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  1. I came across this post on a local FB group: The Recces mentioned in the quote is a special forces (reconnaissance) brigade of the SA Defence Force. I wonder if anyone here can tell us more?
  2. Erroll

    BoJo out

    He (barely) survived a 'no confidence vote' just recently, and technically can't be subjected to another one for a year.
  3. (CNN) — Ryanair has confirmed that South Africans will no longer have to take an Afrikaans test to prove their nationality before boarding flights to the UK. The U-turn was announced by Michael O'Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, during a news conference in Brussels on Tuesday.
  4. If there is still any doubt as to the veracity of these reports:- From CNN: 'Insane and discriminatory' x All of this is completely irrelevant. From the article : Afrikaans is only used by an estimated 12% of the population.
  5. I doubt that she used Ryanair. We will be travelling during July & August... (If we get our Visas in time!)
  6. Indeed. We are planning an extensive trip to Ireland, The Isle of Man and the UK soon and while I do not foresee an issue with the silly test itself should I have to do it, I still believe this is bizarre and discriminatory. These are not Biblical times. On a somewhat related note:- Mayhem predicted for travel this summer This of a lot more concern.
  7. How about Ryanair told News24 on Friday that it had a responsibility to "ensure that passengers are correctly documented for travel to their destination", in terms of Section 40 of the UK Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.
  8. I don't know if this belongs here or in the "Joke of the day" thread. UK accused of blocking South Africans at airports unless they pass Afrikaans test
  9. Unless of course the OP is really from Scandinavia and did indeed mean to say 'bare'......
  10. Erroll


    Common sense appears to elude you.
  11. Hover over that link and you'll see that the URL it is pointing to is 'back here'. https //www dropzone com/forums/topic/55062-freak-brother-alphabetical-listing/
  12. From the article: "In just a few weeks, the pair will test that partnership to the absolute limit, high above a remote part of Arizona..."