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  1. Wow, you have a quote from a REAL climate scientist. I guess you're drawn to that quote as it says they have to make 'simplified, dramatic statements'....I never knew you were a scientist Brent!
  2. lippy


    Just to be clear, are you comparing a couple of jackasses breaking windows at a Starbucks to an attempt to overthrow the government that left six people dead?
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you really don't seem to appreciate shades of grey.
  4. I saw that quote blasted across the front page of FoxNews this morning...COVID in the US is raging like a wildfire right now. Massive wildfires take time (and organization/planning/execution!) to get under control....Fox's headline - and, presumably your post here - were painting Biden's quote as evidence a failure. I, for one, take it as a refreshing truthful assessment of the situation that we're dealing with. I firmly believe that the actions of his administration will accelerate getting this under control, but it's not going to happen overnight. We're currently looking at 3000+ deaths a day. Biden is acknowledging that this is likely to be the reality for a while. Would you prefer he suggested we grab the Clorox and the shot glasses and say that everything's fine?
  5. Ken I'm sure it was an unintentional copy/paste error, but for the record I didn't say that. And to BH: don't worry, there are plenty of better arguments against you other than an auto-fill...that's just an example of the attention to detail you regularly exhibit here.
  6. Damn auto makers kowtowing to Paris is what that is! We need to keep our combustion engines INTERNAL! Think of the people of Pittsburgh!
  7. Pfizer and Moderna are extremely similar....I'm pretty sure that one is essentially licensing the technology of the other.
  8. Come on man. Your initial post and subsequent comments on it demonstrate the point you were trying to make...You then take the chicken-shit approach of falling back to say you're just sharing the congressman's post. Your trolling skills are getting stronger At the risk of getting dinged for a PA, I'm gonna go ahead and say I think you've been eating too many sugar cereals.
  9. So you started a thread to complain about 'liberals and their lockdowns'. Then when somebody points out that lockdowns saved lives, you say 'well we didn't lock down and millions didn't die so that makes no sense'. I should know by now that you're not big on grey areas, but this is a bit much.
  10. WTF are you talking about?
  11. Is it safe to assume the differences largely have to do with the amount of bacon in their diets?
  12. That's some Grade-A primo bullshit right there. It's a helluva leap to compare the BLM protests over the summer to what happened at the Capital last week. Even after you make that stretch, to say that there was 'not a peep from the left' with respect to the vast minority of people who used those protests as an excuse to loot and vandalize is just a straight-up fucking lie. Every single major figure in the Democratic Party went out of their way to condemn the violence and looting. You say you're middle of the road, I guess you're talking about the road from Fox to OANN?
  13. Like this winner:
  14. I'd like to agree with you: I hope to agree with you...but I've learned my lesson more times than is reasonable in holding out hope that this dipshit will face consequences.
  15. Oh, Fibonacci is quite revolutionary:
  16. Everybody just “getting over this” is a bullshit argument that ignores the realities of the world and of COVID-19. How many elderly people do you think should die in the name of us being able to move on?
  17. I cousin once prayed so hard she pooped herself. There are real dangers to spiritual warfare!
  18. I don't know how to split up the pie as far as what percentage this is amusing vs concerning.
  19. lippy

    THE Vaccine

    What about the people who signed up for the trial and were given a placebo as part of the control group? Assuming somebody was accepted into the trial, there's a 50% chance they got shot up with saline. I'm sure that that possible scenario was well communicated to all who participated in the trial, but it's a bit over-simplified to say if somebody wanted first crack at the vaccine they just had to sign up for a trial.
  20. As a partial cripple *, I take offense to that comparison * I limp now as a consequence of being young, dumb and having a fast canopy that I flew with more balls than brains
  21. He was on his way with them and his bone spurs flared up
  22. Well that's in the top 15 of all time worst fucking things I've ever read, congrats!
  23. Thanks for this morning's instalment of 'Fox News Fairytales'. It strikes me as a little un-Christian for your tastes, but entertaining nonetheless.
  24. If the borders are open, why would they have to sneak?
  25. Dude, the guy behind still hasn't acknowledged that second-hand smoke is harmful...I guess it's a good analog for how long it'll take some stubborn people to acknowledge climate change. Steven Milloy of