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  1. Word has it he's the real man's opera
  2. I believe Brent is asking if he's the 'real man's Oprah'....but proper spelling and punctuation are for libtards.
  3. If you're going to open up that comparison: for the love of all that is Holy, let's hope that Trump doesn't start grinding and thrusting his hips on stage.
  4. As somebody else asked recently, has a SINGLE Q prediction come true so far? Have you been given any reason to think that the bullshit that they're spewing is true, other than that you'd like it to be true?
  5. Well as of now Q is not discussing the Clinton extradition, so it would lead one to assume.....
  6. Pretty soon is relative. It's definitely coming but I have no idea of the time frame. What I find interesting is how many people in the industry are in complete denial that anything will ever change.
  7. I spent the past couple of days on a frac pad in ND testing out some new equipment and it was a weird juxtaposition to see wind turbines in every direction around the site.
  8. Did you not read the context of what you quoted or are you just trying to deliberately mislead?
  9. If you've got to resort to bashing a kid who's done as much as Greta Thunberg has so far in her short life, just for her being on the spectrum, your argument is damn weak. Just want to point out that you're reaching a new low in your arguments here and it's pretty fucking low....
  10. lippy

    The swamp

    I am praying that you get back on your meds...
  11. lippy


    If you keep saying it long enough, one of these days it'll come true!
  12. Is it illegal to walk across in the middle of the desert with the intent of requesting asylum? Honest question.
  13. John Oliver talked about the GND last night, I thought it worth 20 minutes...If you're the least bit a fan of Bill Nye, the last minute is worth it!
  14. If capitalism is so great why isn't China doing it?
  15.'re disputing proven science that has been developed over several decades with an (I assume pulled out of your ass) argument that 'maybe we've significantly hardened the earth's crust and so there are fewer volcanoes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions'???? Come on man. I assume that your theory beats the hypothesis of the scientific community because nobody paid you to come up with it???