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  1. Should exceed 5k/day by the end of this month.
  2. Maybe he has, and that is why he has confused right and left.
  3. On one hand, it is damaging to democracy, and to the country, by not assuring a cooperative transition to the next president. On the other hand, we get to watch Trump lose over and over and over every day, which is so much better than watching him lose just once.
  4. More Republican Senators have COVID than have acknowledged that Joe Biden won the election.
  5. Could be here, or who won the election thread: Oh, Lindsey went down to Georgia, He was looking for some votes to steal. He was in a bind, 'cause Trump was way behind and he was willing to make a deal.
  6. White House insiders, w.r.t. Trump: "It's like dealing with a lunatic on a subway. Everyone just sits and stares ahead, pretends they can't hear him, and waits for him to eventually get off.." Mentioning Biden's name is forbidden, unless it is in the context that Biden lost the election. As DT would say, "sad."
  7. Trump is also saying that he will run in 2024, which it to say he admits that he lost. 2024 is unlikely IMO, since he will have many legal problems starting in January. Also, there is his deteriorating health. Look for Trump to be doing favors (arm sales to the Saudis, etc) on his way out. Also, looks like he might be planning a total withdraw of troops from the Middle East. Or maybe he will just go to Mar-a-lago for the holidays and never come back.
  8. Boris referred to Trump as the "previous president," and to his conversation with Biden as "refreshing."
  9. Trump getting really pathetic here. Really? Tweet in response to this? Shouldn't he be planning his new TV network or golfing? https://uproxx.com/viral/trump-scott-baio-candles-craft-store/
  10. Biden has picked his chief of staff, and it is good to see competence in that position, after a dearth of it for the past 3.8 years.
  11. headoverheels


    I'm a bit of an originalist, so I will continue to pronounce it correctly, as par-lay.
  12. He's claiming on a YouTube video that it is untrue -- he did not recant. I guess the $130k gofundme payoff was too good to give up.
  13. And what did we get for it? At least we got a lot of restaurants and nail salons from our Vietnam engagement.
  14. Georgia will be without one of the two senators for a couple of days in January. The one whose term is expiring will not be replaced until the runoff election. The other one, who was appointed to replace a Senator whose term doesn't expire this season, will continue to serve through that gap. Georgia Senate runoff
  15. My understanding is that the governor selects the new senator from a list of three choices, picked by the incumbent party. Details vary by state, of course, but I don't think you would see any senators from one party replaced by another.
  16. From a FB comment: "I LOVE the recounts.......uphold the rule of law AND get you watch him lose TWICE!!!"
  17. As always, the Republicans are projecting.
  18. Drag it to street view, and you can see the porno shop, crematory, etc. Site of the important press conference
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    For those not following:
  20. Deplorable police chief resigns. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/08/us/arkansas-police-chief-violence-parler-invs/index.html
  21. Bizarre location for a Trump sycophant press conference for announcing legal action with regard to the PA vote. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/11/four-seasons-total-landscaping-trump-team-news-conference.html