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  1. I would think if it's sitting idling waiting for 80 people to load that would cost more than shut down.
  2. I don't know the long term plan, that's up to the Conasters. It sits outside, next to the hanger. They take their time to brief everyone, so it is shut down between loads. As for "unload" as you can see in the videos everyone runs out, they were putting 80 out on one pass! It was $150.00 the first week, but it looks like they had to recalc costs as now it will be $200.00 a jump.
  3. I'd still love to wingsuit from a B-17 but have not heard of anything available. Any info on possible opportunities?
  4. 3 loads went up today-I got on jet 2 and jet 3, too cool!
  5. 3 loads flown, I got to manifest and junp on jet 2 and jet 3. Awesome!
  6. Hot dam! The jet is manifesting tomorrow morning!!!!! I'll be on it!!
  7. Then there's the 2005 flight that maintained level flight-with a little help lol!
  8. What I find most disturbing is the tandem fatalities this year. If that were to keep up, it would not be good for the sport. Yes every skydive has risk, but at least experienced jumpers have a chance to mitigate those risks.
  9. Very true, and not just by ability-my lead sled butt will never be able to stay up with those 6'3" 170lb'ers. I can only wave as I drop away lol.
  10. Yup, it's pretty cool! Just make sure you're squared up to facing the front of the plane on exit. Take a second before opening up and you fly the relative wind-up! I was really surprised at how far above the tail I got!
  11. They've spent a lot of money already on engine overhauls and the runway so even if they plan to sell it I don't see why they wouldn't send a couple loads up first. I got a chance to take a wingsuit out of it when it was flying before-you have to try it! You really do fly up until you're looking down at the plane-amazing!
  12. A friend of mine that's big and lived in So. Cal. had to first buy his own rig ( correct harness size and canopy approp. size of course), then went to Lodi for AFF.
  13. Yes always loved his sense of humor! After he came back after his surgery to remove a brain tumor he said that now he can pinch a girls butt and then just say it was the tumor. Then he looked at me and said " now if I pinch your butt then it really is the brain tumor!"
  14. Blue skies Mark, you'll be missed in the air, on the ground and everywhere.