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  1. Sodium ion?!?!?! Guess you don't give a fuck about the poor children working in the salt mines...You won't be so smug when half the country is growing goiters because their iodized salt was taken away in service of your virtue signalling, and the other half is sitting here eating bland-ass potato chips!
  2. It is in Trump’s dictionary (in Sharpie)
  3. Jon Stewart's back on The Daily Show every Monday and, at least for episode one, is fucking killing it! I was a bit worried about him coming back and it not matching expectations....I was thinking we might be in for another 'Arrested Development, season 4'-type situation. But he seems in top form, bringing it like he never left. If you're a fan of his or if you just need a laugh and a check-in on the political situation, it's on Paramount Plus or you can find it on YouTube.
  4. One of the most versatile phrases in the English language
  5. Been dealing with a family situation the past couple of days, but I see TK got back to you below. You just keep trotting out the same talking points. Millions of people drive EV's and like EV's. They'll continue to make up a bigger share of vehicles sold, regardless of how much misinformation you spread on a skydiving forum.
  6. At least half of those claims have been repeatedly debunked here, but you just keep on Brent'n
  7. Sounds like Don Jr’s type of lesson! … more time for the conservatives on the forum: Sounds like Hunter’s type of lesson!
  8. lippy


    So you're positing that Floridians are moving to TX because they're trying to escape the hoards of liberals moving there from New York...Is there anything happening anywhere in the country that your brain is unable to blame on libs? We've already derailed the Ukraine thread enough, methinks.
  9. lippy


    10's of thousands of people coming here from that Liberal Hellscape of Florida!!!
  10. lippy


    You could believe what Fox tells you on that front, or you could listen to actual members of this very forum who live in California, Illinois and New York...the latter might require some critical thinking.
  11. lippy


    And it's Winsor with internment camps for the win!
  12. lippy


    I don't think you're dumb enough or evil enough to believe that, so the only logical conclusion is that you're trolling.
  13. lippy


    I thought they were screaming "Hey Abbott, stop being a cunt and using vulnerable people as political pawns!". ***Those cities should put their money where their values are and absorb some of these people. There are better ways for that to happen then them arriving at random bus stops in the middle of the winter.
  14. lippy


    After his embarrassing “if you build it, sometimes they don’t come” moment, he’s trying to get some attention. FOX has definitely Proven that screaming ‘border border border’ will get some attention.