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  1. “SAME SAME, BUT BETTER-ER”. The JFX 2. She's kinda familiar, but she has that shiny new kid appeal with her modern flair and style. Powerband, mini-ribs, all the bells and whistles. Take her for a ride, baby! We’ve done it again! We released the new version of our beloved JFX canopy, the JFX 2, on the 17th of January 2019. The original JFX was already a great canopy to fly with beautiful openings, great flight and the opportunity to land it gently or with a full-blown hissing swoop. Version 2.0 has not been a radical redesign: the JFX 2 stays true to all the things a canopy pilot loves, but now has all the kickass features they know and want in a modern cross-braced canopy: a powerband, mini-ribs and sail loaded ribs. This canopy is all about cross-braced performance with ease: cranking turns, raging swoops, gentle touchdowns! The JFX 2 is the go-to canopy for someone wanting to start their swoop journey, or for someone who wants a “do-it-all” wing with power which will maximise the good times and minimise the risk with plenty of playfulness. This canopy is the smoothest transition into flying high performance, cross-braced wings from an elliptical wing. It can be loaded light of heavy for consistent delivery in flight. JFX 2 | Icarus Canopies NZ from NZ Aerosports Ltd on Vimeo. The original JFX was the last of our canopies to be designed purely by Paul “Jyro” Martyn’s keen eye and 35+ years of experience. With the JFX 2 we’ve added a touch of fancy French Aerodynamic genius to the mix from our head designer Julien Peelman, and the result means incredible aerodynamics, refined performance and uncompromised aesthetics. Key features of the JFX 2: Powerband: debuted on the “Petra”, the Powerband lets us control the shape of the top surface of the wing more accurately, especially at the crucial leading edge where around 90% of lift is made Mini-ribs: These little additions in the tail are also a legacy from the “Petra” and “Leia” canopies. They decrease trailing edge drag, which has the function of increasing glide and flare performance - both things you can never get enough of “Minybrid” construction: A low-pack-volume take on our hybrid construction “Leia” canopies, the JFX 2 pioneers the minimal hybrid (Minybrid) wing. The loaded ribs - the ones the lines are attached to that experience the highest amount of stress and distortion - are made of sail fabric. This reduces rib distortion, helping the wing maintain its shape through all flight profiles, increasing glide, stability and responsiveness 21-chamber design: The JFX 2's sleek fully elliptical 21-chamber design captures the smoothed staged openings of the traditional 7-cell. She's crisp and responsive, yet it does not feel tense and edgy and packs some punch at the bottom end Closed Center Chamber: Inherited originally from the “FX” and “VX”, then redesigned for the “JVX”, the closed center chamber nose was the innovation that allowed cross-braced canopies to become popular by softening the openings, controlling distortion and improving aerodynamics. It's not the latest but probably one of the most important of Jyro's contributions to modern canopy design! Images by Chris Stewart/NZ Aerosports Key flight characteristics: Openings: JFX 2 openings are predictable, soft and not scary! Reliable, consistent and stunning as always, openings are the ace card of this canopy Harness inputs: inputs are light and instinctive, and very responsive. She can be flown entirely on harness with ease - we actually prefer to fly a lot of harness with the JFX 2 Toggles: Powerful and responsive even at the bottom end - even more so than the original JFX Stall point: The slow flight characteristics are hugely improved from the original JFX. The stall point is slower and lower - get plenty of feedback and warning, both on toggles and rears Fronts: Loaded high, lightly and even underloaded; the feedback of the fronts will be great. A bit of slowing down needed before a bigger turn to reduce the pressure on the fronts, but they are very effective for getting into the dive Dive & Recovery: The dive on the JFX 2 is longer than the original JFX, but not as long as on the Leia. With a slow, predictable (and easily adjustable) recovery arc, the JFX 2 is ideal to get those bigger rotations dialled in.
  2. I'll allow this as a first post... On the condition that my comment is selected as the best answer. In order to show users how this forum section will operate. Though going forward, it should be noted that this forum section will be moderated in such a way that only legitimate questions that can help others will be allowed to remain here.
  3. I'm excited to let you guys know that we've added a new forum category which will operate slightly differently than other parts of the website. In a normal forum thread, important or useful responses are often lost through the noise of other posts, making it difficult to easily find the most relevant post to the question being asked. This new forum will arrange posts based on their quality, allowing users to upvote or downvote answers in response to the topic question. The creator of the question is then also able to select a best answer, which will move that answer to the top of the thread, making it the most visible post. By doing this, we manage to reduce the amount of noise in the thread and serve as a direct and efficient way for users to find the best answer (based off community consensus and thread creator's opinion). We have some highly skilled jumpers on this site, and we want to be able to promote the helpful and useful posts made on the site. This thread will still be monitored and abuse of the forum (such as posting trolling questions or non-skydiving related posts) will result in post removal and possible warnings, so approach the forum with a mature intention of promoting knowledge. You can find the new forum section under the Skydiving area, or click here.
  4. Meso

