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  1. I hope everyone greatly improves their basic hygiene at least after this. It would help with the spread of all diseases. Every time I see a guy walkout of a public restroom without washing his hands after taking a dump I want to yell at him. And then he's out pushing a cart around the store-then some else pushes that cart-then goes to the food court and eats a sandwich without washing their hands.... hepatitis A also anyone?
  2. What makes you think front line health workers haven't died from seasonal flu? Also different strains of Corona virus have been here for a long time-they were already included on the respiratory path panel.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone else has read this report? It's straight from the CDC. Perspective?
  4. I don't know of anything that can be "fact checked in real time". So with that logic there should be no live coverage of anything.
  5. Take out the drunk driving analogy-it's illegal.... Then yes we all have our own acceptable levels of risk. Just being alive has risks.
  6. What are you talking about? Did you post in the wrong thread?
  7. Are you on chemo? Do you get hypoxic on jump run? No? Then carry on!!!
  8. Maybe the use of an AAD and RSL would have been a bit more to the point....Either way I think the point has been missed. I'm not going to run to a bunker/live in a bubble/go live as a hermit. And I feel that anyone that wants to do that-what on earth are you doing skydiving then? Of course the exceptions are the immune comprimised/COPD/etc. And I would think those folk would be taking a break from skydiving anyway if they are that sick.
  9. I ride motorcycles. I skydive. I breath and live. I wear a helmet. I have a reserve parachute in my rig. I wash my hands a lot, don't touch my face after handling public carts etc. I'm not going to live in a bubble....
  10. No problems with wingsuiting out of it. And yup, no stairs just a smooth ramp to run down. Just make sure to take a slight pause before exit to make sure you're facing the front. The guy that exited it before me was still sideways on exit and spun like a top! Make sure to wear a cam too-you really do end up looking down at the tail. Pretty cool and worth the extra $ for the jump ticket to me!
  11. Perris was test firing the engines on their jet this week! Don't know when it's gonna fly but taking a wingsuit out of it is a must do!
  12. Back when I jumped a Sabre 1 I dealt with the same thing. I called PD and they asked me to measure the slider-then sold me one that was a few inches larger in one direction only-I believe it was span wise. It was an updated slider size? It was a world of difference.
  13. Because we believe people should be able to control themselves. I am sorry that you feel you can't control yourself when you see a woman and will have to attack her. You should probably get help for that. ______________________________________________________ I only take a look at SC for entertainment anymore and don't post. However a question for mods-wouldn't the above easily qualify as a blatant personal attack????
  14. It's been a lot of years since I jumped there-brought my rig on a vaca. A beautiful place to jump, especially wingsuiting! A question for the folk that know the current situation. When I was there (jumping at Skydive Hawaii) I tried to talk to folk about getting together both planes from the two DZs for some bigger formation jumps. I was looked at like I was crazy....and overheard some not so nice things being said.... So is it still kind of contentious between the DZs? Or better now?
  15. Not sure about the "current situation" but it's a beautiful to place to bring your rig and a wingsuit. Just a heads-up aware of the uppers, if you drift thru a cloud on the way back to the DZ. There's a ridge at about 2000 ft altitude close on one side and high surf on the other. It'll scare the crap outta ya if you pop out the bottom and find yourself right next to the ridge!
  16. Just responding to your comments on school security. After 911 airports changed. The idea is to make a soft target a hard target. It could include many things. Closed campus. Entry and exit thru limited number monitored gates-consider metal detectors too. Again consider how airport security measures have changed-which does include more armed presence..... And OK can agree it's not a school problem-can we try it's any soft target with numerous targets problem. Please excuse the sidetrack but feel the above could use a real life example, Example-the San Bernardino terrorist attack-first they hit their workplace Christmas party, next up if they would not have been stopped would have been a school (they had pics of entrance/exits of the school on his phone) and I can only imagine Christmas shoppers at Ontario Mills mall was on their list too. (Some countries actually already have security and metal detectors to enter their shopping malls!)
  17. Is this thread open to further constructive input? If so.... 2. background check. Agree 100%-be aware if a LEO takes a person for 5150-a psych hold it is in the searchable records. However if a Dr. does it you'll never see it as it's buried under medical records confidentiality under HIPAA. So it opens a legit question-how do we get HIPAA overhauled to open psych medical records? Otherwise a real update to background checks is a moot point.... Also as a constructive response to any negativity about teachers carrying- no one has mentioned that after 911 a program of training was instituted for pilots that wish to carry in the cockpit-and many now do.
  18. Hey how about this one? It's Weiner/Huma Abedin's servers/computers they have. So obviously would be communication between Huma and Clinton that they saw..... But then they also saw communication between Huma and Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs( Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is an Abedin family business. Huma was an assistant editor there between 1996 and 2008 and they have ties to terrorist organizations.) -and it's terrorist related. So Comey-who cooperated before with kissin off Clintons violation of security rules-now is facing knowing Clinton has been heavily influenced by an Islamic terrorist sympathizer and Clinton will bring her into the white house with her if elected. So what can he do but what he did...... OK, now that I've pushed a lot of folks buttons-carry on!!!!Lol! But it would be a hell of a thing if the above turned out to be right!
  19. Some insight..... You get a search warrant for Weiner's computer and all devices/servers that he ever had access to. The way it works is your hi-tech direct scans the hard drives and you get a "dump" of info all at once-print it out. Organized by pictures, every website ever visited, every email sent or received etc. You sit down to organize your evidence against Weiner and start reading/looking. Now you see evidence of a completely different crime/suspect-you are allowed to read it initially under the first warrant-only to read enough to determine(probable cause for another warrant) there is in fact another crime/suspect-then you have to stop reading/looking at it and go get your new search warrant. That's the facts of how it works. Now my take....... The agent reading Weiner's computer dump went- "Holy shit!" and ran straight to Comey, who said, "Holy shit!" And now we have to wait to see the "holy shit!"..........
  20. Wall them off and let them keep killing each other. Fuck those thugs.
  21. It is a different world there..... Last time there I jumped at skydive Hawaii. No problem getting in the air but be aware there seems no love lost between the dzs. When I suggested a plane from each dz in formation for a bit of a big way they looked at me like I was crazy.
  22. Bump for ya! Lotta folk at the dz say they feel old when they see the bsbd tees lol!
  23. Nothing to do with any pretense other than my own personal litmus test. Anyone that in this day and age still believes that Japanese internment was a good idea is just not worth trying to have a discussion with about this particular topic. ______________________________________________ I only glance in SC anymore-a couple of you seem to be having a real discussion on this subject so I figured I would throw out some perspective from the times from my dad that you may appreciate. Background-He was on the Pennsylvania when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He wouldn't talk about the war until the last few years he was alive. I figured out he was a beach master in invasion after invasion across the pacific and was on the way to Japan to invade when the a-bombs forced their surrender. He never collected any of his medals and didn't want them. When the last movie Pearl Harbor came out they invited a bunch of vets from WWII to it on opening and surprisingly he went with my mom. When they left the theatre some reporters confronted the vets and one of them asked my dad in a confrontational manner about the interment of the Japanese and how wrong it was. He surprised me by keeping his cool and told them that it was very wrong that their property was taken, business's ruined however he had no problem with removing them from the west coast. He was accused of being racist etc and how could he agree with that. He said-you have to remember we were a bunch of 18 year olds fighting the Japanese and dying ourselves with access to lots of weapons-and if we were home on shore leave and saw any Japanese we would probably have killed them. Just food for thought from the times to keep in mind when you look back at it.....