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  1. Thanks for this valuable post. The website is back online now, it was down due to some a server error which is now fixed. We are presently planning our next boogie with a Caravan and will reveal details shortly.
  2. During the winter months in Europe, I feel that people are looking to jump in other countries with beautiful weather such as Maldives. Presently in Maldives we are jumping out of a Seneca that can carry upto 5 jumpers per load. We would like to organise a boogie from 1 March to 15 March 2019. If we have enough traction for the boogie, we would be more than willing to bring in a C208. There is a direct flight into Gan International Airport (where our DZ is located) from Sri Lanka. All skydivers planning to attend this event will have to fly into Sri Lanka (from Europe, USA, or Australia). Sri Lanka to Gan Airport (in Maldives) - flight cost is $300 USD Jump ticket cost is $43 USD Accommodation ranges from $50 USD per night to $5000 USD per night, depending on the luxury in which you would like to indulge upon. Please let me know if this idea would be of interest to anyone here?
  3. I got my USPA A license 33 days ago on 26 oct, Unfortunately i live in a small island below India called Sri Lanka, where sky divers and DZ's are non existent except in our military. I have skydived in UK, South Africa, the middle east and Maldives. By far the best views and experience I have experienced were in the Maldives. I would like to jump in a new country in Asia (other than Tokyo, Dubai or Qatar), any recommendations, anyone?