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  1. lippy

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    Looked like there was only one instructor, guessing he's done a few jumps prior to this?
  2. Are you looking to film fun jumps from the outside or shoot POV? What kind of camera helmet do you have/are planning to buy?
  3. lippy

    Beach Jumps in Texas; Upcoming Dates

    Not only competing with Deadman in Sept, but the 20-22 of Aug is a TSL meet at Spaceland AND Larry Henderson's 36-ways in Dallas. I'm really hoping to make it down there to jump with you guys one of these days. Hope you get some good turnouts
  4. I've never flown in a tunnel so take what I say with a grain of salt. They are a good tool to simulate FF and some tunnel time with coaching would definitely help you prepare for flying on an actual skydive. That said, if your financial situation has you choosing between AFF or spending money on the tunnel, I'd recommend just going straight to AFF. I've never been there, but I understand Bedford Bodyflight is a 1st class facility: I'm ignorant to UK geography so forgive me if that's not in the area you're looking. Welcome to the sky
  5. I think all the DZ's in Alberta are shut down for the year. Around Calgary there are 3 DZ's, but I haven't jumped at any of them in a while so I'm not sure what the vibe is like. There are a few Calgarians who make the drive up to Edmonton on a regular basis. Eden North is a great DZ just outside of Edmonton. They've got a Caravan for the jumping season (which ended yesterday there), a great crew of people and some of the best RW, Freefly and CReW people in Canada. Depending on what part of Calgary you're in, it's about a 4 hour drive.
  6. lippy

    Paracaida en Bolivia

    Creo que ya no hay ningun lugar para saltar ahi. Antes habia un sitio en Santa Cruz, pero ya esta cerrado.
  7. lippy

    Pampered at a small dz.

    Good Stuff! I've never had the pleasure to jump at LP, but I've heard nothing but good......Or maybe he's just sucking up because he wants you to buy him a good bottle for the save
  8. lippy


    If you think you'll want to get a full face as soon as you're qualified, you might want to consider a Protec in the meantime. They're cheap, comfortable and actually protect your noggin better than a lot of skydive-specific helmets. If you buy a Protec, make sure you don't get one of the skateboard helmets that goes really wide at the bottom; it could present a snag hazzard. Whatever you choose, it'd be a good idea to consult an instructor at your DZ before you put down any money on something that might turn out not to be suitable.
  9. lippy

    Most comical?

    Where's the option for Fandango?
  10. lippy

    Newb Stigma?

    That's a toughie...It depends on so many factors. What discipline you're practicing, how many jumps over how many years etc. But even when the 'newbie sign' gets removed from your forehead, you've still got a ton of shit to learn. Just remember: We all suck, we just gotta keep jumping and try to suck a little less each time
  11. lippy

    Asociacion Aerodeportiva de Paracaidismo de Lima

    Right from when I contacted these guys over email they seemed really nice and willing to help. I got to the DZ and they saw that my rig doesn´t have an AAD, which is mandatory in Peru. They found a local who was willing to lend me his rig, and then they rented me a club rig at a good price when I wanted to jump with the guy who lent me his rig. The view of the Andes from the plane is pretty cool. It`s weird being at 11K and seeing a mountain out the window. I only spent one Sunday there and there was a big jumping event in another part of the country which drew away most of the experienced jumpers, so I can´t say what an average weekend is like. From what I did see these guys are super safety oriented, the Ceneca is a really nice little plane and the vibe in general was great! I can't wait to come back
  12. lippy

    Arizona Dropzones

    I've never been to anywhere besides Skydive AZ, but they've got a good school there and the vibe is GREAT. I don't think it's 'too big for students'. They'll just have to learn more about keeping their head on a swivel right off the bat, as opposed to a smaller DZ.
  13. lippy

    CYPRES save video's

    There's a few on Not sure if this is one of the other sources you're already aware of.
  14. What's on your chest strap? I assume after 4500 you're off radio