    classified ads

    It's possible that the ads have been removed from the renewals listing cause of the time delay to renew. They will stay there for 5 days. Though we've now increased it to 7 to allow more time before pruning the expired ads. We do apologize for these teething problems with the new system. I am not sure why you were asked to pay for a free ad, it shouldn't work like that, we've checked the settings and packages that are free should only offer free renewals. We're going to do more internal testing on this and see what's going on, but the plan is definitely for free ads to have free renewals.
  5. Meso

    Broken links (all images) in article

    Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention. I found the problem and resolved it on the articles. Please do let me know if you come across any other similar issues.
  6. Meso

    ad to do it??

    Only if you had selected to submit a paid ad initially. If you submit a free ad initially, then you should be able to renew it without paying anything. But for those who paid for a featured ad, instead of providing a free regular ad renewal, the system allows for a renewal of the feature, which is then paid. But if you want to change between packages, paid vs free. You will then need to resubmit the ad as a paid ad. I realize the old system made this a little bit easier, by allowing you to choose whether you'd like to renew as paid or free, but we are naturally confined to whatever the functionality of the plugin is, and they only allow 1 option per package. So in this case, we can either choose to have featured ads that were paid for initially, require a second payment to renew as a feature, or we can remove that option and have it so that featured ads can only be renewed as regular free ads. We're still deciding which one is the most desired. But we haven't been able to find a way to provide both options. Either the person who has paid and wants to renew as a feature will need to submit a new ad, or the person who wants to renew a feature as a free ad will have to submit a new ad.
  7. I am trying to renew some classified ads and they are asking for money to renew. Looks like you are the administrator for, are there no more free classified ads allowed?




  8. Meso

    ad to do it??

    We've done some testing and it appears that the renewals will only be visible once expired. On the old system, once an ad had expired it was automatically deleted from the system. On the new platform the behaviour is different and an expired ad will remain visible to you, and just be unpublished. This means that you can wait for your ad to expire and then just renew it afterwards. But please don't hesitate to let us know if you continue to have issues.
  9. Meso

    Profile Flags are Back

    After a lot of feedback from users looking for the profile flags which we had on the old site, we've added the functionality to the site and flags should appear next to all user content. You also have the ability to turn off flags, should you not wish to see them. To access your flag settings / set your flag. You can do so under your Account Settings (found from the top right dropdown next to your avatar).
  10. Meso

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    The system doesn't seem to allow us to create that option We're looking for ways to make it as close to the old options as possible, as we can see the merits in it. It may mean having to create more feature options such as a 7 Days with paid 7 day renewal or 7 Days with free 30 day renewal. We are looking into it actively though on our development environment and running some tests to see what's possible.
  11. Meso

    Using The Feedback System

    In order to make your classifieds experience safer, we've introduced a feedback system similar to that found on sites like Ebay. This feedback system allows you to rate users based off your transaction experiences with them. If you've successfully dealt with another user, whether it be through buying or selling gear, you can now rate that experience on the transaction. A positive experience can be rated to reflect that, allowing other users to see whether or not a user has established a trust rating through their classified dealings. If you're a buyer or a seller, you should consider asking the person with whom you are dealing, to leave you feedback after the transaction. This will help establish your profile credibility, while also helping others avoid scammers in the process. One has the ability to negatively rate an experience, such as that with scammers or sellers who supply products different to their advertisement specs, which can help in showing users with a bad transaction history who are best avoided. To leave feedback, simply go to the user's profile that you are dealing with, and click on the feedback tab. From there, you can add feedback for a specific advert in question. The feedback left on a user's profile will display both on their account page and on their ad pages, making it easy to see a user's trust factor while viewing ads in the classifieds section of the site. If you experience any problems with the feedback system, don't hesitate to reach out to our support for assistance.
  12. Meso

