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  1. I bet those amateurs can spell too.....
  2. Erroll

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Alas.... I have been getting timeouts again all day. Only managed to connect now (6:45 PM SA time)
  3. Erroll

    Looking for some ideas

    The mind boggles.......
  4. Erroll

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Have not seen it again since this morning - thanks!
  5. I have been getting these timeouts since last night (Sunday). I use the internet a lot and have not seen this with any of the many other overseas hosted sites I visit. (I am in South Africa.)
  6. Erroll

    President Nixon's involvement

    We called it an ADVON when I was in the military. This was an advance party going to do a recon of the area and what was about to take place....but hey, maybe they do things different nowadays. Additionally, Nixon's brother was in the Seattle around the time of the hijacking. My point is, why were these people in this area around the time of the hijacking. More importantly, why didn't anyone ever question any of these people. Tough crowd.
  7. Erroll

    President Nixon's involvement

    Is there a grassy knoll in Gearhart?
  8. There is the old joke that you should stick your alti/dytter/shoe up your *ss. You'll be the subject of speculation around the bonfire for many years to come.
  9. Erroll

    DB Cooper

    Your contribution to the cause has indeed been yuge. (You should never post this in Speaker's Corner - you might just get confused with someone else.....)
  10. Erroll

    Alan Homstead

    Correct. He and another jumper had originally planned to jump from much higher than the main load, and jumped 10-20 minutes after the main load.
  11. Erroll

    Family and friends advice

    If their opinions are important enough to go to the trouble:- Invite these people to spend a day at the DZ. Let them chat to other 'family and friends', as well as other jumpers. Perhaps walk them through the various areas - training, packing, manifest. From the ground, talk them through a jump - show the aircraft running in, the exits, the openings, the pattern, the landings.
  12. Erroll

    Whats it like running a dropzone?

    Surely this belongs in General and not Q&A?
  13. Erroll

    Alan Homstead

    Probably the wrong place for this, but no account I have read anywhere mentioned someone who elected not to jump? Three jumpers were pulled off the load because of weight issues.
  14. Erroll

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Agreed. One is very unlikely to accidentally click on the "mark as read" button, given its position, therefore making the 'are you sure' box really redundant.
  15. Erroll

    Image links broken in forum posts?

    I can now see pics and was able to attach one no problem. Cheers.