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  1. lippy


    Maybe I'm missing something here: - Clinical trials were performed on the vaccines. - EUA's were issued for certain vaccines based on them being demonstrated safe and effective during clinical trials.
  2. lippy


    You have an unparalleled ability to post utter horseshit, sprinkled with a few big words. The fuck you talking about when you say clinical trials were bypassed for the COVID vaccines?!?!?
  3. I occasionally see a big Dodge truck on I-30 in Fort Worth with giant stacks and a vanity plate that says ‘EPA LOL’….more money than brains
  4. I see that the subtlety, grace and deepness of thought with which you approach the topic of COVID-19 apply to other topics as well...good to know.
  5. Checkers player??? Do you have one source outside of the right-wing media bubble to support your claim? Besides, even if one were to take your statement at face value, I'll take a checkers player of the last guy who was playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  6. The Mob is the one that's organized, that's how you tell the difference
  7.'s gonna get so hot I'll shit myself! Was pushing 100 in Ft. Worth today, pretty toasty for mid-June.
  8. I take it you haven't been here recently...a significant part of the population has learned nothing
  9. Any here I thought you just wanted to come here to talk about skydiving.
  10. lippy


    You sure they’re not already wadded? I dunno what else would explain that fucked up look he’s always got on his face.
  11. Person...Woman...Man...Camera....TV
  12. you mean Brent?
  13. I think the GOP is betting heavily on Trump, and his power going into 2024 will largely depend on the outcome of the ‘22 midterms.