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  1. I did. Will be eight years this November. Pura Vida! I’ll be back from the boogies April 16. Sail in up!
  2. Everything in Maldives is flown in. Food. Booze, and Jet A is barged in. Its a very expensive place to do business. if you want to do epic shit, sometimes you gotta pay.
  3. Blue live matter. Unless red hats are doing the beatings.
  4. At least you can buy a January 6 pinball machine at CPAC.
  5. Hahahahaha! No Canuckian team has won the CUP since he was made commissioner! He hates Canada! The most often posted line by Canadians on the hockey forums daily! Because why wouldn’t he want Toronto and Edmonton to play for the Cup:)
  6. I have seen Canuckians spout conspiracy bullshit about all sorts of things also. And Brits. And so on… The USA doesn’t have the market cornered on tin foil hats. They just get more press than those igloo dwellers up north!!!;)
  7. If Trump picks a fight with her, he will really be burnt toast. There are far more Swifties that are voting age than MAGA nutters. And she has a much larger bullhorn on the internet than he does.
  8. I thought all the QAnon, MAGA nutters quit watching football when that negro boy took a knee.
  9. The only one poisoning the blood with immigrants was trump and ivanna and melania. Dude breaks the irony meter daily.
  10. And yet women will support this madness and still vote Republican. I just don’t understand.
  11. And now, UNLV. Had to call friends to see if their daughter was OK. She is. Merica
  12. McCarthy will get a cushy spot in the Trump administration. Shoe shine boy.
  13. The real question is… How does a guy that ripped off people in so many ways and can’t run a charity, raped someone, lied about an election and the biggest of all…didn’t lift a finger to defend the Capitol, thus violating his oath of office, get an ounce of support from anyone. Reality, truth and integrity are gone gone gone in the USA.
  14. Trump did everything the GOP thought Obama was going to do to stay in power.
  15. He should have been wearing an orange jumpsuit.