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  1. Seen elsewhere: Letitia James will grab him by the properties because when you’re an AG, they let you do it.
  2. Check and balance?? One of the biggest hypocrites in Congress!
  3. Wouldn't that add to the already rising temperature??
  4. It would be great to have real interviewers like Barbra Walters around today.
  5. Follow Trump's lead: simply inflate of deflate their value as required.
  6. Out of curiosity, what is the typical party affiliation spread of the federal workforce? I suspect that not many of these workers would take kindly to being told "Vote for me and if I win you lose your job".
  7. First lawsuit to disqualify Trump filed in Florida.
  8. I am starting to see a lot of commentary about the 14th amendment and Trump's eligibility to even be on any ballots. From what I've read if blue states don't put him on their ballots and red states do, either way legal challenges will likely end up before the USC, and that could be really interesting.
  9. Christie raised his hand merely to indicate to the moderators that he wanted to speak.
  10. White House advisor describes Government's response This interview is specifically aimed at people who deliberately spread falsehoods and disinformation. You should watch it.
  11. Jumper arrested after jumping from Eiffel Tower
  12. Try that in a small town.......
  13. This is exactly what Hillary Clinton was talking about. Deplorables Fast-forward to 3:20 . I suppose this is also what Trump was talking about when he said he "loved the uneducated".
  14. I see Ted Cruz is now even bitching about the Barbie movie!
  15. Just for my edification: Tuberville is not the only senator on the committee. Do these confirmations need to be unanimous?
  16. Erroll


    Trump claimed on Fox that the recording exonerates him. In his feeble mind that is reason enough?
  17. Erroll


    Agreed. Here is a deep dive into exactly that subject: Jack Smith’s CALCULATED RISK in Trump Indictment EXPLAINED
  18. Erroll


    Two observations:1.If he is tried in Florida then a conviction is surely not a foregone conclusion. 2.Almost none of the MAGA reaction that I have seen claim that he is innocent. They all blame Biden, Democrat weaponisation of the DOJ etc., but no one says he is innocent.
  19. One of these days this will all be moot. Utah primary schools ban Bible.....
  20. I have said this before, but I still cannot believe how stupid these imbeciles are! Trump Bucks SCAM Exposed DESTROYING Life Savings MAGA Followers
  21. I seem to recall that back in the day the mods could limit the daily number of posts made by an individual?
  22. Erroll


    I enjoyed their technical term for the eventual explosion : "rapid unscheduled disassembly".
  23. From what I read, calling him a jurist is pretty generous. Kacsmaryk Is Unfit for Lifetime Appointment as Federal Judge
  24. Erroll

    Fort who?

    Fascinating bit of history. Also quite ironic that Robert Smalls be came a Republican politician. Wonder how much of this is getting taught in today's Republican states?