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  1. No problems with wingsuiting out of it. And yup, no stairs just a smooth ramp to run down. Just make sure to take a slight pause before exit to make sure you're facing the front. The guy that exited it before me was still sideways on exit and spun like a top! Make sure to wear a cam too-you really do end up looking down at the tail. Pretty cool and worth the extra $ for the jump ticket to me!
  2. Perris was test firing the engines on their jet this week! Don't know when it's gonna fly but taking a wingsuit out of it is a must do!
  3. Back when I jumped a Sabre 1 I dealt with the same thing. I called PD and they asked me to measure the slider-then sold me one that was a few inches larger in one direction only-I believe it was span wise. It was an updated slider size? It was a world of difference.
  4. It's been a lot of years since I jumped there-brought my rig on a vaca. A beautiful place to jump, especially wingsuiting! A question for the folk that know the current situation. When I was there (jumping at Skydive Hawaii) I tried to talk to folk about getting together both planes from the two DZs for some bigger formation jumps. I was looked at like I was crazy....and overheard some not so nice things being said.... So is it still kind of contentious between the DZs? Or better now?
  5. Not sure about the "current situation" but it's a beautiful to place to bring your rig and a wingsuit. Just a heads-up aware of the uppers, if you drift thru a cloud on the way back to the DZ. There's a ridge at about 2000 ft altitude close on one side and high surf on the other. It'll scare the crap outta ya if you pop out the bottom and find yourself right next to the ridge!
  6. It is a different world there..... Last time there I jumped at skydive Hawaii. No problem getting in the air but be aware there seems no love lost between the dzs. When I suggested a plane from each dz in formation for a bit of a big way they looked at me like I was crazy.
  7. Bump for ya! Lotta folk at the dz say they feel old when they see the bsbd tees lol!
  8. No drama here... BOUNCE BINGO!!!!!! And then where's Ron to stand over ya and say "I told ya so!"
  9. Got mine today, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Hey, should we ask to make this a sticky in general?????!!!!!
  10. BOD meeting- So Jay Stokes filled in for Rich Winstock-who had a family emergency. Just can't help but be curious about it................
  11. I always thought of the Tonysuits mach 1/super mach 1 as the first "big suits".
  12. Can't place this in incidents, but a lot of folk knew him. Great guy, always helping the newbs. Will be missed.
  13. If these are local rules, it's your pond. So then why not set them, but with waivers only by your approval. Then you can use your common sense. In your WS example I wouldn't say no ellipticals for WS would necessarily be a hard and fast rule. But it would be a very rare occasion to grant a waiver especially for first WS jump. eg: a friend of mine on his first WS jump used his usual little pocket rocket canopy-perfect on heading opening, no problem. However he has well over 20,000 jumps with at least 15,000 on those canopies, so in this very rare instance I didn't feel any concern.