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  1. Now I remember why I left SC before. There is no neutral exchange of ideas. I may think differently than other people, but I would like to know why we have opposing views. And that's meant in a trying to see/meet at common ground way. BTW Billvon, I do appreciate your response. I've never been much on taking things at face value and I will dig into videos posted more. Wither on the news or otherwise. Just one question to ponder-who unfriends people that have opposing views? Would you not get on a jump with them because of it? Not have a beer with them at beer light? Later, I'm out of here. Carry on with your vitriol.
  2. I hope you're just trolling. Because if you truly believe what you wrote you're a prime example of the rabid people, and there are rabid people on both sides of the isle. Those videos have been in the news, not in a "dark corner of the alt right internet. Folk with genuine thoughts on the subject I would like to hear from. I guess I'm disappointed that everything in here seems to twist into polarized political crap.
  3. We can leave out swerving lanes to mention Trump.... What makes me go WTH is when people are "talked into" kneeling down and apologizing for being white. I've seen it happen on videos and would really like to know the circumstances. Who what when where why? Is Robin Diangelo's book being used as a "script" by people out there? Comes off as "cultish" to me.
  4. I've been watching the show on the NXIVM cult and was browsing on more info on cults and came across this. I found it interesting to read the comparisons. Thoughts? And to any scientologists sorry folks but scientology meets the criteria of a cult. Not all cults demand you end up drinking the Jim Jones brand of cool aid but it seems they all have some type of cool aid even though watered down from the Jones brand.
  5. I finally got a surgery date after 4 months on the wait list -Oct 27, YEA! They originally said it could be 6 to 9 months wait list so I'm not complaining. And yup gonna rehab the hell out of it. I've been able to keep mountain biking 5 to 6 miles a few days a week up until the last 2 months when it started hurting too damn much. They wouldn't do them both at once so I have to wait at least 3 months before they'll do the second one. I can't wait to get back in the air! Thanks for all the responses here!
  6. yup, which just goes to show that dirty cops do go down. And the percentage that go down because the cop working next to them wouldn't put up with their bs isn't kept track of-they are just fired by their department/prosecuted done deal. So the earlier statement that all cops cover up is still a crock. Below just one of many examples where other cops took the initiative as soon as they knew about something.
  7. And you know this how??? What a crock. The cops that know how to try and de-escalate a situation (the majority btw) can't stand that ones that want to stir things up and will do what's necessary- it ends up making their jobs a bit easier. For everyone that wants to monday morning quarterback uof incidents I'd love to put you thru the shoot/don't shoot trainers.
  8. Now that's encouraging to hear! How long did you wait after the surgery?
  9. If the victim was 14 and the guy 24 it would be filed as a felony and registration required. When she was 16 and 17 it would be a wobbler. eg.if she was mentally compromised then would still file felony. So yes it has changed, thats why they are changing the current law. There are already so many that got their case plead down so they're not even on the public database. And for anyone that wants to defend this BS Id really like to see your reaction if it was your daughter.
  10. Please tell me that no one here agrees that a up to 24 year old guy having "consensual" sex with your 14 year old daughter should not be convicted of a felony and be required to register as a sex offender for life! And how could you consider a 14 year to "give" consent to begin with never mind when she's no doubt been groomed by the guy for a year or more before that.
  11. The fact these dirt bags went to the hospital chanting they wanted them to die is just too much. And folk wonder why the police are quick to draw down?
  12. Well that's not the way I see it. I would bet that everyone in here, even with opposite views would get along fine at the DZ buying each other a beer when the beer light comes on and when in person be able to have civil conversations about anything. It seems on the internet is when the vitriol comes out.
  13. How about live and let live. You have your view and other people have their view. There's never been a candidate that I liked everything about-who said my vote is some else's fault-huh? I do own it.
  14. Actually I've always looked at picking who to vote for as choosing the lesser of 2 evils. It's just kind of weird to me how rabid people are getting now a days-and that goes for both sides. So take a deep breath everybody and keep your NTG tabs handy. Jeez! Btw someone a really admire though I didn't always agree with is Jimmy Carter. After he retired he was out pounding nails to help build homes for the homeless with no media hoorah. Now that I would hope everyone respects!
  15. And here's a perfect example of someone whose mind is so set that they would never listen and try to reason things out. BTW your reasoning to take what I said and get where you went needs a reserve chute! Unbelievable!
  16. I figured out a while ago it's pretty difficult to have a reasonable conversation with folks who already have their mind made up. That goes for both sides so I don't waste my energy on it. This one I will throw out some food for thought. If you are standing next to some idiot throwing bricks etc. would you think it's a good idea to get out of there so don't end up as collateral damage? I've always said I don't want to stand next to the idiots steppin in shit cause I don't want it splashing on me.
  17. Brutal suppression of protesters?! Sorry but you need some new glasses, lets try for some balance here. If they light themselves on fire that doesn't count! Green hornet where are you?
  18. I see it's still a mostly liberal rag in here.... Need to get some more balance in here-where's the green hornet! LOL!
  19. As I'm sitting around on the wait list for surgery going crazy I'd like to ask who out there has had total knees done and what if any precautions you took when you returned to jumping. My ortho surgeon just covered his ears and shook his head when I told him I skydive and intended to continue after surgery. Did you wear knee braces? Anything else? I've already upsized my canopy as I couldn't run too fast as the knees have gotten worse.
  20. I hope everyone greatly improves their basic hygiene at least after this. It would help with the spread of all diseases. Every time I see a guy walkout of a public restroom without washing his hands after taking a dump I want to yell at him. And then he's out pushing a cart around the store-then some else pushes that cart-then goes to the food court and eats a sandwich without washing their hands.... hepatitis A also anyone?
  21. What makes you think front line health workers haven't died from seasonal flu? Also different strains of Corona virus have been here for a long time-they were already included on the respiratory path panel.
  22. I'm not sure if anyone else has read this report? It's straight from the CDC. Perspective?
  23. I don't know of anything that can be "fact checked in real time". So with that logic there should be no live coverage of anything.
  24. Take out the drunk driving analogy-it's illegal.... Then yes we all have our own acceptable levels of risk. Just being alive has risks.