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  1. I was looking forward to escaping the TX heat for a week in Turkey. Yesterday Ankara hit 40C, which is unheard of here. At least it gets into the 60’s at night as opposed to the high 80’s at home.
  2. I think you’re being too judgmental….he may have just been challenging them to a fun game of ‘Tag’
  3. A resistance to progress by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo
  4. Even the GOP hates him. You're throwing out a name where the sole qualification for the job is that you're pretty sure it'd make some libs' heads explode.
  5. They shouldn't. The point I was trying to make has nothing to do with children's healthcare policy decisions. Trans kids' medical decisions should be made by the kids, their parents and doctors and the government should stay the hell out of it. The policies that the likes of DeSantis are pushing are harmful to kids and fucking disgusting. That's a completely separate issue from high-level sport, in my opinion. The transgender woman in the article that started this quote chain is in her 30s. Some people might use this one case as an example of "the horrors of transgender people and why we should outlaw them to protect the children" (it kinda seems that this is what Tim was getting at with his post above). That talk is frustrating, but it doesn't make all actions of every transgender person fully defensible.
  6. I personally agree with you, but for people competing at elite levels sport is their life. Ken said it pretty well IMO above...I definitely want sport to be inclusive and don't want to discriminate against anybody based on gender identity...I don't claim to have the answer of how to define what's fair and what's not, but I can understand somebody who's been training for years/decades in a sport being upset to feel like their life's work has been undermined by somebody coming in with an unfair advantage. *From the golf angle of this, my inner 14-year-old self can't help but think of the 90's punk band NOFX's song 'My Vagina' that's sung from the perspective of a post-op M-F transition. "Operation, paid up front Now I show all my friends, my new designer cunt They think I'm kinda weird, but that's okay with me 'Cause now I kick their ass, playing from the Ladies' Tee There's nothin finer, than having' a vagina......"
  7. Maybe I'm just not as generous as you when it comes to interpreting Winsor's posts, but I was operating under the assumption that he carefully chose his words just before he pulled out the lawn chair and popcorn to enjoy the fruits of his post.
  8. You managed to get a dig at Muslims in the same post as claiming Emmett Till had it coming...I'd almost give your post a 10/10, but I think you missed sticking the landing when you brough the Hell's Angels into it.
  9. And amidst all that, he's still gotta find time to win a primary!
  10. Furry, and majestic from a distance?
  11. Ahhh, the good 'ole days when my sac just stuck to one leg at a time
  12. I think we're square, but I'll buy the first round if we cross paths
  13. No, it's an inevitability. FF are a finite resource. I'm not claiming that their end is in sight as of today, but at some point we're gonna run out of old dinosaur blood and it'd be best to have an alternative in place before that a skydiver, you should appreciate the importance of having a 'Plan B'. Even if you want to put your head in the sand about the realities of climate change, which you obviously do, I don't know what you think you're proving by getting all giddy about burning more coal rather than shoring up our long-term energy security. I know what I think you're proving, but if I said so I might get a time out.
  14. Don't most ~2000-year-old religions just boil down to a set of rules that were put in place to have a somewhat functioning society once relative strangers started living together in communities? If you wanna keep the people in line and stop chaos in the streets, tell them that killing your neighbor is bad, because if you do God is going to send you to be tortured for eternity! I like to think that rule was implemented the day after somebody killed the only guy in town who knew how to start a fire.
  15. Correct, he's ignored a lot!
  16. hold my purse, I'll show you how manly I am!
  17. The real sacrifice on this one was mine....traffic getting home Wednesday was horrendeous!
  18. lippy


    I’d suspect that the fallout of that Venn diagram would have a lot to do with disposal income.
  19. I think it would have been physically impossible for you to do a better job of proving the point Doug was trying to make above than what you did with this post. I'm sure you saw it on CNN first, though.
  20. I really agree with pretty much everything you're saying, but I wonder about the point you're making above...the idea of "social contagion" where Facebook is churning out trans people is pure BS of course, but I think social media has had a big impact in allowing trans people to spread their stories and that's been at least part of an increase of awareness/acceptance. For the X% of people who have been trans since long before we were using that word for it, this is just reducing the stigma for them to lead their lives as their true selves and that's nothing but a good thing. Where I wonder if there's anything to the 'alleged uptick', is the idea that for kids who are growing up and trying to figure out who they are, they're likely to try on many hats in that search. These days, now that this is a more acceptable option on the menu, so to speak, will it lead to at least a perceived uptick of people experimenting with living life as trans while trying to figure themselves out? I have no evidence of that happening and maybe I'm way off base, it's just what I'd assume is happening on at least some level.
  21. Because the relevant bit of the law has to do with what Joe posts on worth the energy. I'm sure as fuck not lazy, maybe a bit sleepy and I did have a beer with dinner. Either way, arguing with you on the Interwebs makes about as much sense as trying to teach my cat to play piano.