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  1. Looked like there was only one instructor, guessing he's done a few jumps prior to this? I got nuthin
  2. I wonder how much difference the salinity of the lake would make. Salt-water would certainly add to the required rinsing. I got nuthin
  3. Such a nice guy (as long as you didn't piss him off!), an amazing camera flyer and a pretty certifiable badass. So glad to have had the opportunity to have shared a few drinks with this guy and to have had the pleasure of knowing him, Blue Skies John! I got nuthin
  4. Well after calming down a bit yesterday I went and spoke with my boss about what went down...In the email from the CEO of the new place, he said 'your current employer'. It turns out that it was somebody from a different department in my current company who had a side project planned for me and freaked out when he heard I was leaving and tried to keep me around a bit longer. I'm just going to stick around until the previously agreed end date of Nov 1 and leave this mess behind me. Thanks for the feedback all. I got nuthin
  5. So my employer of 15 years is shutting down the facility I'm in and moving several hundred miles away. I have an offer to move with them, but my wife and I really like where we're at and she's got a career she really likes. I started talking to one of our competitors and got a job offer. I put in my 2 weeks notice here, and they offered me a chunk of change to stick around until the end of October. So I went back to the competitor who'd offered me the job, and they agreed to push back my start date until Nov. 1. This morning I get an email from the CEO of the new employer, saying that he got a phone call from my current employer asking if they'd extend my start date until end of November. This strikes me as pretty fucked up, but I wanted to type this out and see if venting into the keyboard calms me down before I go ask my current boss WTF? I got nuthin
  6. As of recently there's beer just up the road from Skydive Dallas! No more 25-minute drives to McKinney! I got nuthin
  7. Dude I hope you're trolling. Take some responsibility for your actions or take up a bowling ball. I got nuthin
  8. We're 800 miles east and closing fast. Should be in the Prop in about 12 hours! I got nuthin
  9. The best thing is just to talk about it and make it clear that you're not feeling it anymore. That said, when I was younger and a tad less mature I waited until a week before I was moving to a different continent to let her know. That went horribly, but at least I only had to deal with her for a week. I got nuthin
  10. I got it a few weeks ago. It's a good Netflix interface but I've had problems with the Funny Or Die interface not working. I haven't played with it too much yet though. I got nuthin
  11. lippy

    ATC asleep!

    I don't know how much time you've spend in eastern Canada but a drunk Newfie's not exactly news-worthy material up there I got nuthin
  12. Are you looking to film fun jumps from the outside or shoot POV? What kind of camera helmet do you have/are planning to buy? I got nuthin
  13. As long as we're venting, how about people who, even after hundreds or thousands of jumps, get up into the plane and all of a sudden are memorized and unable to complete the simple task of sitting the fuck down and putting a seatbelt on so we can go skydiving! 'Why don't I just stand here with a dumb look on my face while I decide if I wanna sit on the left side or the right side...This is hard with all those people screaming behind me.' I got nuthin
  14. Mouser's got some decent plugs but I find you've got to get pretty creative with their search engine sometimes to find what you're looking for. They also have some molded cables with a 2.5mm stereo plug on one end and bare leads on the other. If I were building a switch I might go that route in order to have a molded, sealed connection at the camera where it's going to be getting handled on a semi-regular basis. I got nuthin
  15. Dude don't get your panties in a bunch just b/c somebody in The Bonfire doesn't take your request seriously. It's The Bonfire! I got nuthin