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  1. Having been an instructor in the army, a skydiver and being a keen fisherman, I assure you I can curse with the best/worst of them. My original comment was aimed specifically at the use of profanity on the back cover of a book. That was all.
  2. The irony of your post is clearly lost on you.
  3. <Quote> "As for what Erroll said, he's right. While I often find it to be a useful word, not everyone appreciates the word fuck. Using it on the back cover description might drive away potential buyers. </Quote> <Quote>"Pity you needed to resort to obscenities to sound cool.</Quote>
  4. Indeed. Pity you needed to resort to obscenities to sound cool.
  5. The serial spammer in the DB Cooper thread has now started posting disgusting pictures and one has no warning that these will appear - very embarrassing in the workplace. Until he has been neutralised, please consider disabling inline pictures. Asking us to ignore the user is only useful after the fact, and he also creates new user IDs all the time. Perhaps a waiting period before new users are allowed to post inline pictures might alleviate the problem too?
  6. Erroll

    Has run it’s course?

    Probably the only reason the rubbish in the DB Cooper thread has been allowed to continue. But I agree - those high click threads bring the traffic. Much like a shopping mall needs a headline store to attract the customers and the speciality outlets benefit.
  7. I bet those amateurs can spell too.....
  8. Erroll

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Alas.... I have been getting timeouts again all day. Only managed to connect now (6:45 PM SA time)
  9. Erroll

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Sounds like both of you are trying to show that is sometimes OK to start a sentence with "So", and the examples you use are correct. However, the use of "So" in my example above is not grammatically correct. So, what do you think about that?
  10. Erroll

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    That may apply when the gender is uncertain. I read this just the other day: "The ladies' number one seed said they are confident of making the last four in the Champions Tournament in China". It is not worth arguing about, but like Nataly said, "....just another pet peeve of mine......"
  11. Erroll

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Indeed - we all have them. One of my current ones (which I am really struggling with) is how many people are starting sentences (including replies) with the word "So" these days. "How did your malfunction happen?" "So, I pitched at 3k and then....." It is just wrong and right up there with "pluralising" (sic) everybody. "The AFF instructor told the student to check their goggles. They did and confirmed that their goggles were fine. As the student exited, they went unstable and the instructor pulled their ripcord." How many pairs of goggles were checked? How many people were unstable? Whose ripcord was pulled? Bah... It's a pet peeve of mine... And as with most pet peeves, it's not so very important - just annoying. In my opinion.
  12. Erroll

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    I would venture to suggest that most people who use that phrase are just being polite - no more, no less. The fact that you find it obnoxious suggests that the problem does not lie with your correspondents.
  13. Erroll

    Looking for some ideas

    The mind boggles.......
  14. Erroll

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Have not seen it again since this morning - thanks!
  15. I have been getting these timeouts since last night (Sunday). I use the internet a lot and have not seen this with any of the many other overseas hosted sites I visit. (I am in South Africa.)