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  1. This thread has been going for three years now. What is puzzling is the fact, that apart from his enablers getting verdicts and having to face some serious consequences, the main goon has still managed to escape all efforts to dish out a vital conviction that Puts him into the place any normal joe blow would have been in no time
  2. As for the US compromise is not in sight Guess it's like the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times
  3. long live the wisdom of the fathers of the constitution... /s/ and there is no way to get rid of that one
  4. To be more precise: everybody gets the government made possible by all the people who decide not to vote And half (or more) of the voting populace voting for right wing ideologies. At least that has been the trend for the last 10 to 15 years worldwide...
  5. And that holds true to any other country dealing or suffering from rightwing parties and governments. Which leads me to the thought that the American model of democracy is quite a success
  6. Its all spelled out in the open Guess it's time to buckle up, cause the training heading towards dictatorship has its schedule printed out in detail... .
  7. Had to recheck that one - these pictures are very similar if not the same as the nazi rallies in germany and austria I really didn't know about that
  8. Even if is "old news" it is fairly unresting regarding the latets nazi-spouts from trump - after all it's not the third world but gods own home of the free what I lack in a greater perspective is the inability of the liberal or the left (or any other non right wing group) to team up to develop a clear vision of what the world should be like aka long term planning. that is (at least imho) the most depressing part
  9. Just stumbled over project 2025, the blueprint for a fascist takeover aka what Republicans would want to happen if the next POTUS should be Trump. More than scary, as the plans are out in the open Haven't read anything on it in here though... Project 2025 on wikipedia https://www.project2025.org
  10. Next gag order in place Explanation and Details can be heard in this podcast For the podcast: they are following the proceeding almost in realtime and provide all the legal details. Pretty interesting. Would like to know what you all think about the site
  11. Just when you think American politics can't get any weirder you get proven wrog once again
  12. I am just reading the forums on my desktop - same thing here