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  1. BULLSHIT!!!!! It's 96.5% tops!
  2. lippy


    You may have just uncovered why he doesn't read anything he posts!
  3. ....well if it's a 4 stage protocol it's gotta work!
  4. Hunter Biden?!?!?!? No you fool! The answer is right there in the title: windfall. It's those damn renewable activists at it again!
  5. Presumably because some talking head at Fox said it what way do you believe he posts his own thoughts rather than regurgitating far-right talking points?
  6. Yeah but none of those guys predicted last Tuesday's rain, so fuck them and their so-called 'models'
  7. That rug really ties the room together.
  8. 100% agreed...but in his, defense they're all on the same line in the Fox News Thesaurus.
  9. I first got off FB a few years back. It used to be a great tool to keep in touch with people all over the world. When I started to see the politicization, I thought "great, this is valuable to see the perspectives of people from a different political leaning"...I think that was worthwhile, but it quickly devolved into dozens of posts showing two ex-coworkers rant posting memes at each other intertwined with updates on various ex's and ads for hoodies with my last name printed on them. As fast as I could unfriend the ex-coworkers, they were replaced by angrier ones! As my Mom has developed health issues, I've gotten back on as a convenient way to keep tabs on all the family stuff back home, then gotten frustrated and suspended my account. That cycle's gone a few times, with the 3rd account suspension being about 3 months in right now.
  10. lippy


    As always I really enjoy your posts...The question of his available realities really is the ace up his sleeve, isn't it?
  11. There's not a medicine cabinet big enough for all the hair product....
  12. Peter isn't minding his pockets 'cause he's too busy looking for the trickle-down
  13. Maybe it’s just‘cause I’m up past my bedtime, but I don’t think that post makes any relevant points like you think it does
  14. Many on here don't have the Fox News talking points decoder ring...I think you're referencing the "if Biden hadn't canceled Keystone, we'd be producing more oil and Russia wouldn't have as much leverage in the energy game" talking point....Is that what you're trying to say?