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  1. I think that the disproportional power that the less populous states have in Congress is enough compromise that their disproportional power in the election of the President is not necessary.
  2. No, they said that the states may bind their EC voter to vote per the state's will (they don't even have to do that, but they may). The voters in those 16 states have agreed that their EC voters would follow the national popular vote. The first invocation of that might get a visit to the SCOTUS -- could lead to a more protracted election than hanging chads.
  3. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/505900-kansas-governor-calls-on-gop-county-chair-to-remove-cartoon-comparing
  4. They sure stepped back from the original Trump/Pence logo back in 2016 when someone animated it within a day or two. https://twitter.com/coton_luver/status/754085343289151488
  5. So, about 1/3 reduction of the job losses since March, if you include the May gains.
  6. How many trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb? None, he tells them that it’s fixed and they all sit in the dark and applaud him.
  7. Actually a number for data gathered 3 weeks ago, but reported yesterday. Mostly rehires, and the actual number of rehires was much higher than that 4.8 million. More like 12 million people have jobs that didn't a month earlier, and 7.5 million other people that don't have jobs that did. 2.9 million of the people with new job losses consider those to be permanent. Back in March, fewer people considered their job loss to be permanent rather than a temporary layoff , even though it turned out to be permanent for many of them. Given the slow down/reversal of re-opening in some areas, it will be interesting to see how this goes in future.
  8. What is more important than this man being assaulted is all the lies/memes/whatever posted all over social media, and the lack of interest in those reading them in knowing that they are false, as long as they align with the reader's preference/bias.
  9. Merely being alive doesn't mean being mentally and physically fit for office.
  10. Who said anything about antibody tests?