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  1. Like the "gone this year" segment from the Oscars, but this is some of the people that posted BS memes about covid, then died. i.e., FAFO. Some well known, most not.
  2. How so? From exit polls, whites were the ethnic group that voted most for the recall (still voted against, overall). Whites with no degree were the only group to vote in favor of the recall.
  3. With the vote tally so far, the margin is even better than when Newsom was elected in 2018.
  4. So that was a waste of $300 million of our state tax money, to get exactly the predicted (non) outcome. Not to mention a large amount of campaign money. As of now, something like 48% of the people did not vote for any candidate, just the question of whether the governor should be recalled.
  5. My wife has a compromised immune system, made worse by immunomodulatory drugs she is on. She's had 3 doses of Moderna, but was only at about the 2% percentile for antibodies after the 2nd dose. She is sad that she may never see one of her best friends again (they are not local, but still got together), because her friend is not getting vaccinated. Same for another friend. I wouldn't modify my behavior as much (only one very slight comorbidity, normal immune, not overly concerned), but I absolutely must avoid picking up anything (even common cold) and passing it on to her. Sigh. I will get a 3rd dose myself, as soon as it is authorized. I could just claim to be immunocompromized and get the 3rd -- it wouldn't get questioned, but will wait a couple of weeks to see what authorizations come down the pike.
  6. I wonder how many anti-vaxxers have that as a reason for their reluctance? I've seen it as a meme on the HCA reddit thread, but not very often. I doubt (with absolutely no basis ;-) that it comprises a double-digit percentage of all sarscov2 anti-vaxxers.
  7. Religious exemption form for healthcare workers seeking not to take the vaccine. https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2021/09/11/about-religious-exemptions-for-vaccine-resisters-conway-regional-health-system-says-you-must-really-mean-it
  8. Interesting open letter from a year ago to the then FDA head regarding his mis-statements about covid treatments, in particular the purported benefit of convalescent plasma, and succumbing to pressure from the administration: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/936611 Recent paper showing that convalescent plasma has been found to have no benefit, and actually harmed patients. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-021-01488-2
  9. There are hundreds of these on https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/ It is sad, at least many of them are. FAFO applies to most of them. I unfriended someone on FB a year ago for posting similar memes and other political things that he knew were lies.
  10. Here is some data showing good correlation between neutralizing antibodies and protection from symptomatic infection:
  11. Not sure how this Israeli infection rate data numerical transforms to protection rate, but you can see the trend.
  12. Pan-corona vaccine looks like a possibility.