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  1. It was more of a Tenacious D reference than a critique of The Time Warp:
  2. That’s pretty good....It’s certainly not the greatest song in the world, though.
  3. I'm going to go with 'E - All of the above'.
  4. I don't disagree, but if people were considering consequences in the first place, and the consequence of their kid being dead didn't make them second-guess their gun storage in the first place, the prospect of jail probably ain't gonna make them reconsider.
  5. lippy


    Here's a link to a podcast discussing this same history in case anybody's interested:
  6. What an original a wall to keep brown people out and refer to it as justice!
  7. And apparently it's not just the some cases they're not even sure where the kids are at!
  8. lippy


    Here's a quick blurb from their site regarding the head of Mercola: Looks like you're digging to some pretty obscure/sketchy corners of the Interwebs to find obscure/sketchy content to back up what you've already decided.
  9. I've been a US citizen for 13 months, just voted for the first time ever (I left Canada in 2003 and had never voted there as I was too young/disinterested in politics).
  10. lippy


    Was that a haiku?
  11. lippy


    Weren't you reading a few posts back? Apparently they're using Bing....that's pretty 'back channel', isn't it?
  12. It was always going to turn into a night of Trump spewing trash out of his mouth while Biden was talking. At least now they’re doing it on separate channels.
  13. In tonight's episode of Cooking in a Hurry, Steve tells his wife to get back in the kitchen and make him a a hurry