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  1. The only thing we know for sure is that whatever would have happened here, you would have blamed the Dem's....Suppose the Fed did nothing and SVB's collapse spurred bank-runs that tanked other small/mid-sized banks. You'd have been on here skewering Biden for not shoring up the financial system. Your one guiding ideology is 'Dem's Suck' and that makes it hard to take your schtick too seriously.
  2. A simple 'no' woulda sufficed.
  3. Can you produce some evidence of what evil CRT is being taught in schools to indoctrinate the youths!!!!!! ??? Not some expose from Fox trying to scare people into making an ass of themselves, but a legit curriculum?
  4. Tim Hartford did an episode of his Cautionary Tales Podcast about Midgely, was a good listen:
  5. WaltAppel was a lot of fun, until he wasn't....
  6. There's a lot to unpack in that post, it got a weee bit rambly. At the end of the day, you typed the above quote in the same post that included a link to almost did a spit-take.
  7. lippy


    And Florida is last in math?!?!?!?!?
  8. Popped over to Fox this morning to see what the other side is being told to headline: DEMS ARE COMING FOR YER GUNNNNNNNNS!!!!!
  9. Yes, one would struggle quite a bit to find an example of DeSantis wasting limited time and resources....Florida paying to fly migrants from TX to Martha's Vineyard, or picking fights with Disney make all the sense.
  10. I believe BIGUN's point wasn't to suggest that you weren't there, but that you weren't the only one (i.e. he was there as well).
  11. I think it was the "some of my good friends are black" card
  12. Yeah, she's a sharp's her buddy Matt:
  13. The fuck you talking about??? Can you point out one time where I tried to school you on 'how conservatives be'? I know research isn't really your jam, but I thought you had a little more than 'I know you are but what am I?'
  14. Yeah, why listen to the opinions of actual people on the left when you can just project the Fox News caricature of lefties...Simpler than actually listening and/or thinking, I guess.