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  1. The DOJ is now investigating the fraudulent electors who sent fraudulent documents to Congress and the National Archives declaring that Trump won the election in their states. One of the charges that can be brought, since they delivered the papers by USPS, is fraud using the US mail -- a 20 year felony. I expect that this will provide leverage leading upstream to the instigators.
  2. Biden had already said that he would nominate a black woman, should an opening become available during his term.
  3. In active duty deaths since 1980 (voluntary service, i.e. post-draft), blacks died at rate that is 42% higher than their population representation in the US; about the same as their representation in the military.
  4. Blacks in the US military are in higher numbers than in the US population. You had to search around to find a group (special forces) in which they are under represented. I wonder why you didn't just search for black military officers, where you could show that they are truly under represented.
  5. And I remember the "Stop Persecuting my President" bumper stickers. I'm not sure what they did with those when Nixon resigned in disgrace.
  6. Teens just form their own banned book club. https://www.readingeagle.com/2022/01/13/teens-come-out-for-newly-created-kutztown-banned-book-club/
  7. Wow! Novak Djokovic exited the Australian Open after missing only 2 shots!
  8. Here, I will tie it together for you, with a quote from Shannon Watts: "So, in summary, if a child decides to take an AR-15 to an abortion clinic to protect women from protesters in a state that has open carry and Stand Your Ground laws, they are allowed to open fire on anyone who has a skateboard. Am I doing this right?"
  9. Looks like we will get 30 million cases in the US in January. Maybe 40+. San Diego county already has ~15% of health system workforce out sick or isolated. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/health/story/2022-01-04/covid
  10. 46 year old anti vaxxer in good health dies from Covid, after recently speaking out against vaccine mandates at a Turning Point USA rally. Anti vax-mandate wasn't new to her, as she had advocated against vaccine mandates for school children before Covid19 came on the scene. https://www.ocregister.com/2022/01/04/husband-kelly-ernby-wasnt-vaccinated-when-she-died-of-covid-19-complications/
  11. I've never had a medical insurance plan (and medical insurance is what we are talking about) which excluded or charged extra for skydiving. I have seen that on some life insurance plans (maybe even most plans), but my professional organization's policy didn't.
  12. This is good. While they are at it, they should refuse medical coverage for skydiving, skiing, flying in small planes, scuba diving; all of which are unnecessary risks.
  13. From HCA comments: "99.9 percent chance my computer won't get a virus. My uncle installed an antivirus and his computer died."