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  2. My wife has a cousin that used to be an awesome guy. He owns some car dealerships and is well spoken. He went full Trump-QAnon. It’s so bad that a few in his immediate family are really worried. His girlfriend is all in with him. Everyday on his Twitter and FB feed is full of Trump is returning to power soon. Flynn is running the Army. Rudy has the goods on Biden. He sends family emails full of prepper bullshit. Biden is turning off the power and internet soon. He wanted people to send Christmas cards to the rioters in jail over Jan. 6. He was there that day with his lady. He didn’t enter the Capitol, but did get an FBI visit at his dealership. it has been sad to watch. I’m not sure it will end well.
  3. Well, you can’t having those legally armed black folks showing up.
  4. Where is Nerd Girl when we need her?
  5. And the police have major issues recruiting.
  6. When I tested, thousands applied. Not today’s fire service.
  7. Police and fire departments are already having a difficult time recruiting. unions aren’t the issue. Signed, 30 year member of the International Association if Firefighters.
  8. Jay is such a good guy. I always enjoyed jumping with him at my boogies and at Lost Prairie.
  9. I’m in NYC wearing shorts and flip flops right now. checkmate!
  10. Every once in a while I check out Franklin Graham’s Facebook page. He violates the Johnson Amendment weekly. He posted about meeting with Mike Pence. The comments from his flock are hilarious. They are all pissed off at Pence for not keeping their messiah in office. Its an interesting read and gives insight into the MAGA mind. Pence, the most conservative and religious guy ever getting torched by fellow Christians because they believe the lies of an atheist that is their idol. You just can’t make this shit up…
  11. Trump is going to run as an independent. He’ll suck 20-30 million votes away from the GOP. He kills everything he touches and the GOP is no different.
  12. It’s a shame he won’t get to lose again. he won’t get the GOP nomination. But goes rogue and runs independently, wrecking DeSantis by splitting the vote. I’ll make the popcorn….
  13. Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingram and others know they are doing a schtick to make money. They don’t really believe any of the bullshit they spout, and laugh all the way to the bank. But guys like Fuentes and Alex Jones and others revel in their cruelty and I think they truly believe the hatred and shit they spew.
  14. facts from republicans on 2020