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  1. Then he will be very pouty when the final count comes in.
  2. Now wouldn't be unexpected either.
  3. The market is going to tank by 1st quarter. Biden will likely get the blame, since he will be in office. Even had covid19 never appeared, the market is way too high. When interest rates are pretty much nothing, that's what you get. JMO, of course.
  4. Trump has been saying, over and over, that we have turned the corner. I guess he's right -- after you turn the corner enough times, you are back where you started.
  5. Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Marty Obst, a senior adviser to Pence who is not a government employee, tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. Meanwhile, despite Pence being in close contact with Short as recently as Friday, the vice president plans to continue campaigning.
  6. headoverheels


    The biggest intelligence drop in history! (17 IQ points)
  7. Yep. I saw one on Facebook about the heinous things that were in the Democrat Platform. It even mentioned the page on which to find that terrible thing. Turns out, it was nowhere in the platform, and the page number mentioned was about helping veterans. BTW, it was posted (reposted) by a veteran. He's said in the past that he doesn't care about the truth, he just wants to stir up shit.
  8. Interesting that the DNI says that claims about fraudulent ballots are not true, and that all of this was being done to undermine voter confidence, while talking about Iran and Russia. DNI called them desperate attempts by desperate adversaries. Odd the Donald Trump uses the same exact talking points, and the FBI/DNI didn't comment. Did Russia and Iran get talking points from him, or the other way around. Same strategy to disrupt the election.
  9. Mine is seven pages, but is in two languages, so would be 3.5 - 4.
  10. So, one topic of the 3rd debate will be Fighting Covid-19. The number of new cases per day has already increased 56% since the first debate, but Trump claims that it is getting better. I expect it will be more like 62% increase by the day of the debate. In Pennsylvania, where Trump declared we are "crushing the virus" at a rally, new cases are up 81% since the first debate. Why don't any of his supporters call him on this shit?
  11. The insurers will pay more than $3200. Hospitals and other providers always mark up the cost of everything. Remdesivir isn't a drug store thing, so there are also charges for administering the drug.
  12. I am picturing you as Minister of Silly Walks.
  13. I saw a dem 5x earlier. But now, like a sporting event, the odds have changed at the bookies.
  14. He can still shout across the stage and make wild gestures.