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  1. "That anthem was so bad, even Colin Kaepernick got off his knee and left."
  2. My brother had quite a reaction to his 2nd Moderna vaccine. Got chills that 4 blankets wouldn't fix. His legs muscles were spasmodically cramping, so that he had trouble walking or sleeping. I think he said that his heart rate was also high. Next day, he felt like someone had been beating his legs with a pool cue. A friend of his had similar, but less severe, reactions to his 2nd vaccine -- I think also Moderna. My brother's wife had essentially no reaction to either dose of Pfizer, nor did another friend (not sure which vaccine). These four folks are 68-75 years old. I decided that my wife and I will not get the 2nd dose on the same day, in case we both have reactions.
  3. More data that a single dose of vaccine gives excellent protection (Moderna and Pfizer–BioNTech both ~92% or so after two weeks), so that it would probably be best to delay 2nd shots in order to get more people the initial vaccination. https://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJMc2036242?articleTools=true Not known how long the protection lasts without the booster shot (2nd dose), but the Israeli data seems to show at least 9 weeks - and that is all the data they have so far.
  4. Study of Israeli vaccination program (500,000 people analyzed) shows that the Pfizer vaccine is 91% effective, 21 days after the first dose, and flat after that. Interestingly, in the 0-8 days after vaccination, the likelihood of getting infected is about double that pre-vaccine. This is likely due to behavior, and people not realizing that it takes ~14 days to develop immunity so going out, skipping masks, etc. Nearly half of Israelis have had one dose, and ~34% are fully vaccinated.
  5. The GA Republicans are trying to change the rules for grand juries, so that all counties can participate in the Fulton County action. Likely that if they succeed, the grand jury impanelled will not find any crimes to charge.
  6. California is 33rd in per capita deaths. Behind Florida, behind Ohio, behind Michigan, behind 29 others.
  7. Stay safe in your bubble, when you are out with the unwashed masses Microclimate Air
  8. Can the ladies in the strip joints shoot balloons with darts, like in Bangkok?
  9. Time to strike impeachment from the Constitution.
  10. Wrong person, and off by 400+ miles.
  11. Here's your Republican family values Christian:
  12. I was hiking 48 miles southeast of there today, and could see SF and Mount Tam. Pretty splendid day.
  13. If you spend most of your driving time on long road trips, it will take you more time (unless you/your family likes to make frequent potty stops anyway). Most people I know with EVs rarely wait at a public charger. They charge at home overnight, using no waiting time at all, or at work, or at the grocery store while shopping, etc. Saves time every week, vs. stopping for gas. One charge every 8-10 days would have be adequate for my driving when I was working. And I'll put this here:
  14. I'm from Georgia, I know where her district is. Did you look up opponent in the primary?
  15. Fox "News" slips from 1st to 3rd in cable viewers in January, as viewers seek reporting over bloviation.