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  1. Is that the full size silhouette of a typical American of the constitution era, or the silhouette of today's typical obese American?
  2. Unfortunately for Trump, documents do not have to be classified for him to run afoul of the law. For some of those laws, the documents don't even have to be defense related. He can get: * Three years in prison (and cannot hold Federal office for life) for concealment, mutilation and/or removal of government documents. * Up to twenty years for concealing records to obstruct an investigation, which he did by refusing to give back the documents when asked, again refusing after meeting with officials at Mar a Largo, and then ignoring the subpoena of the documents. * Possibly espionage, if the documents (classified or not) related to defence. Gathering, transmitting or losing national defence documents is illegal, and is 10 year Federal felony.
  3. "I've never done anything wrong. Nobody can prove that I ever did anything wrong...It's pretty tough when a citizen with an unblemished record must be hounded from his home...I am feeling very bad - very bad. How would you feel if the police, paid to protect you, acted towards you like they [acted] toward me?"
  4. Unlike criminal cases, where that fact that the defendant pleaded the 5th when being questioned during the investigation cannot be introduced by the prosecution in court, this is a civil case. When this case goes to court, the jury can be told that Trump pleaded the 5th, and what that means (that if he were to testify truthfully, it might tend to give evidence of his criminal behavior).
  5. That's not his toilet, it's his paper-wetter.
  6. Trump legal team getting ready to shift blame to "fall guys." Whazzup, Giuliani? Meadows? Eastman? Clark? https://www.salon.com/2022/08/01/lawyers-planning-criminal-defense-that-shifts-to-fall-guys-that-worked-for-him-report/
  7. Going forward, I don't think we will see so many "boots on the ground" insurrectionists choosing a trial over a plea deal. 7+ years in prision, and he didn't personally attack police officers or enter the Capitol. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/08/01/guy-reffitt-jan-6-riot/
  8. From December of the same year:
  9. They are going to file bankruptcy, then disappear entirely.
  10. Hey, lots of tough guys sound like that Stallone is just 3 weeks younger than Trump.
  11. He's more of a fart smeller than a smart fella.
  12. Fox's coverage was exactly what was expected.
  13. Yes. He achieved cold fizzing.