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  1. I hope I get to join in those stories. Hopefully (ideally) with an idea of what im doing on exit. I'm only 35. Damn. Already 35. It's awesome to see that flying again. I like the history.
  2. I bet it smells very rich in that cabin. I actually like that. Well, and the fact that you can stand up. That's nice. So far it is airworthy and certified. Before they can take jumpers it needs some additional work. Disappointing but hey, it does have seats, and seatbelts.
  3. I'm honestly kind of sad it's not sporting its 80s paintjob. I volunteered as a painter since I have aircraft paint experience. I do think it looks better in its natural bare aluminum. I don't even think it needs paint.
  4. In case you haven't heard, Mister Douglas landed at the Deland municipal Airport last Sunday at approximately 3:30 pm from Tennessee. She's back.
  5. Wait so you were looking down at the plane when exiting with a wingsuit?
  6. I'm sure this has been posted before but does anyone think this is actually going to fly? The teasers look great. It's something that motivates me and I'd love to jump it. Probably shouldn't get my hopes up.
  7. Man I bet those are both relaxing and beautiful.
  8. I did go to the tunnel again. I am going back. Wasn't sure what he wanted me to do here but it resulted in much more control. Faster contrl. I didn't know that if you combine knee turns with arm turns you can fly around in circles. Probably good for aff.
  9. Probably also sounds dumb from a student but I do miss the view.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! I know it's probably a matter of weeks before I go back. I just love flying the canopy. Don't care if it is a student 220 and I weigh 140. It's awesome. Yeah it's slow and I never stand up a landing but so what? It's fun. People talk about downsizing and I'm like why? Less time in the sky more time eating dirt. Definitely ate my fair share of dirt on a 220 when I flared way too high. I thought in hindsight it was 10 feet. Instructor said the flare was 20 feet. High fives all around and I actually got congratulated on a magnificent plf.
  11. Well. I didn't lose the motivation. I temporarily lost the funds and mind set. I will be back.
  12. Nah I kind of lost the motivation. I'm sure I'll go back and if I have to start over that's ok.
  13. Gave it another whirl today and I see that now. Forward and backward felt great and was able to get an attempt at the Mantis position. Not that I need that for AFF but it was fun.