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  1. Goddamn!!!! That just about made me spit-take!
  2. Godammit even for your typically rambling posts, that one's a doozy. It only took you a couple of months to get from 'joke' to 'worse than nazis'. At least you're demonstrating that Godwin's Law is alive and well.
  3. lippy


    I think you know what he was getting at: nobody has an issue with somebody doing research to educate themselves...when that 'research' is 30 seconds on The Googles to find a YouTube video that's pushing an agenda that disagrees with the consensus of the scientific community, then using that video as evidence that the scientists are all stupid egg-heads...that's where shit gets annoying. Brent Hutch on here has done extensive climate research, for example.
  4. I think it's actually closer to 7%
  5. You consider actively attempting to understand the plight of others to be a mental illness. You apparently think that a single sensationalized book cover represents 'the French standpoint'? Is that all French, or just some of the French? Does it include French Canadians? Anglos who speak a bit of French? Is your summary of 'the French standpoint' based on anything more than the blurb on the cover jacket? At the end of the day, I'm just glad I could impress!
  6. With such a shit argument, one must look far and wide for evidence to support it.
  7. lippy


    I wish it were that simple, but many anti-vaxer's will either not get it or will get a mild case and turn around to say 'see, it wasn't that bad, this whole thing was a hoax all along'. If it were true that no vaccination == death-sentence, a lot more people would be willing to re-think their ideologies. The number of people dead or suffering long-term consequences due to COVID should be enough to convince any rational person to take precautions with vaccinations, masks etc....that said, there are enough people who have various (ill-conceived) reasons for not taking precautions who can look at their buddy Tim who caught COVID and walked away, who will use that as justification for pretending that it isn't a major issue. And there will always be enough 'Tim's' to keep that narrative alive for the true believers. It sucks and it's ridiculous: I mean, think about the insanity of coming on a skydiving forum to brag about going to Disney unmasked just to own the Libs! As JoeWeber pointed out recently, the inability to take sensible precautions with such a sudden/acute threat coming out of left field and killing so many people in 18 months makes me pessimistic about our ability to deal with climate change. I remember in the early days of the pandemic seeing a LinkedIn post from an oilfield connection saying something along the lines of "I guess those 'scientists' predicting 300,000 deaths are the same guys predicting more disasters from climate change". I wish I'd grabbed a screenshot.
  8. lippy


    Wasn’t BH a DZO? I may have to call BS on the whole ‘deepest thinkers’ claim if so.
  9. lippy


    I've never had much luck understanding what was going on in most DZOs' minds
  10. lippy


    I forget what I did last time to have it rescinded
  11. lippy


    The numbers are pretty staggering, but for every Herman Cain recipient how many people have a shitty couple of days and then walk away telling their buddies that it wasn’t that bad?
  12. lippy


    Better yet ask Windsor, he’s studied that book extensively
  13. Ah yes, how could we forget the Mother Jones article you cited in the rambling rant with which you started this thread?
  14. You get offended at Bill assuming things about your 'level of awareness', but you go spouting off this bullshit about 'Woke ideology' and assuming that anybody giving any credence to 'wokeism' rolls with the caricature of it that Fox and the like have and your pals on the right do this shit all the time: take an idea that's embraced by 'the enemy libtards', create a caricature of it and then hold that up as evidence that the whole idea is say Woke is a Joke; your definition of woke is a caricature...OF COURSE IT'S A FUCKING JOKE! The rest of the world outside of your right-wing echo chamber doesn't necessarily share that definition. I'm not some social justice warrior and I take a lot of pride in the things I've accomplished in my life and professional career, but I do recognize that some of the doors that have been opened for me (or not closed to me) to allow me to have those successes might have been inched open, at least in part, just because I had the sheer dumb luck to be born in North America with a white penis attached to me. I try to appreciate the fact that some others have a tougher road to hoe for no fault of their own, and do bits to help out where I can. I consider that 'being woke', even if I'm sometimes too tired/lazy/distracted to do it to the level I'd like. If you consider that a mental illness, then I'm not going to finish this sentence as it'd get me banned.
  15. That’s way too many words for me to read Bill, could you just give us a quick summary?