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  1. The GOP has had such a bad couple of weeks, that they certain could use some Butt Hurt creme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMQR6XsYxs8
  2. Yes, your linked article says that demand is still increasing.
  3. Now, he is pushing Trump Bobbleheads via YouTube advertisements. At least the voiceover sounds like him, and says the things you would expect him to say. Personally, I hope that it is someone imitating him, ripping him off.
  4. IIRC, Nicole was going head down and had not fastened her chest strap. I may not be remembering the exact situation correctly.
  5. Trump has never been one to recognize and admit an error. Too fragile.
  6. My understanding is that they can still request the full circuit court to consider the appeal, not just the panel of 3 circuit judges that shot down the appeal. That only got them a few days of delay in another appeal, when the request to consider was summarily and unanimously denied.
  7. She tipped each member of her road crew more than that last tour, a total of $55,000,000 in bonuses.
  8. So as much as 21% growth per year, compounded. Sounds about right.
  9. For those youngsters who are not familiar: ● It is certain ● It is decidedly so ● Without a doubt ● Yes definitely ● You may rely on it ● As I see it, yes ● Most likely ● Outlook good ● Yes ● Signs point to yes ● Reply hazy, try again ● Ask again later ● Better not tell you now ● Cannot predict now ● Concentrate and ask again ● Don't count on it ● My reply is no ● My sources say no ● Outlook not so good ● Very doubtful
  10. Hmmmm, I seem to recall that that is already legal in some states (at least marriage is), if the female is beyond the age of conception.
  11. US. https://www.coxautoinc.com/market-insights/q4-2023-ev-sales/
  12. Desantis receives a campaign award:
  13. Only 7% of pickup truck owners (and far less sedan drivers) tow "frequently." 75% of pickup truck owners tow one or less times per year. For sedan drivers, it is much less frequent. If you spend most of your time driving long distance, you might save some time "fueling" by using gasoline -- otherwise, your total "fueling" time per year will be less with electric. I drive a gas car. If things go as they should (no wrecks and no premature engine or transmission disasters), I will never replace my car. I had my previous one 21 years, and it still ran/shifted/drove like new. One exception is that if cars become truly self driving, I will buy buying one.
  14. First Cyber Truck crash yesterday. I hope that the kid that caused the wreck has more than the CA minumum liability insurance for property damage -- $5k. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/heres-first-tesla-cybertruck-crash-154400452.html