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  1. down boys (look for michael richards cameo)
  2. Hmm, maybe make a new category called "Carnival Ride" and put tandem under that. I kid. Tandem was always designed as a training tool, a way to get a student exposure to freefall in a very controlled way, and it has become a very popular way to introduce people to the sport before they go on to AFF or IAD. But it has also become a one-and-done thrill ride, even if the pilot is still called a TI (Tandem Instructor)
  3. solo belly isn't a thing. any sub discipline has ways to be practiced alone. camera isn't other. camera can be a speciality of any discipline. tandem would be a sub-discipline of training, also including AFF
  4. No Anchovies fun fact: at point in this weird track people are speaking in a foreign language. This is actually the backwards recorded phrase "It doesn't take a genius to know the difference between chickenshit and chicken salad". My buddy had that record and we verified that back in the day.
  5. SethInMI

    Bill Cosby

    yes. basically a version of double jeopardy, which is news to me. Sounds like the court said if the announces that he won't prosecute you for a crime, and then you admit to it, you can't be prosecuted again...
  6. doesn't get much better than that. if you are the right age, cue up the Kenny Loggins.
  7. poppy (on the theme I guess. I've been to Ypres too, stood with the Brits who came to listen to the Last Post and remember the war to end all wars)
  8. I do. For my .02, I will share my experience, I had the opportunity to start jumping in college, but didn't have the money. I waited until I was 30, when I was in a good financial situation. I have been jumping for 18 years now. I don't regret waiting at all. Skydiving is a huge time and money suck, and usually at Uni you don't have the luxury of a lot of either.