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  1. That only qualifies as cruel, not as unusual.
  2. When in doubt always go with "patriot "
  3. Too bad it could not have been on the ides of March.
  4. At the rate that the anti-woke MAGAs are going backwards, they better look in that rear view.
  5. The lawyer for the Proud Boys in their insurrection trial is trying to serve a subpoena on Trump to be a witness at their trial, since the DOJ continues to show Trump was a co-conspirator and inspired the proud boys in their actions coming to Washington and participating in the insurrection. Unlike such requests in other trials where the judge quashed the subpoena request, this one has been signed by the judge.
  6. She was created the same year. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-antonio-fargas-actor-december-1997-who-played-huggy-bear-in-the-television-20053320.html?imageid=5B510DED-9AAF-4B67-9563-8F3EABD6F160&p=62486&pn=1&searchId=f43f78dbff76b8d3365367c523df41ce&searchtype=0
  7. Trae was on point, in his pre-SOTU tweet. Biden was on pointe, in his speech. My favorite line in the entire event was when SHS said "The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left. The choice, is between normal, or crazy." She's never been so correct, just not in the way she meant.
  8. In a tight contest for RNC Chairperson, Ronna McDaniel narrowly edges out Mike Lindell, 111votes to 4 votes. "It was STOLD, I tell you! I have the evidence! My IT experts will be revealing it next week!"
  9. He is also making 3.5x what he was making a couple of years back.
  10. Do you mean by the Justice Department not providing criminal investigation information to the people who are currently under investigation?
  11. I say that Biden and Pence should get 90 days in jail, and pay a fine, like the woman on Honolulu who took a classified document home. Trump lied about having documents repeatedly, so should get more.
  12. And with that fine leadership example of criminal Lt. General Michael Flynn.
  13. The NEC doesn't require any GFI per ... They require GFCI's (just figured I'd be pedantic), and now AFCI's