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  1. I've been following nation-wide stats pretty regularly and have been thinking about the drop in testing...I wonder how much it's directly related to the drop in cases: less people are feeling ill so they're less likely to go out and seek a test. I'm sure there are lots of factors, including weather as you say. Looks like we're largely getting all numbers down below the peak of the second wave, fingers crossed we keep trending in that direction.
  2. Hi Jerry, Just to clarify, I only meant that as a crack at Perry and not a comment on the organization as a whole. On the Cruz thing, Trevor Noah said something along the lines of: When times are dark, and you only see one set of footprints in the sand....they're Ted Cruz's, 'cause he's in Cancun
  3. Perry's got a point about keeping the Feds out...have you seen the type of dipshits they let run the Department of Energy?
  4. What the fuck is the point you think you're trying to make here? I spent Monday and Tuesday night freezing my ass off, had great fun trying to find warm shelter for my wife's 80-year great old aunt who went the night in a 40 degree house before she gave up 'not wanting to be a bother' and called for help. We're much luckier than most in that the only casualty seems to be a 12-year old washing machine out in the garage. The Texan death toll will likely be in the dozens when the dust settles. The root cause is an infrastructure not able to keep up in the cold, with wind and solar accounting for a very small percentage of the lost capacity. A person has to jump through a whole lot of logical hoops to get to a point where your post makes any kind of fucking sense...Are we in this hypothetical Fox world where people are suggesting that we drop 100% of fossil fuels today? Were the TX blackouts caused entirely by frozen turbines and not gas/coal production facilities that couldn't handle the cold? Ken's got the right idea with putting you on the block list. I've wasted too much time reading your bullshit. With millions of people suffering right now, kudos for trying to twist this into some contorted attempt to score some political point while ignoring the facts that don't support your very weak argument.
  5. lippy


    As always, thank you Dr. for another of your insightful, well though out statements about COVID.
  6. You still holding your breath for the Durham report?
  7. NEVER!!!! ***sorry, lost a few $$$ at the casino last weekend and I'm still a tad bitter.
  8. Thanks for the hint Ron!
  9. I'd be asking for a PA to say what kind of birds it seems apparent you flock with, based on that statement.
  10. Ahh yes, we all remember the BLM protesters and their chants to hang Mike Pence
  11. As Trevor Noah put it, Gohmert need his gun handy for hunting wabbits:
  12. Now now need to loose your shit over an extra letter here or there.
  13. The hell with solitary, lock him in there with Eric!
  14. In the far-right media landscape, BLM is a terrorist organization