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  1. david sedaris is telling this one these days: A woman wakes up on her 40th birthday, and she goes to the drugstore and says: “Today’s my birthday. Can you guess how old I am?” The druggist says, “36?” She says, “I’m 40.” Next she goes to the butcher shop and goes: “Today’s my birthday. Can you guess how old I am?” The butcher says, “32.” She goes, “No, I’m 40.” She goes up and down Main Street. Nobody comes close to guessing her age. She gets in her car and goes to the gas station. Says to the guy, “Can you guess how old I am?” He says, “I can guess your age and your birthday. But first you have to let me fondle your breasts for a while.” She says, “OK.” Then after about five minutes, he says, “You are 40 years old, and your birthday’s today.” “How did you do that?” He goes, “I was in line behind you at the butcher shop.”
  2. @dudeman17 re: identity of passenger (from incidents thread as to not clog it up): I wonder about that too. I assume a business person of some kind, as most rich people fall into that category. Where did Mike advertise these 41k jumps? Somehow you have to get word to the rich thrill seekers of the world that this service is available. I also would not be surprised if Mike throws / threw in one or two std. alt. tandems just to make sure the pax is comfortable with the experience.
  3. $875 to 30k. not bad. esp comparing to the OP's offerings.
  4. @Rover "why?" you asked. I'd pay a 1-2k to do it once. Why? I dunno, because it would be cool somehow to push your own envelope, jump out into literally thin air, higher than commercial airliners. Any time I would be flying commercial I could look out the window and see the view to the ground and say to myself, "I was in the air like I am in this plane now". That would be worth something to me. Not worth 11k though.
  5. I suspect they have been either quarantining and/or using covid tests in addition to vaccination. Masks are more for being around people whose prior contacts you don't know. (IMHO)
  6. Tales we collected them all when i was growing up. I actually learned a lot about history from these.
  7. Pause. (said they way they say "rusted")
  8. Nope. 11k just for you. (from doc posted by mike in other thread:)