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  1. Did another 10 in the tunnel just because it's kind of fun. Still gotta stop fighting the air. This week I'll redo level 3 (weather permitting). Also found I do not like closed faced helmets at all. Good thing I like the wind in my face. Here ya go if you want a laugh Thread should be called "Idiot learns to skydive" or "AFF for people who refuse to give up".
  2. Yeah it's always great to soak up info, especially with (limited) experience because things start making more sense. I liked how one of the instructors said "Don't be afraid of a malfunction, embrace it, and react". Always next time to jump in better conditions.
  3. It was pretty cool to meet people, ask questions that popped into my head, and gain info I hadn't thought of. I did learn a lot in particular about preventing a two out scenario and how to deal with the different ways they could settle.
  4. Winds suck as a student. All day out there today and yesterday. Couldn't wait to get back up. Never did. Guess I'll wait since some of us have to work in the meantime
  5. Holy shit. That extra 10 minutes in the tunnel really sank in to grasp the meaning of a fluid environment. I get it now. Less about perfect body position and more reacting to the airflow with controlled movements. I still suck at flying but at least I can fly. Left 360s are fantastic. Right 360s are slow. Realized my body has a weird twist it wants to do naturally so I'll have to overcome that.
  6. I just reread that DC-3 story. Man that is wild. I'd love to exit one of those since I do like a lot of vintage stuff. Especially planes and vehicles. Supposedly they're bringing a DC-3 back where I'm at. A relatively well known one too. I was at an event where one of the guys working on it (old skydiver) talked about it. It was pretty cool to see the work and passion. Plus, they accept volunteers and I'm a painter (yes with aircraft experience), so if I ever find myself bored maybe I can help get her back online.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I like the bike analogy. Probably a lot like when I learned how to skate half pipes when I used to skateboard. At first it's intimidating and you don't want to commit because you might fall so you do end up falling. I was a lot more relaxed on that last one and more aware in freefall. The rear exit was a lot of fun and that helped. I picked out a cloud way off on the horizon for my heading but it was hard to realize I was turning. I'm pretty sure that turn is what resulted in line twist too since it twisted the same direction. I'll ask about bringing the arms back next time and how to relax my legs while still keeping them extended. I noticed right away when we reviewed the video that my legs looked a lot better but not symmetrical and I just held them in that position. I'll see what they think about toe taps or heel clicks too. I did schedule another 10 minutes of tunnel time. I don't want to overdo it in the tunnel right now but it definitely helped to get a feel of how the wind moved across me. One thing I thought about is there really isn't a lot of focus on leg position and how that affects turns, even in the tunnel as a beginner. Maybe that's on purpose. Plus side, it's getting less nerve racking and turning into determination to succeed.
  8. I almost forgot. On that last ride to altitude I did take that into account regarding the hop n pop. "If we have to exit now, can I do it?". Honestly it's less intimidating actually being on the plane than thinking about it.
  9. Sure, I'm all ears. Anything I take into consideration I'll run by my instructors first anyway.
  10. We agreed to do it again to get the legs ironed out. I'd honestly rather be good than pass just to pass.
  11. Only managed 1 jump due to winds this weekend but I did way better. More importantly, I FELT better after exit. Still need to work on leg symmetry but everything else is there. Had a really good amount of twist, thought I might get 2 freefalls, but I was able to fix it relatively quickly. I watched it twist up and I was like ah dammit. Time to put some training to the test.
  12. Gonna run over all this with my instructors. It's quite a bit. I think for now the key is to relax and have a solid arch right out the door. Luckily I'm not afraid of the door. I actually like it.
  13. That is a lot of information but I think it's good. Seriously thank you.