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  1. you got a lot of ads on there already. clicking on an ad takes you to a facebook skydive for sale group, so I am guessing you are scraping fb to get your listings? The website looks nice enough. Seth
  2. I have been wondering what the the long game should be for progressive dems. If the theory that the economy will come down at some point, maybe in the next 4 years, it maybe good for trump to get re-elected and have to deal with a poor economy to take the shine off the repubs. then the battle in 2024 would be with trump's heir (whoever that is), and a fractious campaign on both sides could help the progressives, 'cause similar to what got the ACA passed the dems are going to need a massive wave to get their agenda (ACA++, free college, etc) passed. so even though I see trump as likely winner, it may be better in the long run. of course a women's right to choose may get sacrificed on the way...
  3. Tesla has almost 50,000 employees, much of them in the US. Those employees are well paid and pay taxes. So the amount of tax money going into the system as a result of Tesla is greater than the amount of tax credits.
  4. pics or it didn't happen. congrats!
  5. are you still as bearish on Tesla as you were a few years ago? if now you think they will succeed, does that make the tax credits less evil in your mind? the argument being that Telsa is a net win for the country; the tax revenue generated more than covers the lost revenue of the tax credits.
  6. my schadenfreude these days is tesla shorts.
  7. you guys can both be right. if the theory is that religion helped in organizing primitive societies into complex ones that became civilization, it could be true that: 1. without religion such societies would have eventually developed. 2. without religion such societies would have taken much much longer to develop, such that on earth they still would be undeveloped today.
  8. ok, but if you went back to those days, you would think the people were mentally ill, there was so much superstition and practices that we would consider crazy.
  9. I am not disputing this, but I don't think it is very relevant or important.
  10. I was a big Rush fan, when Neil Peart died I listened the hell out of their stuff from the late 70s and 80s. Neil was an atheist, but several of his songs touched on this idea, of imagining a world beyond our own. But as he ends this verse from Mystic Rhythms, it is just entertainment... "We sometimes catch a window A glimpse of what’s beyond Was it just imagination Stringing us along? More things than are dreamed about Unseen and unexplained We suspend our disbelief And we are entertained —"
  11. There is a difference between having a spooky or unexpected feeling and then shrugging it off later, and repressing your humanity. For example, many people get really freaked out after watching a horror film. They may go so far as to not go into a dark room, or refuse to be alone in a house. Now later if they shrug that off as ridiculous, are they repressing their humanity too? No. They are just acknowledging the mind doesn't always operate rationally.
  12. the patheos link is to a satirical section of the website. The news story is not true.
  13. If I may be so bold as to respond for Jerry, his single line quote of you makes it clear what he found insulting: quote: (You may not have followed the entire discussion, which is understandable) By that line, you meant: "You have obviously not followed the entire discussion. The discussion is not easy for anyone to follow because it is so fragmented, so even though you are an intelligent person, the messy format of this thread caused you to miss a few points" But Jerry read it as: "You have obviously not followed the entire discussion. It is a straightforward set of posts, but because you are stupid, I would not have expected you to be able to follow it." ------------- we will see if Jerry agrees with my read...
  14. no it doesn't sound like that to me. bandwidth issues usually result in things running slow, taking too long to load etc. this problem is not like that. if the result is a database connection issue, then it does seem to be persistent for some time. I don't know how number of database connections relate to how many users are making requests.