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  1. Maybe we can implement Fahrenheit 451. But instead of books, gun possession gets your house burned down.
  2. I have been at a few robberies where the bad guys had body armor on. One bank job in particular. I get your point about taxi and mini market clerks . What a world.
  3. Can we also stop regular citizens from buying body armor and other “tactical” gear. Hard to stop a shooter in that stuff.
  4. Ontario, California It was very violent in the early to mid 80s there. The city has done a great job cleaning it up. There is even a wind tunnel there now and an AHL hockey team. Things I never could have imagined back in the day! However, the city still has its moments
  5. I spent just over thirty years in the fire service. I have treated about 150 shooting victims, from domestic violence, armed robberies, police shootings, drive by, gang party shootouts, planned murders and self inflicted. Only a handful were shotgun or rifles. The most common weapon was a small caliber handgun. .22, .25. .38. Drive bys were larger caliber hand guns. One gang battle was with AK 47s. Most of it never made the news. We even had the fire trucks shot at. One resident was gunned down right in front of our firehouse. A few times we were met with weapon wielding people. And more than once the shooting started and we scrambled under the fire engine for cover. A few times the SWAT team gave us cover so we could drag a gunshot victim to the ambulance. We all were issued bullet proof vests. Running into burning buildings always seemed way safer to me!
  6. What other POTUS in history would have been allowed to give a speech with armed citizens in the trees and on the ground in the neighborhood? I want to know who was giving the orders to the detail? And did the Pence detail know what was coming their way?
  7. The Jedi mind trick the greatest grifter in history has pulled off is astounding. I watch people defending his actions and just shake my head. He violated his oath of office by not protecting the Constitution from domestic enemies. The only way his flying monkeys even knew Pence would do a ceremonial procedure on January 6th was because of Trump. He is not a Republican or Democrat. He is just Trump. He only cares about Trump. I can only imagine if Obama had done this with Antifa and BLM protestors, the GOP would have already had a huge senate hearing and he would be in jail. And the Democrats would agree. Fake electors. A riot. Witness intimidation. White supremacy militias. A president that did nothing while people were trying to kill the VP and others in the Capitol. Blue lives matter unless the red hats are doing the beatings. In what world would anyone accept Trump as a serious candidate again? It’s mind boggling. Land of the free…
  8. Why didn’t you come to the boogie? I live by Montezuma.
  9. Remember when we were all told how THOSE people in the Middle East were violent religious extremists and barbarians. I have lived in Costa Rica for nearly five years now. Sometimes I feel that I left Syria or Iraq, for a peaceful nation, not the USA.
  10. The secret service is at fault here 100%!! They should have had him strapped into his car seat with a Happy Meal.
  11. You clearly have never been in the middle of civil disobedience. I guess the Capitol Police had nothing to worry about either.
  12. I wish gas was only $5 a gallon here in Costa Rica. And wait for it…we have inflation here that is going crazy, especially for building materials and imported items. Thanks Obama
  13. January 6th is pretty simple. The sitting president violated his oath of office by not defending the Constitution from domestic enemies. To watch on TV and do nothing should earn him a cell in a federal prison.
  14. A DZs aircraft fleet and operation is in direct proportion to the skill and care of the DZO.
  15. A question for Chuck Akers and any other USPA BOD member here. What happens if a USPA member submits paperwork for a high profile Super Bowl demo and the COA is denied by the FSDO, but the member still does the high profile jump on the world’s stage? Does the USPA suspend that members ratings and membership?