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  1. What did you do with yours? I donated mine to charities helping the poor make it through the pandemic, since I'm one of your "90% that don't need it."
  2. Commercial car washes recycle water. They use less water per wash than typically used at home.
  3. They are reporting only about 33% protection from symptomatic cases in the UK with one dose against the Delta (from India) variant. Less severe cases and less hospitalization, I would expect.
  4. UK cases, which were lower per capita than in the US, have tripled in the past month while US cases declined. 60% of the new UK cases are the delta variant (one of the ones from India), which is maybe 3x as contagious as the original variant. It has estimated Ro of 6 in non-lockdown (open) conditions. Single doses of vaccine are less effective than they were previously in preventing symptomatic cases (33%) Two doses still give good results, although not quite as good as previously (88%). The loss of taste and smell doesn't seem to be a common feature of the delta variant. 6% of the new US cases are now the delta variant, but it will almost certainly become a higher percentage.
  5. Must be moving pretty fast.
  6. Mom shoots at loose puppy, hits her 5 year old son in the abdomen. https://www.fox19.com/2021/06/02/mother-accidentally-shoots-5-year-old-son-trying-to-shoot-dog/
  7. Why am I not surprised that the mortality rate calculated in the article is 100x lower than the correct answer. When someone noted that error, many others erroneously said that that person was wrong. This is 3rd grade arithmetic, at least when I went to school. Maybe they need a calculator like my college girlfriend had -- with a "%" button that shifts the decimal point two places.
  8. Sad that this isn't even surprising. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/02/us/florida-deputies-shooting-teen/index.html
  9. I'd have made them show proof of covid vaccination. From the comments: "the antifa SEALs strike again, haven't seen them since the Battle of Lake Travis"
  10. With only 6% of the population being veterans, I doubt that "most in the stands" are. People like to make taking a knee be about not respecting veterans, but it has zero to do with that. Just another case of whataboutism.
  11. It lasted just under 3 Scaramucci intervals.
  12. He's confusing the White House with the"Big House."
  13. On my wife's first shot, she didn't even feel the needle. She didn't even know that she was done. I barely felt it on mine.