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Thank you for the headsup. This looks like it's a case of our development website sending out emails that it shouldn't. We have this live site, and then we have a development site for us to work on, which has all the same data on it, to allow us to make changes without affecting the users. This development server isn't supposed to be sending out emails at all, but it looks like it may be trying to tell you that an ad is about to expire on that environment. I'm working to resolve this ASAP as this is problematic... But I believe that the live site should offer you a free renewal as well, will double check... But you can ignore any emails in the interim that link to Webfactional, as they've not been sent from the live site and doesn't impact your real ads. But we'll get this sorted ASAP.
  13. Meso

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    The new system offers a lot of additional functionality around the classifieds, but it doesn't offer the ability to select between two renewal periods. What we could do, is set the default renewal period to 60 days, that way if one wishes to remove it prior to that period they can do so manually with ease, but will still extend the duration of the ad through the renewal?
  14. Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend the recent 2019 PIA Symposium which took place in Dallas, TX from the 4th until the 8th of February. However, our friends over at Skydive TV did an amazing job at the event, creating a number of videos from the various stalls. We've put together some of these videos in a quick collection, allowing you to recap what was going down at the PIA Symposium if you were like us and unable to be there, or whether you're just interested in hearing what some of the vendors and stall managers had to say. PIA Symposium 2019 | EPISODE 1 from Skydive TV® on Vimeo. Sigma & Burble The video kicks off with an advert for the direction that Sigma has gone with their new partnership with Burble. An interview with Dylan Avatar from Sigma then commences to discuss the way in which the two companies have eased the pains of manifests when working with the software. The software focuses on syncing data between the jumper's Sigma profile with that of the manifest. By doing this, the dropzone is able to receive the necessary certifications from the jumper without the exercise of excessive forms or card management. The software is set for release in the Spring, with additional development work still in progress. Franz Gerschwiler from Burble then discusses how the system works, the desire for a March release date and gives a short demo of how data that is contained on the app, as well as the success that Burble has seen in recent years being adopted by more than 100 dropzones. NZ Aerosports Next, Skydive TV talks with Attila Csizmadia from New Zealand Aerosports who initially discusses the loss of company founder Paul ‘Jyro’ Martyn, who passed away in 2017, and how his visions shaped the company. With a memorial to Jyro, placed at the stall in his honor. Attila confirms that there won't be any new NZ products unveiled at PIA, however the company has recently launched the JFX II, which is discussed in its advances to the original JFX. The discussion then shifts to a new wingsuit canopy that the company have in the works and is currently undergoing testing, though no specific release date is mentioned. The interview moves to Julien Peelman, who discusses the future of the company and what's on the horizon for NZ Aerosports. He mentions the "Anna" which is a high performance canopy that fits between the JFX II and the Leia. Peelman then goes on to discuss the move from 2D to 3D software for the company and the advances in the development software being used. Sun Path Products At the Sun Path booth, Rob Kendall talks passionately about the company's new Javelin Odyssey design, which draws heavily from feedback received by customers of the old Odyssey. He talks about several new features on the container, from the adjustments to the side panel to enhanced safety aspects, though states that the design is still a prototype and will be further tested before launch. Doug Baron then takes over to discuss the adjustments made to the back piece of the container, a feature which will offer enhance ergonomics to the user, as well as briefly discussing the new single lateral padding. Revl Revl provide a product of interest mostly to dropzones, as they offer an intelligent hardware and software solution to video capture, editing and publishing. Eric Sanchez talks to Skydive TV about how their product will capture each jump in high quality video, then use AI technology to process the video and edit it in such a way that it removes the need for video editors. Their product will then automatically upload the edited video to the cloud in, and in a matter of minutes one is able have the video automatically edited and uploaded to the cloud for each client. They use a QR code system to tie each video to the client. Not only does this product edit automatically, but it also goes through the process of charging the battery and erasing the previous data after cloud syncing, by itself. It also has the ability to merge multiple videos together during the editing process, so outside and inside videos will be merged into a single final edit. Definitely an interesting product, and we'll be watching to see whether this does get picked up at dropzones. Elite Rigging Academy Derek Thomas, with more than 50 years of rigging experience, discusses a bit of his back story and how Elite Rigging Academy came about. He explains his desire to create a rigging course that isn't just a week long experience, but rather a comprehensive 3-week course
  15. I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately we also need to take false positives into account. It's a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situation. There are probably a number of legitimate threads reference passport for instance, related to traveling. With that said, it may be easier to deal with the false flags than the spam. We've got some anti-spam methods in the works at the moment, just trying to get it set up correctly. But we will continue to fight the spam. We're already running captchas, spam prevention software that blocks signups of noticeable spam. And the fuckers keep changing the content they spam with, so its hard to trigger off specific phrases used.