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  1. What in the photos showing the paper cards needs to be deleted? Is it the owners name, address and phone number? Is all the other information on the paper ok to be posted?
  2. Can anyone tell me about this Rig, if any of the parts are usable and if it has any value? Came from a Storage Unit Auction. 14 Photos available at bottom of page. Unknown Main Canopy. Reserve Canopy, Precision Super Raven, Date of Manufacture May 2000.Harness and Container, Sunnpath Javelin J3, Date of Manufacture May 2000.AAD, Cypres Cypres 2, Date of Manufacture April 2008.
  3. What do people do with older Parachutes and older Containers/Harnesses? Do they convert them to Clothing, Storage Bags, Car Covers, Kites...? I would find it difficult to throw it away. Seems like it would have some kind of use.
  4. I went through the 14 cell openings 4 times, top, bottom, left, right, looking 2 feet inside and did not see a label or markings for Parachute identification.
  5. Found the Harness/Container Label under the right side harness strap. 1978 Wonderhog.
  6. Would the Parachute be required to have a Manufacturers Label on it? I could not find it on the top or bottom of the Parachute.
  7. It comes from spending time at Swap Meets/Flea Markets/Storage Unit Auctions/Estate Sales and knowing the Sellers. I rarely see Parachuting Gear, maybe once every 5-10 years.
  8. I found the Reserve card where you said to look and added 3 more photos. Does that change anything in regards to its value?
  9. The Parachute came from a Storage Unit Auction so I have no history about it. Regarding the Main Parachute: appears to be in Good Clean Condition with no holes, no tears, no repairs, bright colors, clean condition. I disconnected it from the Harness to make it easier to photograph. I could not find a manufacturer label on the top or bottom. The sides measure about 11 feet and the back measures about 20 feet. There are 14 cell openings in the front with the green on the right and red on the left. The black side vertical panels are not attached to the Main Parachute. There are 2 vent holes on the bottom. It has hard plastic steering toggles. Regarding the Reserve Parachute. I have located the Reserve Card. It says 1957 26' Pioneer. I have not opened the Reserve Container yet. The Pilot Chute appears to be stored in a waist belt pocket. Regarding the Harness/Container. There is a Plastic Reserve Pull Handle on the left side, a soft pillow type handle on the right side, has a chest strap, 2 shoulder straps, 2 leg straps with buckles, a waist strap, and everything appears to be in Good Clean Condition. Would like your opinions on what the Main, Container and Reserve is, if they are still usable and their approximate value. Thanks in advance for your help.