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  1. I remember Sorensen but I did not know this:- "Most notably, he was generally regarded as the author of Profiles in Courage". Seems to me that several current senators would do well to try and emulate those written about in the book.
  2. Erroll


    At this time there is absolutely no evidence that it 'originated' in South Africa. The South African virology scientists, who are among the most advanced and pro-active in the world(having had to deal with HIV, Ebola, Malaria etc.), were the first to discover the variant. The rest of the international community, led by the UK which has 10 times more daily infections than South Africa, had a massive knee-jerk reaction and as a result almost all international travel from South Africa has been banned. It feels is if the country is being punished for being at the forefront of virology research.
  3. I wonder if Liz Cheney, one of the most conservative GOP'ers, is likely to fit that bill? However, the fact that Pelosi appointed her, and her declared stand on the Big Lie, will probably count against her.
  4. One has to wonder how some folks can honestly still deny that this is happening given that level of evidence.
  5. "Visual evidence can cut to the core of the debate in a way that words cannot and communicate complex issues to everyone," said Rebecca Moore, a director of Google Earth, in a blog post on Thursday. Google Earth Timelapse
  6. Given the context of your post, that is probably bad advice......
  7. From CNN "Less than one day later, the General Assembly voted Tuesday to override the governor's veto, making their state the first in the country to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for trans youth."
  8. Erroll


    I don't rightly know. I have heard maize farmers refer to it as 'mielie pes', or "maize pest", but I have seen cattle graze on it too. It is certainly invasive, especially on fallow land. Some of the cosmos fields are vast!
  9. Erroll


    From Wikipedia:- Cosmos species are native to scrub and meadowland in Mexico where most of the species occur. In the United States, some varieties may be found as far north as the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, but the range also extends through Central America to South America as far south as Paraguay[citation needed]. One species, C. bipinnatus, is naturalized across much of the eastern United States and eastern Canada.[5] It is also widespread over the high eastern plains of South Africa, where it was introduced via contaminated horsefeed during the Anglo-Boer War.[6]
  10. Erroll


    I have just returned from a week's fishing trip to the Natal Midlands and on my drive back I noticed that the Cosmos flowers have started appearing. Down here these flowers have always been the herald that Winter is on its way - appearing in early Autumn and creating quite spectacular fields of colour all along the highways and byways of the Highveld. I did a bit of reading up and discovered that they are originally from Mexico, and were introduced to South Africa around the early 1900's. I also see they are fairly widespread in the US and I was wondering if they are also considered as early indicators of Winter over there? (I am assuming that they also flower in the US Autumn)
  11. Try this one.... Nanothermite and the WTC
  12. The hottie in the rainbow striped jumpsuit and shades?
  13. My personal best bass taken on Lake Okeechobee, FL. (We don't get many bass that size down here in SA!)
  14. This headline from CNN just illustrates exactly what a farce the senate "trial'' is really going to be, especially after having sworn an oath to be impartial jurors. Three GOP senators talk strategy with Trump's team