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  1. feuergnom

    myskydive.de offline?

    in welchem forum ist noch was los - sogar sc ist im wachkoma hab einen teil von meinem gerödel zum verkaufen und myskydive war da immer sehr praktisch. heute gehts wieder problemlos, soweit auch zum vorführeffekt...
  2. feuergnom

    myskydive.de offline?

    wollt heute nach gefühlten ewigkeiten wieder mal reinsehen -> seite nicht erreichbar... ist die endgültig verstorben oder nur downtime?
  3. feuergnom

    Helispringen in Niederöblarn/Österreich

    thx für die info - die tickets fallen aber eindeutig in die kategorie unerschwinglich
  4. feuergnom

    Frap Hat Manufacturer

    yep. that to. maybe thats were the name really comes from - the sound of a riser "frapping" ears
  5. feuergnom

    Strong Release System Failure.

    Or you could maintain your gear. Now that you're jumping Sigmas do you never replace the closing loop? ouch
  6. feuergnom

    Frap Hat Manufacturer

    keep the noise out of your ears in the plane and in FF; protect you from bruises inside the plane. they do these two jobs pretty well
  7. feuergnom

    Strong Release System Failure.

    thax for sharing and glad you made it but: what you described was covered in a safety bulletin ages (5-7 years) ago… and as stated in similar threads many times: the 25-jump inspection is here for a reason… not intentioned to start a brandwar: any tandem system has its own limitations and benefits. the trick is to know them by heart and act accordingly
  8. feuergnom

    Exit Order Safety

    prop blast penetration .... wtf? for the rest of the article: john kallend did all the math for exit separation years ago - where's the reference to him? and what brian burke wrote on when and how to put out tracking/tracing dives makes much more sense. last but not least: rating your own article with 5 stars: really cheap
  9. feuergnom


    klassiker: Empuria. Kann aber länger windig sein und da gibts auch windlimits Skydive Lillo - spanisches Hochland. Unter Umständen arschkalt in Portugal gehts auch - guckst du hier nach wg Termin paraclub
  10. feuergnom

    Jump from Paraglider

    just thinking about the locations paragliders exit from, where the fly & where they get their thermals from = mountains, lots of woods etc - gives me the creeps
  11. feuergnom

    Freefly Suit

    Had one for about a year - although I ordered slim fir it was still to baggy for my taste, so I got it altered at my tailor... Lasted for one year then the seams on the legs blew apart :-( Never got used how they worked the cuffs and the ankles - triple velcro makes that part of the suit extremely stiff. don't know about the other option (slip through). Bought it because it was cheap, but wouldn't buy another one
  12. feuergnom

    Rig/Gear aus den USA

    AFAIK ist die 15-Jahre Geschichte. Schau dass du den Papierkram fürs Rig ordentlich erledigst, es für den Zoll einen erträglichen Wert hat
  13. feuergnom

    saison ist ja bald durch..

    bin noch da, und das in einem stück. so wie's heuer abging und noch immer geht, ist das allerdings keine selbstverständlichkeit wobei die statistik (incidents) nur die spitze des eisbergs darstellt. die amis sind ja ganz fleissig am posten und schreiben auch über gröbere unfälle; wär mal ganz interessant so eine unfallstatistik für die nicht-tödlichen unfälle (gibts sowas im im deutschen sprachgebiet eigentlich) zu sehen (knochenbrüche etc)...
  14. feuergnom

    bigway-camp Magdeburg

    keiner vom stammtisch mit dabei????? keiner????? nicht mal am platz????? ok, ich geb auf
  15. feuergnom

    Photo of wing suit shadow on a cloud?

    one like this? cricky
  16. feuergnom


    simple answer: NO!
  17. feuergnom

    try this on a night jump

    nice vid
  18. feuergnom

    Kunovice OK Boogie

    What was once a great place to be turned into an unfriendly tandem-factory some time ago. As a solo jumper or even a team you are definitely not welcome. If you want to get on a load you'd better be at the manifest at 8 in the morning and fix all your slots for the day - otherwise you don't have a chance to get into the air I really miss the goods vibes from when I first went there, + the location was great - but if they don't cater to the needs of solo jumpers there's tons of other Czech places to go
  19. feuergnom

    wider den bierernst

    Aussie Humor: "As I was watching the Commonwealth Games in India recently, I saw a sign on a cab that said: 'English-speaking taxi driver'. "I thought, what a bloody great idea! Why don't we have them in our country?" At The Construction Site: As two construction workers left the job site, one guy confided in the other, "Man, as soon as I get home, I'm gonna rip off my wife's underwear!" "What's the rush?" asked his buddy. "The elastic in the legs is rubbing me raw!"
  20. since he/she didn't ask for FJC after the first tandem the Dz took the opportunity to make some fast bucks selling him all the tandems he wanted to do. so whats the problem /sarcasm off/
  21. feuergnom

    Suche "From wings came flight"

    nachdem ich das weder auf band noch dvd auftreiben konnte, hab ich auf diversen torrent-sites gescucht - leider nix gefunden :-(
  22. feuergnom

    Siehe das? Erstaunlich

    no base-jumping????
  23. feuergnom

    "Time-In-Sport" as criterion for instructional ratings?

    maybe he gets himself edumacated?
  24. feuergnom

    let's get this party started!

    und was mach ich, wenn ich kein wlan hab????? edit: der topf den ich bald rühren werd hat ein "koch" davor. mahlzeit