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  1. headoverheels

    Good skydiving songs

    Here ya go Parachutist's Songbook
  2. headoverheels

    Lost art of flat packing

    Standing tension, anyone?
  3. headoverheels

    4-way dive pools of 1980's

    Those don't have the leg-lock blocks that were there for a while -- I cannot remember which years, but my testicles may remember the impact dates.
  4. No problem locating the main and free bag.
  5. headoverheels

    "The Right Wally" Video

    Also know as "bounce and blend."
  6. I suggest that you contact the dropzones you plan to visit. USPA membership (or FAI) is not a requirement to jump in the US, but most dropzones require it.
  7. Will he have a parachute?
  8. headoverheels

    When Should You Upsize Your Canopy

    No valid choice for me for hop-n-pops above 5000 feet. Never done one for my last two canopies.
  9. headoverheels

    Night show jump!

    I personally gave up night jumps when I moved from a 249 sq ft canopy to a 135. You'll notice that the jumpers in that youtube link are jumping quite large canopies. If I recall correctly, there was someone who caught their canopy on fire in the early 70's, so be certain that you know your materials, and buy extras to practice on the ground.
  10. headoverheels

    World Team Phoenix - DeLand

    Maybe 6th. 300 way record, 246 way record, 259 way (not held 3 seconds), 200 way record (Myrtle Beach), 200 way SkydiveAZ (October 2010), this 185 way Phoenix. Others? Close: 201 way Lake Wales with one missing internal grip.
  11. headoverheels

    Good literature for rookies?

  12. IIRC, my usual DZ charges an extra $1/pound over 200 pounds. Anyone that cannot calculate prices in their head will not be working the desk.
  13. Where are you located? Those two dropzones are 170 miles apart. Either of those would be okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way. There are five others in the same general area, which will also be okay.
  14. headoverheels

    Bev Suits fitting styles

    Do you wear weights to do 4/8 way? If so (and maybe anyway), you should get a tight fit. If you want to wear it in cold weather, just measure over the whatever you would be wearing (I gave them measurements with and without weights), but it will not be so tight when wearing less. For a big way, you can always wear a t-shirt over it, if you need to fall a bit slower. Multiple suits for different types of dives is the best answer.
  15. headoverheels

    Beginner advice...

    I don't think you'll be jumping the 150 until you have over a hundred jumps. Some people take years (or never) do that, some in a few months. I can't figure out why you would put a down payment on a rig that you wouldn't be jumping for a long time.