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  1. And I know that a well known centrist on this forum will have explanations and excuses for all of the above. As for the forum rules: AFAIK there is also a rule against blatant trolling. Makes me wonder why said person is still allowed to post
  2. this amount of top-level-corruption used to be found only in eastern commie-states - at least that's what everybody was thinking. following all that, I still wonder, that there seems to be no way of putting a crook like trump out of office before his term ends. not that this only applies to the U.S.
  3. No worries sometimes I just miss the nuances
  4. sorry I don't get it. honestly. are five minutes before the cringing got to much to bear ( = brainmelt on my side) to long or should I have sat through the whole show and go mental myself?
  5. not american. not right wing. five minutes into this and my brain started to melt. wtf?
  6. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/07/steve-schmidt-goes-on-epic-rant-and-demands-oregons-governor-arrest-trumps-secret-police-in-portland/?fbclid=IwAR3ItW5suCJhUTuBAG_kQ7HF69WTGnommaYA-r_hAvLLqkPPd7U_DC8Wtx0
  7. ...and I'll show you how deep the rabbithole goes...
  8. if anybody is in need of parts, I got some new, unused stuff just gathering dust...
  9. yep. the old worn out cd's turn up every now and then. thought of a source for a new one or the possibility for a payed download... Even if Good Stuff is 20+ years old, most of the material is to iconic to be lost... used it as a tool on teaching stuff not to be tried at home
  10. Is it still for sale? On a more modern format than VHS?
  11. If t gets Re-elected this will be just the tip of the iceberg
  12. So far there is two points for trump so we can be sure Ron and Marc will stick with him...
  13. in the meantime footage of journalists (clearly identifying themselves as press) getting peppersprayed, beat up and shot at with rubber bullets at close distance make the round...
  14. you owe me a new keyboard and a thorough cleaning of my display
  15. it is completely beyond comprehension, that the american electoral system made it possible for a complete jerk like djt to become potus. what was scary in the first place, that this blithering *********** got that many votes after a classy president like obama (not that I liked all of the stuff he did or had to do...) Most scary of all is the fact that the american public has degraded to a state where a second term for the embarrasment in the office is more than possible. edit 2 add: as long as the u.s. doesn't get beyond a two-party system which basically cames across like two kinds of the same shit in different color/smell, you and the rest of the world will have to deal with interesting times