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  1. You are losing your touch. Your trolling always used to be much more sophisticated than this.
  2. Looking at the mugshots of these terrorists really helps one to understand the mentality of the morons who still support Trump.
  3. Probably not - no mask.
  4. Beau's complete thought:- Trump has taken leave of his senses or he no longer wants to win . I recall that many people felt that he didn't want to win in 2016 either.
  5. Seems it is only the NYT magazine I am having trouble with.
  6. I'd appreciate that, Wendy. I get the NYT daily morning headlines but I can't read them without subscribing.
  7. Weird Al's take on the debate
  8. Kayleigh McEnany tests positive.....
  9. I wasn't suggesting the she may have started the spread, but rather that she may have some immunity having had it before?
  10. I wonder how significant it is that Amy Barret has already had, and recovered from, Covid-19? She was the center of attention that day, yet has so far tested negative.
  11. I would not be at all surprised if, should they recover, Trump will brag and say stuff like "See, I told you this was no big deal - just like a little flu", or "See how strong I am - Biden wouldn't have survived".
  12. Erroll

    Biden's VP

    Maybe she put some of that salve on her nose after picking it? Now that would really be controversial!
  13. Erroll

    Biden's VP

    You remind me of Sarah Palin. There are around 54 nations in Africa.