one country in this world
  5. what he always was and will be - made pretty clear after his first week in the WH. finally mental sanity has returned to u.s. politics
  6. yep. compared to the obama years and the pre-election times of the orange schmock SC looks like a nursing home indeed
  7. i wouldn't have expected any other answer from an american citizen (hope that this doesn't get me forked..... )
  8. if I read the above chart right, the usa ranks lower than united arab emirates and one notch above bhutan. what does that tell the rest of the world about the credibility of the worlds leading exporter for democracy *sarcasmoff*
  9. Sorry but LMFAO. can't help it
  10. *facepalm* news has it, that the whole thing (reports speak of 18.000 affected organistations) via SolarWinds happend because of gross negligence of said company - which would be the next facepalm
  11. i am wondering why this doesn't get much response in here - news say that even organisation close to the nsa were/are affected... is this the shtf ron was talking about?
  12. the british way? like thanking the person in the most polite way possible while looking them straight in the eye, keeping a stiff upper lip? hah! hah!