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  1. Better to hang with her than with Mike Pence, I guess.
  2. I'm guessing a metric shit-ton of Mountain Dew Code Red
  3. Yeah, I see the point. Target got shat on by the right because they reached out for Pride. You and Fox are claiming/celebrating the dip in their stock price is directly related to this. any evidence of that? Or it just feels good so you say it? Causation/correlation is something I figured you’d learn about as part of an MBA, guess not
  4. Any shred of evidence that their losses are due to 'wokeness' and not market conditions/shopper preferences? Or do you just get led around by what Fox tells you?
  5. Surprising how many people get their 'news' from Facebook these days. Most of my LinkedIn contacts are oil and gas. Several people have posted, with no sense of irony, both: - video of an EV on fire as evidence of how dangerous and evil EV's are - video of an oil tank on fire or a blow-out with the caption 'be safe out there guys'.
  6. To give me a chance to take solace in the comparative level of craziness of the voices in my head?
  7. You’re cute when you’re wrong
  8. Was just there working for a week. I was actually on the way to the airport to fly out when the driver pointed out Erdogan's residence. Sightseeing in Istanbul for a day then on a plane to DFW in the morning before things get sketchy protesting whoever wins tomorrow's elections.
  9. I dunno, did you see Brent’s spread of guns across his kitchen counter????
  10. Hey, I just drove past that guy’s house!
  11. Joe I always appreciate your well-written, insightful, thoughtful and entertaining posts here…..but you totally missed my one-eye joke!
  12. Unfortunately, to this day he’s unable to see the depth of his crimes.
  13. Much hype followed by a weak-ass execution. At least DeSantis is staying true to brand.
  14. If we, as a species, we’re worth half a shit at weighing long-term risks vs short term costs, there would be fewer McDonalds and Lipitor in the world. You’re focusing on the second half of the sentence quoted above: while it may unfortunately be true, it doesn’t negate the first half. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed back to my hotel in Ankara to take a shower. I’m a bit nasty from walking through a bunch of flooded streets today. While it’s not unheard of to flood here, apparently it’s happened more this year than anybody can remember. (I wrote that just for you Brent….this time, you can focus on the first half of the sentence and ignore the second). p.s. with only two bookends, it sounds like you have a pretty shite library.
  15. You forgot marketing and climate science, get with the program!
  16. Thanks for the info
  17. I'm just curious about the geek shit side of things. What protocol would you be considering using to send that data back home, and would the added benefit (the debate on the value of that benefit being alive and well above) be worth the penalty in battery life?
  18. You forgot LGBTQ....They seem to have a pretty raging hard-on going against them, too.
  19. I hope Dianne Feinstein was well enough to watch it.
  20. He woulda been fine if it weren't for that damn groundhog!
  21. White privilege?
  22. Yeah Canadian Roger, it's been a while man! I didn't mean to put words in your mouth, I was referencing when you said: so yeah, you didn't quite say 'impossible to define'. I gotta say that like most others on here, I pretty strongly disagree with your points on wokeness and racism in America. It comes across as the same BS of 'my life hasn't been a nonstop cavalcade of blowjobs and free money, so white privilege doesn't exist'. As a straight, white male I've still got plenty of challenges, but there are some people who have more. I'd say the generally accepted definition of 'woke' is being able to admit that. I've lived in several different countries as well, having had residences in Canada, US, Venezuela and Mexico, as well as spending significant chunks of time in several others. To say the US is the least racist country almost had me choking on my Timbits! Not to say that there aren't problems elsewhere, but I've not seen some of the brazen BS that I see in Texas and southern Louisianna oilfield shops anywhere else. YMMV
  23. As others have pointed out: you come on here saying woke is impossible to define and fairly cultish. When people tell you that they are woke, not in a cult and spell out their definition you ignore it and regurgitate BS from organizations that make their money by scaring folks like you about the woke monsters coming to indoctrinate your children!!! It's a pretty odd thing to witness, really. I think we used to jump together at SDD back in the day. Are you Robert V?
  24. What utter gibberish.