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  1. I believe this link takes you to the Court Papers Lawsuit. https://www.cliffordlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/David-Schilling-Second-Amended-Complaint.pdf I see they Lawsuit is asking for in excess of $50,000 and Legal Costs. Why don't they put the numbers of what they are asking for? WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, KIMBERLY A. SCHILLING, as Power of Attorney and on behalf of DAVID SCHILLING, demands judgment against Defendant, SKYVENTURE, LLC, for a sum in excess of FIFTY-THOUSAND ($50,000.00) and costs of this suit.
  2. This appeared in my youtube recommendations. Video below says he has 80 Jumps. Appears David Shilling has severe paralysis injuries. I remember many High Schools and Colleges removed Trampolines from their Physical Education Classes mid 1970's due to similar injuries.
  3. 80 Jumpers at $150 = $12,000. 80 Jumpers at $200 = $16,000. Does shutting down the Engines for reloads add a significant amount to the operating costs?
  4. Is there a short term and long term plan for this Jet flying Skydivers at Perris? Is it stored indoors or outdoors? How many Jumpers does it haul? What is its time to load, unload, reload?
  5. Bill could have used this time to say that Tandem Jumps are $150 and Standard Jumps are $25 from 13,000. Promote his business so he can make payments on that 40 Million Dollar Lawsuit. https://www.parachutecenter.com/
  6. Is it possible to start a New Category "Skydiving Business" for those who 1. are in the Skydiving Business 2. want to start a Skydiving Business 3. want to discuss the Skydiving Business
  7. Not sure where to post this. Bill, age 81, probably sees this as a good advertisement video. His business is getting world news and not having to pay for the advertisement. Video says Bill owes 40 Million Dollars for the death. As a general rule in Lawsuits involving accidental deaths, 2011 Reno Air Race Incident where the Mustang crashed into the spectators killing 10 and injuring 69, a Human Death caused by an accident is worth about 5-10 Million Dollars. "Organizers of the Reno National Championship Air Races have established a $77 million fund to be distributed to those who suffered injuries or lost family members in last year’s mass-casualty crash in Nevada. According to the Reno Air Racing Association Accident Compensation Fund’s website, the program is designed to provide claimants prompt compensation while avoiding the costs and delays associated with lawsuits. Compensation will be based on categories of injuries, including $15,000 for bruises and cuts, $45,000 for moderate injuries such as broken bones and torn tendons and $75,000 for major injuries that involved surgery or third-degree burns, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported." https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/west/2012/08/27/260774.htm The conversation between Bill and the Interviewing Woman is interesting. "You're just saying that once the bodies started to pile up you just don't feel as much as you used to from the beginning? Well I feel for it but I I realize that it's just part of life, part of moving on, part of the sport if you will." "Today you owe the Turner family $40 million. Yes I do. Are you going to pay them anything? No. Nothing. Why? I don't have it." Haunting video shows a teenager’s final hours. After recording the video, Tyler Turner boarded a plane to skydive with an instructor. However, the parachute failed to open and both men plummeted to their deaths in 2016. The Parachute Center in Lodi, California, has reportedly been linked to 28 deaths since 1985. It’s leaving many to wonder why the Parachute Center is still allowed to send people jumping out of planes. Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero sat down with the skydiving school’s founder, Bill Dause.
  8. What in the photos showing the paper cards needs to be deleted? Is it the owners name, address and phone number? Is all the other information on the paper ok to be posted?
  9. Can anyone tell me about this Rig, if any of the parts are usable and if it has any value? Came from a Storage Unit Auction. 14 Photos available at bottom of page. Unknown Main Canopy. Reserve Canopy, Precision Super Raven, Date of Manufacture May 2000.Harness and Container, Sunnpath Javelin J3, Date of Manufacture May 2000.AAD, Cypres Cypres 2, Date of Manufacture April 2008.
  10. What do people do with older Parachutes and older Containers/Harnesses? Do they convert them to Clothing, Storage Bags, Car Covers, Kites...? I would find it difficult to throw it away. Seems like it would have some kind of use.
  11. I went through the 14 cell openings 4 times, top, bottom, left, right, looking 2 feet inside and did not see a label or markings for Parachute identification.
  12. Found the Harness/Container Label under the right side harness strap. 1978 Wonderhog.