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  1. The jury was snickering at him on cross, when it was shown by his emails that he lied the previous day.
  2. Well, since she put the dog and goat episodes in her memoir, I just have to wonder what things were cut from the book for being too disgusting and heinous.
  3. Pretty sure some, if not most, posters here mumble to themselves while keyboarding.
  4. MarketWatch says: "The SEC did not name the firms whose filings had been affected. The firm has provided auditing services to Trump Media & Technology Group DJT, which operates the Truth Social platform, since 2022." I have not chased it further, so have no idea which might be correct (if either)
  5. Trump is probably okay with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpsUi6GCnK8
  6. You don't have to be convicted of anything for your law license to be suspended.
  7. Headline about the witness testimony of David Pecker today: Pecker screws Trump to his face at trial
  8. For the climate change deniers, there is a huge Stormy heading to New York on April 15th.
  9. Sure. And how would electing Trump improve that? Not at all.
  10. page down to paragraph titled ECONOMY https://poll.qu.edu/images/polling/us/us08162023_usos65.pdf
  11. Good to see that those are not the offspring of illegals -- they are cage free.
  12. That is foward looking. It stands for Doing Jail Time.
  13. None of the models from then are still in production.
  14. Auburn, Cole, Crow, Davis, Dixie, Durant, Elcar, Grant, King, Kline, Lafayette, Kurtz, Marmon, Mercer, Overland, Peerless, Pilot, Roamer, Saxon, Stearns, Velie, Wescott, Winton and many others, all gone.
  15. A recent poll of MAGAs found that, when asked how they were doing in this economy, they said that they (personally) were doing fine. When asked about the economy without relating it to them personally, they said that the economy was bad. They know how the economy really is (based on personal experience) but are brainwashed into thinking that it is bad in general by the silo they choose to inhabit.
  16. That lower limit only comes with the optional component installation.
  17. Well at least the election will be fraud free. The RNC has hired election denier Christina Bobb as its Election Integrity lawyer.
  18. Wendy, that is already three things.
  19. Site doesn't load -- maybe someone shot their server. Anyway, California not even in the top half on a per capita basis, and less than 1/4th that of Louisiana.
  20. It will just be grouped in with their other hurricane losses.
  21. The GOP has had such a bad couple of weeks, that they certain could use some Butt Hurt creme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMQR6XsYxs8
  22. Yes, your linked article says that demand is still increasing.